T-Mobile Readying Microcell In Home Solution?

With T-Mobile focusing so much attention on providing in home coverage solutions via Wi-Fi there has been little talk, at least that has been made public about a Microcell solution. While T-Mobile’s loyalty team has been beta testing Cel-Fi units that are designed to boost signals in the home a widespread rollout has yet to occur.

As it turns out a recent survey conducted by a third party on behalf of T-Mobile was sent our way and as you can see in the above picture a question was asked regarding an in home coverage solution. While we have total love for the Wi-Fi solution T-Mobile has established in partnership with Kineto we know that not all folks have the option for Wi-Fi calling. It’s a stretch to say that a survey is a definite indicator of a service actually making it to the general customer base but it at least shows T-Mobile is considering their options. At $50 a unit and $1.99 a month I can imagine this would be a huge hit with T-Mobile customers as it’s an inexpensive solution to often frustrating problem.

If you want to check out more on T-Mobile’s Cel-Fi you can check out the url below and hit the English option to have some PDF’s pop up explaining how it all goes down.

Let’s hope that T-Mobile is planning to unveil this solution in combination with Wi-Fi calling in order to provide all T-Mobile customers a way to have great in home coverage.


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  • Guest

     Lol so I gotta pay MORE to get coverage?

    • Miles Austin

      if you dont have coverage in YOUR house dummy.
      you can also use WIFI calling that doesn’t use your minutes for FREE.

      think you’re funny for complaining? go to verizon and pay more 

      • Jcj1969

        Miles wifi  calling does use minutes, unless you have an unlimited plan or unlimited wifi calling feature 

        • Don4Tech

           As of this past Friday, 5/13/2011, ALL Even More and Even More Plus
          customers get FREE Wi-Fi Calling.  Those calls will not use your
          contract minutes  Of course, you need a Wi-Fi capable phone to use the service.

    • GinaDee

      If you happen to live in an area where a cell site doesn’t reach then YES.  Would you rather pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to erect a new cell site/tower and pay the monthly fee to facilitate the backhaul requirements?  
      This isn’t using your home broadband to route calls over the internet.  The Cell-Fi uses existing 3G/4G coverage and amplifies it and boost capacity at the same time.  If T-Mobile subsidizes the cost of this unit and sells it for $50 it’s worth the $1.99 monthly fee.  

      Some of your people think everything is owed to you in life.  It’s the welfare mentality.  

    • Tito!

      I knew somebody would say that. It’s called Capitalism my friend .
      This qualified “Additional Service” .
      You can’t expect a company to manufacture cel-fi units and not try to make the money it took to make them back in return with a monthly cost do you?
      It’s common sense. In lack of for better words, you wouldn’t be paying for coverage you’ll be paying for that extra step of assurance to not only have coverage but the best coverage [inside your home].
      Be Happy, not any othr carrier cares enough to look into this.
      Hence, do you wanna help out T-Mobile or not?

      Thank you. :)

    • Respawn

      Oh great. Another one…. Everything for free.

    • Respawn

      Oh great. Another one…. Everything for free.

    • Rgvbadman

      you dont have to pay more, its an option not a have to…..dummy lol

    • BigMixxx

      Tsk, Tsk…
      My workphone is Sprint.  I get perfect coverage….until I get in the crib.  It’s then TRASH.  You don’t know how many calls I’ve dropped in the middle of an important conference call with my team being that I don’t use a land line (I have one, Don’t use it).  It’s important that I at least am able to SIT STRAIGHT UP and use the phone not hide behind the toilet with my Sprint Phone. Thus a femcocell, thus my Department gets charged an extra 20 bucks a month for the use of my internet access at home to “make a phone call”

      My T mobile phone….No problems….small areas of bad coverage in the house.  This is a plus for me…

  •  they should do the same as Vodafone UK provide them for a one off fee, and free use for the numbers you want on it. 

  •  Didn’t they have some sort of in home thing a few years ago?

    • Kareem810

      Yes they did

    • Anonymous

      Tmobile @ Home is what they had a few yrs ago…..that was a little bit different than this

  • Anonymous

     bring it on, t-mobile…

  • Eleni

    I hope they do release it because when I called to ask about it a month ago, all they said was that the beta testing is over and there is no way to get it. One Rep did say it would be released “in the near future” though.

  • michael

    Why do all of you complainabout paying for this? Before you signed a contract, you shoul have checked your house had a solid 2 bars of coverage

    • The ATL guy

      Maybe some of us moved?
      You are aware that T-Mobile has some of the worst penetration of all the carriers?

      • Anonymous

        Haaaahahahahahaha … I see what you did there

  • Rkwhyte2

    This is quite interesting hope this becomes available soon. I have areas in my house where the signal is a bit weak.  I think the price is more than reasonable and besides it looks like if it doesn’t do what you want you can take it back. I mean what more could you ask for.

  • Terry

     Why doesn’t Tmobile just have WiFi calling handing off working seamlessly on Android phones the same way it does on Blackberrys? This would solve the indoor problem and the annoyance of having to manually turn on/off the Wifi app on my G2.

    • Jack

       At this point from my understanding its more of a hardware issue compared to software issue. But…I could be wrong. But….what other carriers offers wifi calling?

    • Kahunaman

      Blackberry and some select nokia phones have hardware calld Unlicensed Mobile Access(UMA) which allows handoff. Android wifi calling is software.

  • I work from home a few days a week and I’m mainly on the phone in conference calls. Wi-Fi calling is OK, but it’s not perfect. This solution would be a great benefit for me. How can I sign up?!?!!?!

    • Eviltwin_52s

      I work from home 5 days a week for TMobile and I have to say that this is why I use TMobile@Home. At least for the employee’s we were able to continue to keep the service and I will continue to cross my fingers in hopes my TMobile Wireless Router/Landline router never breaks or I will lose this service!  

  •  If in the home you don’t get 3G signal in the first place, this thing is useless right?  I only get Edge in my house  and sometimes even nothing.  But I have wifi and that’s helped alot w/ wifi calling.  I can see this being helpful to other phones w/o wifi calling.

  • Anonymous

    While ubiqitous anytime anywhere coverage is desired, providing last mile service has been the challenge for all carriers. It’s nice that TMO is offering one more op

  • Brians Android

    There is no 3G in my area and no T-Mobile signal at my residence even though the coverage map shows there is. I think this device would be great if there were an option to add an outside dipole or yagi antenna.

  • The ATL guy

    I am confused.
    Is this only meant to get better internet or will it help with phone calls?

    • Eviltwin_52s

      Celfi repeater will help with Calls and Data, the thing is you have to have a 3G signal or the CelFi will not work in your home. 

  • I like this…

  • Ive had my celfi unit since Feb and love it! 4 bars strong of 3 & 4g in home.

  • Hankrearden67

    It’s amazing. Tmo had the perfect solution in UMA or wifi calling, but in their quest to morph into AT&T, they offer to SELL you micro-cells. Oh well Tmo, you were nice while you lasted. Combine stuff like this with all the price hikes and new restriction and you see why they are bleeding 10 year subscribers. I’m rolling my plans to Virgin Mobile as they have been coming up and LOVE my $50 unlimited everything!

    • @sidekicker89

      T-Mobile should build way more cell towers.. but I guess they dont have the money to :( 

      • H8stylist

         if you learn the process of how towers are placed and built, you will understand it’s not a simple act of planting a tower.  also, if you understood frequencies you would understand that the issue is not just lack of towers, but also an issue of interferance.  tmobile voice bands use high frequencies which do not penetrate some buildings (briick, cement, well insulated).  this is a much simpler solution that helps the minority of customers that are having the issues.

    • brad162

       Have fun with the rolling data outages that VM experiences and lame whored out Sprint CDMA network that now sounds worse than two cans and a string

  • ogopogo

    Why do you need this? Especially since most folks have Wifi-capable phones that can leverage T-Mobile’s FREE Wifi calling. 

    • H8stylist

      two reasons actually.  one is that not all customers want a wifi phone, and currently the wifi phones are mainly data phones.  historically even if there was a non data phone offered tmobile wouldn’t offer a wide selection, and usually the phone offered isn’t popular.  the other reason is that not everyone has broadband, the capability of getting broadband, or the wifi network.

      • maschwar77

         But, this Micro Cell still requires a broadband connection so your argument is just about nullified.

        • Nvious

           I don’t see any broadband requirement in the docs at that link. It looks like this device rebroadcasts the available 3g signal.

        • The article seems a little confused. A Microcell or Picocell does indeed need its own independent backhaul (eg a broadband connection or something similar), but the Cell-Fi is better described as a signal booster or repeater. The Cell-Fi is most definitely NOT what is generally referred to as a microcel.

          What the questionnaire above seems to be asking is whether you’d be interested in a carrier-approved, fairly optimal, repeater. So a broadband connection wouldn’t be involved.

  • Blandaland

    If Tmobile is being bought out, why is Tmo coming out with all this hot hardware suddenly? Are they being paid per customer by ATT? Maybe the buyout is so much hot air or Tmobile is hoping the deal wont go through. 

    • @sidekicker89

      I’ve wondered the same thing.. maybe T-Mobile USA and DT agreed to this deal knowing it wouldn’t pass just so they could gain the 3 billion + spectrum+ roaming agreements.. that would be smart lol 

    • ATLBrave13

      The companies are still required to continue with business as usual. If T-Mobile just rolled over and played dead and then the deal doesn’t go through where would they be?? T-Mobile will continue to innovate and go after every customer possible.  and go after every customer possible. 

  • KCJerry

     I have this too as we live on a sloping street and signal passes over our house. It works great!

  • Jack

    Not sure of the real value this solution provides me as a consumer as I am still limited on the backhaul coverage between the window unit and the cell tower.  My phone may register 5 bars in the house but it is my connection to the tower that matters. 
    I hope T-Mobile delivers on a in home WiFi solution that is compatible with their devices soon or even  a Femto solution, both of which get my mobile traffic of the Macro Cellular network and on the fixed broadband network. 

  •  I have a Cel-Fi and it’s AMAZING, no more headaches of having to deal with crappy reception at home.  The website they linked to doesn’t look legit. Try this one http://cel-fi.com/

    • Millycashmanmilly

      Hi Karyn, are you in the US? I went to the website you noted above, but got a message saying that I cannot get this in the US. Advice?

  • Anonymous


  •  Have a Cel-Fi for the past two months. Works great. It has definitely kept me from considering changing to a carrier with a stronger native signal.

  • Homer

    I have been a t-mobile user for 6yrs inthis home and have htc devices for the same 6yrs. I moved to a murdoch 4g in feb 2011 and it has been hell ever since. I have been sent 3 new phones and the reception is pitiful. Ti make matters worse I’m in seattle and can see tmobile a htc headquartersfrom my pproperty. Finally after months of calling in and dealing with this they sent me a cel-fi. I get 6 to 7 and still drop calls. Oh, I originally got this device to get rid of my internet. I decide to keep my comcast wifi because of all these issues. I can sit right next to wifi and use wifi calling and still have multiple calls