T-Mobile Not Among Leaked Galaxy S 2 Carrier Branding?

A story making some waves this morning through the T-Mobile community comes courtesy of Pocketnow who uncovered the carrier branded names of the AT&T, Sprint and Verizon editions of the Galaxy S 2. T-Mobile was notably absent from the list of acquired carrier names and an immediate assumption was made that T-Mobile might not be carrying the Galaxy S 2. We feel compelled to remind people that there were multiple editions of the original Galaxy S on US carriers. Therefore this accessory leak could indicate that T-Mobile ordered a revamped version of the Galaxy S 2 and that’s why it isn’t listed as able to fit this Silicone Gel.

We also know that the Galaxy S 2 has popped up both in the hands of someone with a device as well as a leaked screenshot courtesy of Adobe.com showing a T-Mobile Galaxy S 2 edition. Neither of those things make for solid information that the Galaxy S 2 is coming but it certainly gives us reason to believe it’s possible. At this moment I’d urge a little caution before subscribing to the belief that this accessory page confirms a T-Mobile version doesn’t exist. Let’s just wait and see shall we?


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