T-Mobile Teases Web Only Special On myTouch4G, T-Mobile G2 And 4G Hotspot For Tomorrow Evening

Oh T-Mobile you are such a tease. The official T-Mobile twitter account just sent out a teaser tweet promising a “Web Only” special tomorrow night from 9pm to 3am PST on the T-Mobile G2, myTouch 4G and 4G Mobile Hotspot. The last time T-Mobile ran a Web Only special on the myTouch 4G all colors were free so this is definitely something to look out for tomorrow night. Of course we’ll keep you in the know as soon as T-Mobile unveils the offer!


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  • Anonymous

    wonder what kind of deal!!! hopefully it’s good – i haven’t had reason to buy a device in awhile…if it’s good and works for me, i’ll be there.

  • Booda

     it better include upgrades!

    • Ahsgti

      upgrades are for chumps, cancel and re sign up 

  • Carmen Diva

     lol they are trying to get rid of those phones.

    no need in selling the phones too much longer as
    the sidekick 4g is arguably the best keyboard 4g phone on Tmobile

    and the mytouch 4g has stiff competition with the
    Samsung Galaxy S 4g, Lg G2x, and upcoming HTC sensation.

    At the very least, these phones need to be dropped down to bargain prices for those who
    want a cheap alternative….free or 29.99

  • Anonymous

    Sell em now for cheap cuz the big boys are moving in(G2x, Sensation, Galaxy S II)

  • Dear T-Mobile, 

    As much as Love you, you make me cry for granting the phones I love as “free phones” a month before I get to make an upgrade. I thank you.

    Yours Truly, Dedicated T-mobile Subscriber.

    • jarjon76

      Call retentions and they’ll let you upgrade now if you’re that close to your upgrade date. 

  • NardVa

    Probably want be anything for upgrades. These promo are usually geared towards new customers.

  • NardVa

    Any special deals?

  • Blahblah

    Actually, they did a similar deal a few days ago, but you missed reporting on it.

  • Anonymous