Deal Alert: T-Mobile Offers Web Only myTouch 4G Deal For New And Add-a-line Customers

Attention deal hunters, T-Mobile is offering a web only special on the myTouch 4G in all colors free for new and add a line customers through Thursday, May 5th. With Gingerbread on the horizon the myTouch 4G isn’t ready to give up its place in the T-Mobile lineup. Act fast before this deal disappears!


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  • alex

    I want honeycomb, but gingerbread well do for now

    • LC

      Honeycomb is only for tablets….

  • Quikzilver

    I thought honeycomb is only for tablets.

  • AT&T is the debil!

    Oh boy, lock me into a two year deal with AT&T!

  • Robomelon

    Bah and not for upgrades :(

  • Anonymous

    you have GOT to be kidding me..again?! are longtime customers really worth THAT little that we have to call retentions every time we want the new customer prices?

    • Anonymous

      My guess is that T-Mobile, including retentions, is not all that concerned about keeping customers.

      I suspect that T-Mobile employees are more concerned about polishing their resumes, looking for jobs, going to interviews and maybe some seeing if they can get on board with AT&T.

    • Mainlandking

      @Impasse, retention has no way of controlling prices. Stop whining. You act as if tmobile owes u something. Last time I checked, you agreed to pay for service, tmobile is giving service that u agreed to pay for, we call that an even trade buddy. You are a trip. @itwmichaelnotmike. Normally you r right down the center on ur comments, but that one was a low blow! Tmobile employees habe been busting their chops to service all their customers. If u work for a company, you would be worried a lil bit aboit your status if the acquisition goes through. That simple. im sure if they work for tmobile, their resumes are good. No polishing needed……yall chill out, stop the whin

      • Anonymous

        dude, i’ve only been with t-mo for like seven years, and off-contract on two lines for half a year. the whole point of paying on-contract price rather than hopping to an even more or prepaid plan is for subsidized phones, no? so by your logic then, i should receive some sort of discount on my contract plan since i’m no longer receiving subsidized pricing on phones over the term of my contract, yeah?

        the only reason i haven’t switched to even more is because i’m on a grandfathered legacy plan, and i’ve priced it out with multiple reps (both regular and retention) who have stated that they couldn’t give me a better price than what i was getting now. i’ve called retention before and they’ve been able to give me the new-customer price, as well as remove rebates and shipping (and occasionally an upgrade fee). so, my gripe isn’t with retention so much as it is t-mobile’s (usa) policy of refusing to offer these sorts of deals to existing longtime customers straightforwardly, who are off-contract and looking to upgrade, without jumping through hoops like having to call retention.

        • MainlandKing

          @Impasse, I take nothing away from you in regards to your legacy plan, or the fact that you have called T-Mobile….But what I would recommend is be thankful for you legacy plan. No matter what you do, you don’t have to move off of it….I am saying I know people call in, have a terrible mindset and try to position stuff like, “I have been a long time customer,” blah blah blah. I say the unfortunate thing is once you get one thing from retention, you (not you in particular) start to expect more, like you are owed something. One reason to let you know, why existing customers are not given the same deal is because loyalty is waiving upgrade fees, and rebates. So to everyone who is a whiner and complainer, you can thank them for you not getting the same deal as what is offered online. People complain about shipping and handling, and many other facets of getting a new phone. I would caution you though to be careful what you ask for. I challenge each person on here to anser this one question: Would you be willing to pay what a new customer pay and agree to all the terms and the rate plans new customers have to select from if it meant you would get the phone for free? That means, activation fee, shipping if it is not a special for free shipping, and $30.00 web for unlimited (req’d if you want to get a rebate if there is one)/ Or would you prefer to keep your legacy plan, grandfathered internet ($20.00) which saves $240.00 over a two yr period vs new customers? Got to be reasonable, not greedy…..

        • Anonymous

          well, all’s well that ends well, i suppose. just got off the phone with retentions..explained my situation with having the cliq xt and how it randomly reboots all the time, has crappy battery life even though it’s less than a year old, is stuck on 1.5, want a bigger screen but the camera is great, etc. the first rep offered the mytouch 4g for $200, more than the $129.99 after $50 mir that’s currently on, along with the galaxy s 4g for $179.99. usual no upgrade fees, free upgrade to express shipping, and offered preferred $20 unlimited android internets. i played it a little dumb saying that i’d only seen the commercials and hadn’t gone into a store (which is true), so he suggested i check online, since the prices may be different. gave me his name, and told me to call back (for him), so i hung up. 17:04 call time.

          waited a bit debating whether to try again, then called back and got a different rep. told him i went online to check the price for the mytouch 4g, and saw that it was free. he explained that it’s only for new lines, and to check the my.t-mo site, so i “did” and told him about the price, while explaining the cliq xt situation again. he immediately mentioned the g2x for its camera and dual-coreness. i slightly expressed some disappointment at the price difference, and he of course told me that i couldn’t add another i mentioned (in passing) possibly canceling this one and/or porting the number to prepaid to get the new line price. he immediately said that it’s a lot of hassle with activation fees and whatnot, and asked to put me on hold for a few minutes to “research” what he could do. came back and told me for being a longtime customer, etc. (i’d made no mention of this previously other than that i was out of contract, but the first rep re-stated what i already knew, that i was eligible for full upgrade) that he could give up to a $250 credit on a phone on the next bill..i asked him to restate what he’d said since i was quite surprised, and he confirmed that i could get any phone they have (since i’d expressed no interest in a tablet).

          so, i brought up that first phone he mentioned, we discussed the size and screen size a bit, and i went through with the upgrade, and confirmed that the data plan wouldn’t be started until i received the phone (which was a big problem last time, requiring several calls to get credited), along with the buyer’s remose (which i highly doubt i’ll have), and declined insurance. total call time: 15:06. amazing what the right rep can do, eh? i am one hell of a happy camper now!

          tl;dr: g2x, free after $199.99 credit on next bill, with $20 unlimited android internets (finally getting a data plan for the first tim). w00t! hahah, so happy right now..t-mobile, you have earned all of my satisfaction right back, for a good LONG while.

    • Annoyed

      Yes! You are a long-time customer and you are so valued that you ARE eligible for this deal WITHOUT calling retention and belly-aching for it… All you have to do is activate a new line of service on your existing account. The deal has nothing to do with upgrading.. it’s an activation promo and you are most certainly eligible to take advantage of it… What’s that? You don’t want a new line under your name.. that’s okay, you don’t have to take advantage of the promo.. Simple!

      Wow, all the people calling in wanting something for nothing is gonna end up losing T-mobile so much money that one of these days T-mobile might end up getting bought up by some big nasty company… oh nevermind… too late..

      • Anonymous

        please see my below response to @Mainlandking.

  • Anonymous

    I would jump on this, but I’m still worried about the outcome of the At&t/T-Mobile merger, and don’t want to be forced to switch to another phone after just one year into a contract…

    • Anonymous

      I too have not jumped on any phones because I refuse to do business with AT&T. So my thinking is similar to yours, this time next year T-Mobile may be gone and my phone a brick.

      I will probably be switching to Metro PCS, get the Indulge and 4G service ($60 monthly, taxes and fees included) and get a Wi-Fi based tablet (not one tied to a carrier’s data plan).

  • tmonews

    All of you people suprise me you all want something for absolutly nothing which is truley selfish. They come out with new operating sytems you have a problem want the next one. If I were you I would quit your whining. Why don’t some of you feel blessed that you can have cell phone service in my area tmobile is the only carrier with ervice verizon att sprint metro all went down when we had terrible storms last week jut be grateful. I’m sure you got he dame deal whe you signed up.

  • Guest

    I apologize for this being off topic but I am having a hard time getting into the forums at work. If I buy an gsm HTC Incredible S from Amazon will it have carrier-specific bloarware on it. I realize sense will be there and only get edge and that is OK with me. But will the carrier stuff be there?

    • Patmvaldez

      It should only have the basic stuff HTC includes on its phones, like the sense UI. No T-mobile apps or anything. That’s the beauty of OEM unlocked phones.

      • Guest

        Any siggestion where I can get HTC “OEM unlocked” phones other than Amazon. It says no warranty on there and seems a bit sketchy?? I don’t want to just unlock an AT&T phone and still have all their bloatware on it so I need factory unlocked before it gets to the carrierr? Any ideas?

  • sesshomaru66

    Kind off topic but I just got a text from tmobile saying my prepaid 50 unlimited talk and text will now include unlimited web access at no additional cost and the first 100mb are 4g speeds. Kinda cool as I’m using a G2x. Magenta FTW! Who the hell needs at&t? Lmao