Early Look At T-Mobile G2x Running Gingerbread

I must admit to a little jealousy of Chris Ziegler of Thisismynext.com (formerly of Engadgetmobile) as he scored himself a preview of Gingerbread for the T-Mobile G2x. While T-Mobile promised it wouldn’t be a long wait for early G2x adopters, with no solid date given we’re going to eat up any previews of what to expect on the G2x when in fact the update does arrive. You can check out the video above or read on for a few thoughts from Ziegler himself on noticeable changes in the Gingerbread build:

  • Scrolling and touchscreen sensitivity were improved, especially noticeable on the lockscreen and the app drawer.
  • Gingerbread brings a new keyboard and improved text highlighting
  • Revamped UI is “in full effect” with menus, status bar, dialer all revamped
  • Wi-Fi calling worked right from the get go

For the full run down check out the video or hit the source link for a full gallery!


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