Deal Alert: Radio Shack Selling T-Mobile G2x For $99.99 For New and Qualifying Upgrades

Looking to score a good deal on the T-Mobile G2X? will gladly take your dollars as they have the G2X on sale for $99.99 for new, add-a-line qualifying upgrade customers. No rebates are required with the pricing and the offer is only available through today, May 2nd so act now!

Radio Shack

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  • Anonymous

    TMobile always give the best deals when im ON contract. Q.Q

  • Anonymous

    Now that ive read the entire promo article. I think it should be sold the same in store for that price.

    A RS employee told me that this is the phone that will blow the EVO out the water. I replied, you say that because that’s all you know how to sell is the Evo….nothing else!

  • Anonymous

    Does RS tack on a second contract (and second ETF)?

  • The downside is that you have to walk into a Radio Shack store and talk to one of their intellectually stunted employees.

    • Angelsdemon1

      Actually, it says it is a web only deal so no need to talk to any RS employees.

  • Brian Campbell

    What if my contract 2 year contract isn’t up until November when I qualify for a upgrade? How much will it cost then?

  • Great for G2X lovers…

  • Great for G2X lovers…

  • Great for G2X lovers…

  • Will

    Nice. A bit off topic, so I apologize ahead of time David and co., but I wondering what Tmobile is going to offer for their Mothers Day sale this year!?!?! I’m really curious.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up on this. I’m sure lots of people will appreciate it.

  • Anonymous
  • Rick

    It looks like my plan would turn into Even More Family Unlimited, with 2 data plans and 2 message plans. that’s $99+$30+$30+$10+$10= $179 So I would go from $147/mo to $179, and I would pay $768 more over 2 years to yswe RS and save $200 up front on an upgrade… Well, I think it’s time to call Loyalty and see if they still love/respect me after our now 5-year affair. Whatchathink? Did they ever love me? Do they even respect me?

  • Anon

    FYI, this is web only. I tried to pick this up from two different RSs in my area, and both said no. I mention this as other posts seem to indicate you can pick it up in store.

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    would have been interested but a little late notice…maybe next time

  • P0rkch0p899lb

    so hold up this deal ends tonight? 12am may 3rd?

  • lattelady

    David, thx, picked up this deal yesterday for my husband :) . (You have to sit through all the add this on & ad that on selling, be patient!! I was able to keep my legacy plan with TMo & just add on data for his line. Went on the RS site today & the deal is still $99 (+ the shipping you must pay for & an activation fee of $18. I’ll call TMO to get this waived after we get the phone, it’s not a new line) FYI, they also have the same deal for a Sidekick 4G for $49.99.

    • TweetMo

      Yep, still available.