Screen shot 2011-05-14 at 5.11.02 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-14 at 5.11.02 PM

  • JM

     I presume that this booster works with 120v power and a broadband internet line.

    Do you think it will work in an office environment where the building construction is such that it blocks the outside signal from entering the office, thus giving us poor or often no signal coverage?   In this case, the booster would be a godsend.

    PS:  When is the BB 9900 coming to the stores?  I can’t wait.

  • Farrerfolks

    I am interested in a booster that would work on our 40 acre farm where cell coverage is limited.  I have a tower that can be seen anywhere on the property and would like to install the booster there.  Will the new booster product solve my problem?



  • Philip Van

    Its junk. They gave us one because we’re in a mini-deadzone and go from 0 to 2 bars constantly. Can’t make any calls and only have sporadic 2G coverage. This tmobile signal booster apparently only works if a 3g/4g signal is available, which isn’t likely in spots where you actually need one.  Maybe in a city where metal and concrete are blocking signals into your apartment, but in suburbs where you just happen to be 7 miles from the closest tower, forget it. Also the distance between the window and coverage units can’t be too great and the window unit is for inside use only. It would die in about 5 minutes in Florida humidity outside.

     JM, sounds like it would work for your office enviroment, but Farrerfolks, not a chance this would help at all for your 40 acres.