Early Look At T-Mobile G2x Running Gingerbread

I must admit to a little jealousy of Chris Ziegler of Thisismynext.com (formerly of Engadgetmobile) as he scored himself a preview of Gingerbread for the T-Mobile G2x. While T-Mobile promised it wouldn’t be a long wait for early G2x adopters, with no solid date given we’re going to eat up any previews of what to expect on the G2x when in fact the update does arrive. You can check out the video above or read on for a few thoughts from Ziegler himself on noticeable changes in the Gingerbread build:

  • Scrolling and touchscreen sensitivity were improved, especially noticeable on the lockscreen and the app drawer.
  • Gingerbread brings a new keyboard and improved text highlighting
  • Revamped UI is “in full effect” with menus, status bar, dialer all revamped
  • Wi-Fi calling worked right from the get go

For the full run down check out the video or hit the source link for a full gallery!


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  • Any chance the update will fix the horrible battery life?

    • Souljourney

      Craig… or anyone with battery life issues…
      Do you have Qik video signed in? I found when I signed out and left it signed out, my battery lasted a lot longer. That might help.
      I still don’t think the battery life is great, especially coming from a Blackberry.

    • MrMr

      How many hours do you get out of a single charge with average use? Just curious..

    • Anonymous

      My battery life is great. It actually lasts longer than any other Android device I’ve ever used. I get about 12 hours with moderate to heavy use, 8 hours with heavy use and over 20 hours with mild use. I never calibrated my battery and the only thing I have done that most likely helped it was removed most of the bloatware. I can guarantee there are apps causing these bad battery problems. Last week I downloaded the NFL app to fallow the draft in immediately after using it, I noticed my battery had gone down from 70% to 58% in a matter of 15 minutes and that was with the app closed. It even made my phone burn hot. As soon as I deleted it, everything went back to normal. This is why I think it is a app causing the battery problems. In answer to your post, no a update most likely wont fix the battery problem some are having but they have the choice to return it for another or stop being noobs about it and start looking into a app that’s causing it.

      • Anonymous

        People complaining have full screen brightness, leave GPS on, and have 5 apps running in the background most likely.

    • I had that issue too, but T-Mobile told me to do a factory reset & that might resolve it or exchange it in under buyer’s remorse at the T-Mobile store. I did the reset & my phone’s better life is getting much better. I had it running on 4G all day, not really using it that much though. Been using it for the last few hours (About 4) on WiFi & it’s been use for about 8 hours & it still has 72% battery left. I think that’s great.

  • Anonymous

    not bad, not bad at all…

  • Anonymous

    it’s buggy as all hell

  • J-Hop2o6

    So thats 3 Tmo phones that will be upgraded by Summer; G2, MT4G, and G2x.. Tmo is on a roll! but hopefully the FCC/DOJ shoots that AT&T deal down to hell.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this update fixes some bugs and problems.

  • MrMr

    Glad they fixed the lock screen lagginess.

    Hopefully we’ll get to keep the LG Camera App.. I definitely like that more than the stock Gingerbread app.

  • Dude

    I can’t decide whether or not to keep my G2x and hope that Gingerbread fixes the rebooting/freezing bugs or to just get another one. I’ve read in the blogs that some folks have had luck getting another one.

    Anyone else here have issues with theirs?

    • Jabombardier

      There is a update on the way. Just wait it out.

      • Dude

        Already sent G2x back to T-Mobile. Total nonsense that I have to put up with that from a high-end product.

  • Fluffysofly

    I haven’t had one issue with my g2x thus far. If your having reboot issues get customer service to send you another one.. my friend had same issue and his replacement works just fine.

  • Izzybrexx

    I hope “soon” is real soon..lol…looks better with gbread!

  • Anonymous

    Did they fix the GPS SNR that gives GPS Status, et al, fits?

  • the_truth

    Have had the phone 1 week now with no issues–I love this phone!

  • Ondawire

    wow i must admit that i love this g2x but the battery life really does suck. wow. maybe 6 hours top with minimal usage and internet browsing. wow don´t play a game bc that really kills it. I still love the phone though

    • Anonymous

      Check your settings. Mine lasts from 7AM to 11PM with game play, navigation, music, web browsing, ect. There is no way there is that much variation with the same battery.

    • guesty

      i have the same issue. I thought the virbrant had not the best battery life, but this gets me from about 10am to 6pm daily with moderate use (checking exchange email, maybe 2 phone calls)

  • I love the phone when working normally…..but….in one week I have had multiple random resets, black screen lockups that require taking battery out to reboot…stock phone…no MOD/ROM. Hope an update comes soon that can address these issues or may need to change phone. Besides Google sync….no other apps syncing in bkgnd and this phone is THE WORST BATTERY HOG I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. LOW CALL VOLUME AND NEEDS RECHARGE BY MIDDAY. I am still in the 14 day purchase window. Upgraded from the original Vibrant that was modified with Bionix Frost….loved it until I broke the screen :-( Upgraded for the G2X front camera and dual core.

    • My4pawz

      A Hardware button master reset has really minimized the above issues for me. Was having them a lot..

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree. People get impatient. My battery drained after 9hrs on day 1, but after three full charging cycles (100% to zero to 100%) I am at 30% at 10PM with moderate use. The days of a phone lasting two days without a charge are gone. Be realistic.

  • Anonymous

    Found a short video of Ice Cream. It looks pretty good!


    • jaZzyjeff

      I clicked it -__-

  • its a race! t-mobile vs cyanogen to get a full, stable gingerbread on the g2x! cant wait!

    on another note, i’m not experiencing any battery problems, i just got a full 24 hours out of my g2x and i still have 15% charge left in the battery. This was with light to medium data use (i’m having the wifi/4g problems :/ ), listening to a lot of music, lots of texting, installing apps, playing games, light gps use, and making some voice calls. auto brightness enabled.

    g2x is just shaking off all the “new phone” bugs. once everything is ironed out this thing will be even more beastly!

    • I have the data issue too.. but it’s not too big a problem.. I go to settings and turn off data then it’ll use WiFi instead.. it’s just really bad at handing off data to WiFi.

      • I wish it were that easy for me, ha ha.

        factory reset is the only thing that’s fixed my problems, and even then, only temporarily. it’s happened to me twice so far, so i’m just going to hope that t-mo/LG release a patch to fix it soon.

        this wouldnt normally be that big a deal, but i cant get a data signal where i live, so i NEED wifi when i’m home. :(

    • Jabombardier

      I just picked up a G2X this past saturday. I was warned by the store rep that it is having glitches and that they are soon to release an update to qwell the glitches. This was to give me the option to buy the phone or not. I told him that I will take it because all thatr is a non issue when it is understood that android will come with bugs then release a patch to fix them. The only glitch I had was when I touced the messages app, it open the e-mail and other apps. I shut it off and turned it back on, an haven’t had a glitch yet. Very impressed with the phone and have no regrets. Was going to wait for the Sensation but because I lost and found and broke my mytouch 3G slide, I had to buy it. Don’t think I will be looking ar a sensation anymore.

  • Tecknobreak

    Here’s my opinion, this phone sucks! Bought it first day it came out. Within first hour of use, it reboots itself. Three hours latter it freezes. Then I connect to my wifi at home and I get the wifi icon and 4g icon on at the same time but yet its using 4g data. No matter what I tried or changed this would not end. The next morning I wake up to a 4g flashing icon with no data at all. Wtf! So I go to the store and exchange for a new one. No problem. I get home and conncet to wifi and once again I get both the wifi and 4g icons on again. And no wifi just data usage. That’s my big issue. I never had this problem with any phone I’ve had before(G1,Cliq,Mytouch slide) but this phone also had terrible battery life and hardly any 4g coverage here in south florida. I had 2g majority of the time. Calls weren’t so clear either on my end. Sensation where are youuuuuu?

  • Anonymous

    That black notification bar is gonna look great with all that screen bleeding!

  • Michael Usavage

    If you’ve had problems with the g2x, do a factory reset even if it’s just out of the box. I has having issues with music skipping, wifi joining, and battery % running down fast. After the reset, all of these problems were resolved. Music doesn’t skip, wifi and 4g transition plus wifi caling works, and the battery life % drops to 30% after 24 hours of medium use which is much better than before. This is just my anecdotal experience, but if you’re having problems give it a shot. I love the phone now.

    • Souljourney

      I’m not very techy so forgive me if this is a dumb question. How do you do a factory reset? Will it wipe out the contacts and pics that are on my phone? Will it get rid of the apps I’ve installed?

      • Anonymous

        It should get rid of everything installed on your phone. Contacts should resync. Probably want to backup your pics. Apps should be wiped, but you can find your apps on http://market.android.com. It should show you which ones are installed. I think there are also backup apps that can backup all your existing apps on your phone.

  • Will the inclusion of stock Gingerbread persuade people to bite the bullet and get this over the upcoming HTC Sensation? Here’s what I think: http://wp.me/p1wchx-x

  • Anonymous

    My G2X has no problems whatsoever. It gets better battery life than any other Android device I have ever had, it locks on to GPS within 3 seconds and is accurate to 5 feet. When connected to my WiFi network it can take full advantage of my ISP speeds which is 30mbs download speeds unlike my Vibrant which couldn’t do over 10mbs. I get 4G speeds over 6mbs download and 2 mbs upload with a ping of 55ms. Best of all, I haven’t been able to make this phone lag once. All in all, I like it a lot. Thats not to say I won’t be looking at the GSII when it comes out but I am very content with the G2X.

  • I hate the camera app. LG themselves could have did better on that part, like how Samsung usually overtakes that department in their devices. & the Android default camera UI is so ugly & intuitive & it has that little small grey bolder to the far left. I wish it was like invisible to only where you click on the screen for the options for that part.

    • unintuitive? intuitive means it works well to what you’d be believe.. something that just works and does it well.

      • Yes, it was a simple typo. I was in a rush & forget to put un. I’m not slow or anything, it was a simple mistake.

      • Lucylu42

        Haha this looser simon yu likes pokemon lolz pathetic I know!

  • alex

    Tmo is on fire with gingerbread
    G2 leaked 1st
    Mytouch 4g(cant wait)
    And g2x

  • Sounds? Who uses stock Sounds? Man I miss the old Engadget guys.

  • Ibleedmagenta

    im wondering what the mytouch 4h slide is gonna look like

  • Anonymous

    How did he root Gingerbread?

    • bob

      it’s a rom called cyanogen nightly build that is already rooted or you can just use Superoneclick or something like that

      • Anonymous

        Ah. I thought that he had the actual unofficial “official” roll out of Gingerbread.

        • Matt

          He appears to have an early build of a ROM slated for the G2X. He doesn’t state how he got it.

  • Jerzeeloin

    Too bad the update cant fix the hardware issue screen bleeding,I bought this phone and did 3 exchanges as ll 3 phones had screen bleeding,and a plethora of software bugs,I got my monet back,hopefully they can fix the screen bleeding epidemic,In the mean time Ill hold my money for sensation or gs2.

    • Guest

      Heard about this with the Ipad 2. Many people kept them. You will always find problems with every phone as they are rushed out to people . The more you Google the more problems people say they had with xxx phone model.

      • Anonymous

        My iPad 1 bleeds nasty but I only really notice it when I fire it up and the screen is black. I’ll spend $500-600 on a Honeycomb tablet once they start to get good screens. Come on Samsung!!

    • Anonymous

      same exact thing happened to me!

  • selected

    is the new camera working while on a voice call??? i hate that you can’t take pictures while talking on it!

    • Ginsin007

      Did you ever get this figured out?  I just found out the hard way last nigh. While on phone tried to take a pic and it won’t work.  This just sucks!!!

  • nawmtawknbout

    Been using my G2x on 2.3 for a while now and I have absolutely no complaints about the screen bleeding issue on the dark Gingerbread UI.

    Made a short clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO_kJB_ffWc

    • This doesn’t really ‘prove’ anything, some people don’t have it like others do…and the lighting and video quality aren’t ideal when viewing this type of problem

      usually only visible in dark areas or with screen brightness high

      • nawmtawknbout

        Using a Flip HD which doesn’t have an option to focus :( I have VERY minimal bleeding but I really don’t care for it one bit but I can see why noticeable white splooges in the dark can be irritating.

  • I’ve played with it earlier today, it was blazing fast, even compared to my HD2 running stock Nexus One ROM

  • Anonymous
  • IamtherealDavid

    anyone know when gingerbread is coming to the G2! We were all sold this as a Google Phone before the S appears and tmo stuck it to us again!!!!!!!!!

  • IamtherealDavid

    please dont tell me to root as this is a business phone and i cant void the warranty.

    • Ladbug12582

      the company would never know all you need to do is flash it back to stock software

  • Bob Vila

    Anyone has issues with the vibrate options on the G2X?

  • Gugunyc172

    Just got the phone and was told by rep not to, I said I wanted anyways. Have had absolutely not a single problem whatsoever, im a very happy camper.

  • dissatisfied customer

    I’ve had a nightmarish experience with this phone and I’ve only had it less than a month. My phone has automatically rebooted twice wiping out all my apps each time. The phone cuts off often, even in the middle of convo with up to 75% battery power. The phone freezes on a daily basis. Keep in mind I have NEVER dropped the phone. This started on DAY ONE. If there isn’t a patch soon I may leave T Mobile alltogether, this is horrible. I knew I should’ve kept it basic and stuck with blackberry (which I’ve never had trouble with in 7 years of me using their products). 

  • Ize20

    do we have to go to tmobile store to do the gingerbread os

  • GPstunner101

    mann im a G2x user and boy let me tell you about this phone. every time i wanna watch on http://www.gogoanimie.com i see that it always freezing up and then when i restarted it, just say its it will never turn back again.