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T-Mobile Readying Microcell In Home Solution?

With T-Mobile focusing so much attention on providing in home coverage solutions via Wi-Fi there has been little talk, at least that has been made public about a Microcell solution. While T-Mobile’s loyalty team has been beta testing Cel-Fi units that are designed to boost signals in the home a widespread rollout has yet to occur.

As it turns out a recent survey conducted by a third party on behalf of T-Mobile was sent our way and as you can see in the above picture a question was asked regarding an in home coverage solution. While we have total love for the Wi-Fi solution T-Mobile has established in partnership with Kineto we know that not all folks have the option for Wi-Fi calling. It’s a stretch to say that a survey is a definite indicator of a service actually making it to the general customer base but it at least shows T-Mobile is considering their options. At $50 a unit and $1.99 a month I can imagine this would be a huge hit with T-Mobile customers as it’s an inexpensive solution to often frustrating problem.

If you want to check out more on T-Mobile’s Cel-Fi you can check out the url below and hit the English option to have some PDF’s pop up explaining how it all goes down.

Let’s hope that T-Mobile is planning to unveil this solution in combination with Wi-Fi calling in order to provide all T-Mobile customers a way to have great in home coverage.


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