Galaxy S 2 Sign Up Page Includes T-Mobile?!

While we’ve been playing guessing games for quite some time as to whether or not T-Mobile would carry the Samsung Galaxy S 2 we’re beginning to think perhaps they really will. After some initial signs that the Galaxy S 2 was coming we began to believe that the Samsung Hercules, a variant of the Galaxy S 2 was coming and not the Galaxy S 2 itself. With Samsung posting up their “sign-up” page that includes a carrier preference for T-Mobile could we have been wrong the last few months with suspecting no Galaxy S 2 arrival? The bottom line is while we’ve been thinking of the Samsung Hercules as the Galaxy S 2 replacement for T-Mobile perhaps it is actually the Galaxy S 2 codename or another device entirely. At this point I’m going back to square one and hoping that the Galaxy S 2 is Magenta-bound. Fingers crossed for more info soon!


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