(Updated) T-Mobile Posts Web Only Deal, myTouch 4G, G2, 4G Mobile Hotspot On Sale Through 3AM PST

Update: We were a little premature in our posting as the prices won’t change to the sale prices until midnight EST/ 9PM PST and they are all now FREE!!!!

Just as expected T-Mobile has posted a web only deal available from 9PM PST through 3AM PST on the myTouch 4G, T-Mobile G2 and 4G Mobile Hotspot. As it turns out all three phones are free!!!!!

We’ve pinged T-Mobile to see if these deals applies only to new and add a line customers or if customers currently eligible to upgrade can get in on the action. We’ll update with any comment from T-Mobile when it arrives!

T-Mobile G2

4G Mobile Hotspot

myTouch 4G


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  •  they been that price

  • Are those the discounted prices, since the sale doesn’t technically start until 9 PST? Doesn’t seem like much of a deal to me. A little cheaper than usual, but not by a whole lot.

  • oops

  • oops

  • Like_itnot

    There’s no way this is what they were talking about because these prices have been in effect for days…

  • NoName

     take a look at the refurbished ones, only $50 for the G2 or myTouch 4gefurbished ones, only $50 for the G2 or myTouch 4g

  • Nonametmo


  • Bunchofcrap

     thats why tmobile is having to sell their business. there is too much saturation, every company is selling the product cheaper than the real tmo stores. Who do you trust a shady person to is authorized to sell tmo and does fraud or a trusted REAL tmo location who knows more about the product, I rather pay for good service  screw these prices  bunch of crap

    • Bratty

      Wtf are you talking about? Stop ranting and make some sense!

    • Scarf22

      What?? What are you trying to say?

  • NardVa

    Nobody want these year old phones. Sensation 4g is right around the corner.

    • Nick

       7 months does not equal 1 year

  • Eric

     “To qualify for the instant discount, you must activate the product on a new line of service with an Even More™ rate plan on a two-year service agreement. Even More™ Family Plans may qualify for up to five instant discounts. “To qualify for the instant discount, you must activate the product on a new line of service with an Even More™ rate plan on a two-year service agreement. Even More™ Family Plans may qualify for up to five instant discounts. “

  • Carol

    Only for new customers or when u add a line. LAME!

  • John

    Already changed, all free.

  • Anonymous

    It must be tough to get new subscribers given they may be acquired by AT&T. I need a new phone, but I can’t renew my contract since if the deal goes through I’ll need to bail for verizon. I guess I’ll by an unlocked phone from somewhere else. 

  • NardVa

    Tmobile is clearly on a mission to add as many customers as possible. They don’t give an ish about current customers. Another promo that current customers can not take advantage of if they upgrade. Answer this. Who follows Tmobile Twitter that’s not a customer?

    • Scarf22

      Yeah just like EVERY other cell phone company out there. They run these promos often. Do you really expect them to give you a $500 phone free every time they run these promos? Think about it, financially does it make sense? NO. STOP POUTING.

    • Anonymous

       Not only that but sometimes if you call customer care and you’re close to full upgrade time they will let you take advantage of the deal. This is T-Mobile we’re talking about here not AT&T.

      • Anonymous

        cc is not open during those hours 

      • jon red corn

        thats not true im 4 months be for i get a FULL upgrade and they dont do anything for me i pay on time and am all ways nice to them on the phone 

    • Brian Bloom

      And who was awake at that time?  Midnight to 6am east coast?  So they are marketing to the insomniacs now?  I was interested in finding out the terms of the deal but it would help to have it when people could take advantage of it.  Even Black Friday ads are published a week or so in advance so you can decide if a deal is worth losing sleep over…

      • Anonymous

        insomniacs lead a hard life.  ridicule, inconstant schedules, stress, anxiety, less productivity.

        I would know, since I have a problem myself.

        So, when they announce these deals, I find it quite touching.  “Night Owls” is a polite way of calling someone an insomniac. 

    • Nick

       Not true.  last time they did this I was able to get a free G2 even though I was only 8 months into my contract.  TMobile takes care of their long-term customers who pay on time.

    • Napleskahuna76

      I am a current Tmobile customer for 6 years now and i got my mobile hotspot wifi free last nite! Yes I had to open a line of service but you cannot beat free and to have wifi wherever i go! Awesome!! Costing an extra 49.99 a month but also got 20% off service charges so it will be 39.99 a month for 5G a month no overage charges. Basically wanna see how it works with Netfilx on wii at GFs house. I can cancel within 30 days if i dont like and not incur penalty. I heard one hour of netflix is like 1 G, if thats the case 5g will go fast and mobile wifi is not for me.

  • Grabbed my new 4g hotspot for free! :) Goodbye crappy Comcast service!!!

    • Ttaya22

      u r lying  

  • Anonymous


  • Rick

    I was up being in Arizona, so I gave it a whirl, and got page  not found.  This morning I figure out the link is 0Tu51, not oTu51.  Who’s making this %^&@ up?  Whatever.

  • Anonymous


  • notafanoftmobile

     but its only for new customers … imho its a typical T-mobile promotion ..screw the long term customer  

  •  Tried to get a 4G hotspot, but the entire site was down…  :(

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Franchiz65

    i picked up the samsung galaxy s 4g for free!!!! last week on a midnight special!!! i purchased 2!!!