Blackberry 9900 Official On T-Mobile, Available “Later This Year”

Well that didn’t take long at all as T-Mobile just announced via Twitter and Facebook the arrival of the Blackberry Bold 9900 to the Magenta network later this year. It was only an hour ago that the Bold 9900 went official and there was indication of a T-Mobile possibility with an AWS variant. If only every phone announcement went as quickly as this.


Full Specs:

  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 768 Ram
  • 8GB internal memory, expandable up to 32GB
  • 2.8″ 640×480 screen at 287 PPI
  • HSPA+ 14.4 capable
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash
  • HD video recording
  • NFC

Full press release after the gallery:

RIM Introduces New BlackBerry Bold Smartphones

New BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 Smartphones are the Thinnest and Most Powerful BlackBerry Smartphones yet, Featuring the Renowned BlackBerry Keyboard Together with a Brilliant Touch Screen and the New BlackBerry 7 OS

Waterloo, ON – Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today unveiled two new BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphones. The high-performance BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones feature a stunning and iconic design that integrates an incredibly easy-to-use BlackBerry keyboard with a brilliant, high resolution, capacitive touch screen. These exceptional smartphones are built on a new, performance-driven platform powered by the BlackBerry® 7 operating system and designed to deliver the ultimate in communications, multimedia and productivity for users around the world.

“The new BlackBerry Bold smartphones and BlackBerry 7 OS are inspired by millions of customers around the world who want the ultimate combination of performance, functionality and style,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO, Research In Motion. “These fully-loaded and beautifully crafted smartphones offer a highly refined user experience with blazingly fast performance, a brilliant touch screen and an outstanding typing experience.”

Thin, Sleek, Iconic Design Distinguished by an iconic design and the industry’s best keyboard, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones feature the premium materials and finishes that characterize the BlackBerry Bold line. Both models have a lustrous exterior with a brushed stainless steel frame and a high-gloss glass-weave backplate. They are also the thinnest BlackBerry smartphones yet, at only 10.5mm. The quality materials and optimized design of the new BlackBerry Bold smartphones are instantly evident when held in the hand.

Performance-Driven These BlackBerry Bold smartphones are built on a new performance-driven platform featuring a 1.2 GHz processor, Liquid Graphics™ touch screen, and support for high speed 4G/HSPA+ wide area wireless networks.

The Liquid Graphics touch screen, a key new feature powered by BlackBerry 7, delivers fast, smooth performance for highly responsive touch-based navigation, web browsing, pictures, video and graphics intensive games*. Offering up to 60 frames-per-second performance with instant UI action/response, Liquid Graphics gives customers a visually rich and immersive experience that’s responsive to the touch. In addition, the smartphones feature brilliant displays with an eye-popping 287 dpi to deliver crisp, stunning visuals.

The new platform also provides support for 4G networks; the 9900 supports HSPA+ connectivity, and the 9930 supports CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and HSPA+ global roaming on GSM/UMTS networks.

NFC The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones include built-in support for NFC (Near Field Communications), a new technology that will enable many rich and exciting experiences. Through NFC, users will be able to, for example, pair the BlackBerry Bold to an accessory or read information such as a web link from smart tags by simply tapping their BlackBerry Bold to an NFC tag (eg. Smart Poster).

Augmented Reality The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones feature a built-in compass (magnetometer) to support location-based services and augmented reality. APIs will allow third party developers to take advantage of the new functionality within their applications. The new smartphones will also include Wikitude, the leader in mobile augmented reality, which overlays contextual information on what the user sees through the smartphone’s camera viewfinder.

HD Video The new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones support up to 720p HD video recording and playback. Users can easily share their videos directly from the smartphone or sync videos, as well as music and photos, to their computer using Media Sync in the BlackBerry® Desktop Software.

BlackBerry 7 The BlackBerry 7 OS is designed to power the new performance-driven BlackBerry Bold platform. It provides an easier and faster user experience with improved browsing, voice-activated searches, the ability to manage personal content separately from corporate content, as well as additional personal and productivity apps out of the box.

The BlackBerry Browser has been significantly enhanced in BlackBerry 7. In addition to the general performance gains of Liquid Graphics, which helps deliver faster rendering and seamless panning and zooming, the BlackBerry 7 browser includes a new JIT (just in time) JavaScript compiler to improve the load time speed of web pages. The new browser also includes support for additional HTML5 elements, such as HTML5 Video.

Building upon the Universal Search feature introduced in BlackBerry 6, BlackBerry 7 expands the capability to include voice-activated search. This new capability makes it even easier and more convenient to search for content on the smartphone or web.

BlackBerry 7 also integrates BlackBerry® Balance™, which separates personal content from corporate content on the smartphone, giving users the freedom and flexibility to use the handset for personal email, Facebook®, Twitter®, multimedia, games and other apps while satisfying the very real need for corporate data to be highly secure and manageable. BlackBerry Balance works in conjunction with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 5.0.3, which provides a number of unique IT policy controls such as wiping only corporate data from the handset or blocking work related content and apps from being copied or forwarded to personal contacts.

With BlackBerry 7 on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones, users will also get the full version of Docs To Go® with all “premium” features enabled out-of-the-box so that users can easily work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on the smartphone. Docs To Go also includes a native PDF viewer.

Availability The new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 smartphones are expected to be available from carriers around the world beginning this summer.

For additional information please visit


BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 Specifications

• 115 x 66 x 10.5 mm, approximately 130 g • 2.8? capacitive touch screen display – VGA (640×480), 287 dpi resolution • Ultra-easy QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad • 1.2 GHz Processor, 768 MB RAM • 8 GB on-board memory, plus microSD slot supporting up to 32 GB cards • NFC technology • 5.0 MP camera, supports 720p HD video recording • Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor • Built-in GPS / aGPS • Dual-Band Wi-Fi® – 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz and 802.11 a/n at 5 GHz • Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR support • Wireless Network support: o 9900: Tri-Band HSPA+, Quad-Band GSM/EDGE o 9930: Dual-Band CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A, Dual-Band HSPA+, Quad-Band GSM/EDGE • 1230 mAh removable, rechargeable battery • BlackBerry 7 OS


* Features OpenGL 2.0 support for developers.

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  • Santrontavar

    all i need in one phone! thank you t-mobile/RIM

  • Pwner

    -=- Yikes -=- do not pass go, android pwns all!

  • Ron Dickerson

    a blackberry with a full keyboard and a tiny touchscreen… still a blackberry, still sucks.

  • You know, I really wanted to say something positive, or at the very least enlightening in this comment space. But after reading up on what the Bold 9900/9930 is, the words “epic” and “fail” are the only two that come to mind with any regularity.

    About decade ago, I was here for the very first Blackberries – I was field testing them here in the States almost a year before anyone else even heard about them, much less could get access to them. And I was hugely impressed with what RIM had in store for the mobile computing industry, and have been a Blackberry supporter since. But this . . . this is the final straw. After seeing the Playbook, I was under the impression that even though RIM was late to the next-gen game (four years late), they were on the way back anyway. But after today’s announcements, I’m finished. No more Blackberries; no more OS swaps; no more last-gen OSes being used as a stop gap to keep the faithful here for another year; no more disappointments from RIM.

    It’s been a wonderful ride, but I am out. Windows Phone 7 is looking pretty awesome. Once they iterate the 2nd gen version of that out this year, I think that is where I will be headed – especially if I can get one with a QWERTY. So long RIM, and thanks for all the great memories.

    • Anonymous

      i couldn’t have said it better myself. i’m also awaiting the 2nd gen win 7 hardware/software.

      • Anonymous

        Windows Phone is great… I have been nothing but impressed with the HD7. The only bummer is the inability to view secure PDFs.

        • Anonymous

          the HD7 looks sweet but i didnt trust the 1st gen for good reason. i wanted the market to grow and i wanted it to get updated a bit. cant wait til mango. :)

    • Boogie_Man666

      I’m with you there. As soon as Nokia drops their Windows phone…. bye-bye, Android! Sick of my batttery dying every 3-4 hrs. Windows looks awesome… can’t wait for the 2nd gen.

    • Anonymous

      I own a Windows Phone 7 (LG Quantum) and an old Blackberry 8800. I still like my old Blackberry better for email and messaging. WP7 is quite nice, but for entertainment mostly, not for real work.

      • Senor Chang

        This is true… I’m hoping MS makes some improvements to messaging options. We need a single email client, or a consolidated inbox, and we need video email/MMS options NOW.

        I have zero reason to record video when I can’t email it or message it out. What is the point???

  • lucky881

    1230 mAh battery is a bummer when you think that my bold 9780 comes with a 1500 mAh. Come on RIM you can do better than that.

    • Droidsoup

      Goto bberry dot com for battery extenders or try mugen-power-batteries dot com they will have battery extenders for any thing blackberry the last one will have them for other phones as well.

  • kellyhotty24

    no front facing camera?!? i know some people might aregue with me that they dont need one. and well to be honest me either , but they describe this phone as being ” epic” and it doesnt have a freaking front facing camera? phones from lg,samsung,htc,motorola all have phones with front facing cameras. even tho i prolly wont use it it would still be nice to have it just to take self portrait pics..

    • Tylermaxwell14

      If you want “self portrait pics” I suggest you turn the phone around.

      • Kellyhotty24

        No cuz that’s just stupid do I also do it in front of the mirror? Smh … no thanks good thing I don’t need to turn my atrix around do take a picture of my face. I just wanted to know if this phone had a ffc so I could dump my atrix and try blackberry for the first time. But no thanks ill just stay with my atrix for now. But one they when they release a bb with a ffc that will be the day I dump my atrix and move on to the bb platform.

        • Senor Chang

          So…. at least you didn’t deny the whole reason you consider a FFC ‘epic’.

          Keep the Atrix.

    • Droidsoup

      Nokia was the first with front facing camera like the E71 or the Nokia N900 long before any other phone.

  • If the battery life lasts for 2 days, then this phone will be my next upgrade.

  • Joelee90706

    First of all, I dont like Blackberry. Secondly, by the time this phone comes to TMO, TMO will turn into the evil At&T.

    • Guest

      Who said the merger will be allowed?

      • MrMr

        No one, but from what I’ve read, it’s likely. Who knows what accommodations they’ll have to make with the FCC, but I’m sure they’ll get through.

    • Ml5380

      i dont kno why you dont like BB but i bet if you use it for a month you’ll prob end up loving it like i did,i own the iphone and the blackberry and love them both i switch the sim everymonth one month i use the bb the other i use my iphone

  • Anonymous

    This is awful, why would anyone want a 2″ touch screen? lmao… WTF RIM. Absolutely ridiculous. These Specs are great too otherwise (for a BB), but this is just a joke. I wonder how long before RIM becomes the next Nokia.

    • ec

      its meant for people who like the full qwerty keyboard, but also want a touch screen. I dont think this was intended for a full touch screen user.

      • billibolas

        It still doesn’t explain why the screen is so small, they could’ve designed a thinner torch like device(slider qwerty), this phone reminds me of the Motorola Charm. Which is by all accounts a piece of shit…

  • Anonymous

    With the listed prices, where is the FFC RIM?

  • Jay

    Heres some video of the phone

    I gotta say, this is the nicest looking blackberry ive seen. Looks great. Dunno if im going to buy it yet cuz im still stuck with the 8900 , and was looking at the G2X , but it does look great.

    • Dang Huynh

      I’m using a 8900 right now. I’ll move to 9900 as soon as it comes out. I’m getting impatient though.

  • The phone is nice but how about one with a full touchscreen and with the same specs.

  • Anonymous
  • Petey

    I like the look of it, and I love the crackberry keyboard, but this doesn’t impress me at all.

  • Andriodluvr

    Yeah, what happened to the FULL TOUCH screen device???

  • Anonymous

    Come on RIM give us the Blackberry Touch! Make it compatible with AT&T and T-Mo all bands and add the 42Mbps HSPA+.

  • Realdeal1205

    I want the torch 2 with ffc and 4g on tmobile. Is that too much to ask???

  • Androidluvr

    yes to all the request here along with all steel exterior and hard aluminum body with chrome and black combination. Sort of like the interior of a Bentley car. :)

  • Billy283

    Tmobile, you suck ass

    • Billyisafag

      You are a loser.

  • Guestty

    A Blackberry sporting those specs with a touch screen and full QWERTY that doesn’t flip, slide, fold, twist, bend, flex, fall off and get broke… Sounds fairly to epic to me…

  • Havoktek
  • The Hater Hunter

    first we get Bin Laden, now we get the perfect blackberry, what’s next tomorrow? the cure for cancer?. awesome…

    anyways, im really tired of some individuals out here that their sole mission in this world its to F****cking criticized and always have a problem with a new product. i mean really? if you really consider yourself a Blackberry fan, you should know that this is the perfect blackberry, the one we all have been patiently waiting for. so stop asking for a full touch blackberry, if you want that, go get yourself a fucking mytouch 4g. if you want a torch 2 (that i know it wont beat this one pound for pound) get your ass to at&t.

    long life the Blackberry Bold line up and the rest of you haters can just suck it!!

    • Billy283

      no douche, YOU can suck it

      • Jen

        Hater hunter you’re a big vagina.

    • Senor Chang

      No point in telling Fandroids to suck it, they already gotta mouthful of cock.

  • The Hater Hunter (again)

    ah, almost forgot, why are we talking about HD7 and android on a Blackberry topic, god damn it, there’s no remedy for you fuckers. if you dont like blackberry, why even take the time to read the topic and put your UNWANTED “2 cents”?

  • hy

    I like this and I may get this but i was hoping to see the full touch BB revealed.

    I briefly had a G2X and returned it. But I do miss the full size screen and I think the virtual keyboard is OK once you get used to it.

  • Havoktek

    Damn, I was hoping RIM was still in the game, but now it seems that MS is going to get involved.
    I’m glad I cashed out.;feature-roto

  • Slimfools

    no Flash…the downfall of a BB

    • well…….. in the hands-on i thought i spotted flash in the browser since they did go to the engadget website……. and i wouldn’t call it a major downfall…. the lack of app support makes it sort of boring :/
      (ios has no flash but they are going strong)

  • eYe

    This is very nice for BB! Not a big fan of BB myself but I really dig the looks of this one compared to some of the other looks they’ve tried. Some haters out there will say that it looks exactly like any other BB out there but I still think that it’s nice. Build quality must be very good too and I’m sure that that qwerty is to die for. Sounds like a win in BB book.

  • jjm

    I don’t care what anyone thinks…..RIMS Blackberry product is that best thing going and no one can beat their unique style…That QWERTY Keyboard is tops, in my opinion and nothing and no one could ever change my mind_I am a “die hard” BB fan!!

  • Later this year ????? WTF !!?!

  • Rfgenerator

    Word is this has been pushed back from a June release date to August or later…

  • UGHHHI Cant wait ive been craving a BB & this is this perfect one!

  • Mahen347

    later this year that’s too long ,hope u guys release it june or july or so… im waiting on this phone and the samsung galaxy S2,,cant wait for this blackberry its look awesome…………


    I hope the internet speed is faster that is the one thing bb is lacking

    • Mason

      1.2 ghz plenty fast

  • Anonymous

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  • Andrygoodyear

    Why do this 9900 still need trackpad while it has touch screen?

    • JB

      bcuz some people rather use trackpad. I like to use both.

  • Progamer

    If you don’t like it, then, it’s simple, don’t buy it. I know i’m gonna buy it the day it comes out. 

  • Progamer

    If you don’t like it, then, it’s simple, don’t buy it. I know i’m gonna buy it the day it comes out. 

  • Liujinzhao608

    i like it, i hope it can be released as soon as possible.

  • Liujinzhao608

    i like it, i hope it can be released as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous

    I have a G2 right now, I will own this the day it comes out.

  • Anonymous

    I have a G2 right now, I will own this the day it comes out.

  • Ml5380

    ive been using blackberry phone since 07 and still love BB i also own a iphone 4 i use both but something always attracks to the BB so i use the BB 70 percent of the time ,not to take anything away from iphone so im gonna def get the 9900 and the iphone 5 who knows maybe i”ll like this iphone 5 more but than again i said that about the iphone 4 n use the bb alot more thats why its nickname is crackberry. to the people that talk shit about bb give it a shot like i did to iphone n not one day or a week use it for a month n you”ll like it just like i did with iphone i hate it b4 but now i like it i dont use it as much as the bb but i still use it

  • sally

    no matter how many phones tmobile releases their service day by day is only going down the drain. they ruined 48hours of my lifetime by screwing everything up for me. on top of that its disappointing when supervisors dont care for customer service. watch out for tmobile.

  • sally

    no matter how many phones tmobile releases their service day by day is only going down the drain. they ruined 48hours of my lifetime by screwing everything up for me. on top of that its disappointing when supervisors dont care for customer service. watch out for tmobile.

  • sellcheapli

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