myTouch 4G Gingerbread ROM Leaks, Official Version Close?

It was a little over two weeks ago that we first received word that the myTouch 4G was undergoing internal testing for a Gingerbread release. Now with the official ROM leaking out onto the internets, we’re hoping an official launch isn’t that far off. As usual the ROM made it’s way to the XDA-Developers forum as Android 2.3.3.

One noticeable difference is the addition of the Quick Settings tab found in the pull-down notification screen. Letting you turn on and off the myTouch 4G’s Wi-Fi, GPS, bluetooth, cell network and hotspot feature without the need for a dedicated widget. Otherwise, as you’ll see in the video courtesy of Phil from AndroidCentral who was kind enough to videotape Gingerbread in action that the device looks and feels the same as it did before.

Feedback from the leaked ROM is mixed with some users reporting some mild issues with Wi-Fi and overall stability. Of course others are porting no trouble and would recommend firing it up on your own myTouch 4G, if you’re into leaked ROM’s and all.

As with all leaked ROM’s, installation is done at your own risk!

XDA-Developers via AndroidCentral

Download the ROM at 911HTC Blog

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