Samsung Gravity Touch 2 “GT2” Unveils Itself

The original Samsung Gravity T was a midrange phone with 3G capability billed as a great device for “Connected Socializers.” Well the next generation Gravity phone for T-Mobile is about to see a big bump with the addition of Android. The “First Android device for the Gravity brand that is optimized for texting” will include a 3.2″ screen with full slide out keyboard, 3 megapixel camera and runs Android 2.2. The Gravity Touch 2 or GT2 will be a perfect addition to T-Mobile’s midrange Android lineup. Running on an 800 MHz processor the GT2 is going to find a home as an “ideal device for smartphone intenders.” Arriving on June 8th the GT2 will inevitably be overshadowed by another T-Mobile arrival that day but with two distinct audiences the GT2 is a welcome addition.

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