Will The Hercules Be The T-Mobile Equivalent Of The Galaxy S 2?

After yesterdays report of the Samsung Hercules demigod like specs plenty of our astute readers wondered if this wasn’t the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S 2. Or perhaps it isn’t a variant but is the device we are receiving in lieu of a Galaxy S 2?While we continue to believe that the Galaxy S 2 has undergone internal testing we now believe it has been passed over for the Hercules. Providing further evidence that T-Mobile has skipped over the Galaxy S 2 came courtesy of a leaked accessory list showing three models of the Galaxy S, one for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon with T-Mobile not included. So whether or not the Hercules is the Galaxy S 2 in greek demigod like form, T-Mobile’s version of the AT&T Infuse 4G or something else it still looks to be one of the hottest Android devices arriving on T-Mobile this year.

P.S. I couldn’t resist using this scene from The Nutty Professor I hope you don’t mind.

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  •  please be the sgs2

  • Humpty4321

    Lmfao! Nice

  •  Ever since the news came out of the Hercules, all I’ve thought about is that scene from the Nutty Professor!

  • Tortionist

     Please be something worthy of my time and money.

  • The Hercules is clearly a Galaxy S 2 on a bit of steroids. Why can’t people realize that and stop complaining about it not being the GS2?

    • aznboy

       Because 4.5 inches is too big. 4.3 was already getting too big but it would still be doable. 4 was the perfect size.

      • Respawn

        Screens too big or too small for most people.

        I agree. 4 inches was the perfect size. It’s funny how close phone screen sizes are getting to tablets.

        Tablets are a waste of money anyway, but wait until the 5 or 6 inch phone screens come out.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed!! I played with infuse at an AT&T store – just too big

      • ep_cre

        Thats your opinion not everyone thinks the same as you with your infinite wisdom. Douche 

        • aznboy

          lol I wasn’t trying to be a douche. He asked why were people complaining about not having the GSII even though they were getting the Hercules, and the only difference is the screen size. I never claimed my opinion to be that of my infinite wisdom I was just voicing why I would rather buy the SII over the hercules.

      • Anonymous

         another victim of small hands. 


    • Anonymous

      I’m currently ready for a phone upgrade.  I, like most others have read the reviews of the GSII and was holding out for its release on T-Mobile.  I believe a 4.5″ screen significantly reduces the market for this phone regardless of the specs. 

      I also think that not having this available until 1-3+ months after the GSII is available on the other major US carriers is going to hurt T-Mobile.  You win customers new customers by getting the most desired phones before others.  You lose them if you’re late to the game. 

      From the way it sounds, T-Mobile is going to be late to the game and offering a phone that overall less desirable than the standard GSII.  You may claim that this is the GSII on steroids but in my opinion the end product (assuming all this is true) is going to be one that has the negative side effects steroids.

  • Bb6h22lude4

     Their is two things, i don’t like about this phone so far. One, it doesn’t have the exynos processor even though it is clocked at the same speed (1.2ghz) The size of the screen. 4.5″ seems a little too big, mainly cuz the reslolution is the same as the galaxy s 2. One more thing actually. The galaxy s 2 is going to be thinner. I want to be on t-mobile. OMG 42mbps theoretically. Wow! GSII is only 21mbps. Vegas, NY city and some place in florida offer 42.  I live in phoenix and there is only 21. This phone would would be so amazing if it wasn’t running touchwiz. Stock android. but with all the features of touchwiz, like the gestures. I’m definately going to root this if i get it and remove all the bloatware. Unless verizon’s “Function” (sgs2) is lte! i doubt it but omg good bye magenta and hello big red.

    • Anonymous

       So I take it that you’ve had a chance to do an in hand comparison of the Exynos and this Qualcomm processor?

      “The galaxy s 2 is going to be thinner”  .33″ vs .37″… Really? Seriously?

      Lastly, this phone is still amazing even if it comes with touch wiz.  You already know the deal and you can easily delete TW once a TW-less ROM shows up.

    • whosaidwhat

       No one has said or hinted at this yet but I (strictly going on a hunch) think the US version of the SGSII will be rocking the Tegra 2 processor. I wonder how many people will still be super interested. Samsung did say that they would have a version of the SGS2 with Tegra 2 in some markets if I’m not mistaking. So far they’ve only released the exynos version for Europe and Asia. If this indeed happens then it’s a no brainer to be super pumped about the Hercules. I will be in line a month in advance if they someone manage to get the Tegra 3 in this puppy though. Doesn’t that thing have like a 12 core GPU with 3D support?

  • Commander Fury – Pitt master

    That picture of Hercules makes me want to leave work and smoke a rack of award winning ribs . I wonder if Hercules comes with a internal meat thermometer . 

  • Rfg3

     when will g2x update come. Also will the gingerbread update improve quadrant standard (now 2400 on g2x) because its 3200 on samsung gs2 thx

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

     Whoever says that the it is not a Galaxy S II ask yourself (and answer) “why do I consider it NOT to be a Galaxy S II?”

    Is it because the screen is .2″ bigger????  and Samsung will be using non-Samsung chips in certain Galaxy S II phones so that definitely isn’t the case.

    • michael

      The droid charge is a Galaxy S but has LTE and a 4.3 inch screen. It could be like that.

    • Now_onTMO

      Is the infuse 4g a galaxy s? No it’s not, but we’re unsure if the Hercules will be a galaxy s 2 variant.. and should we assume that it is a variant because it’s a dual core?

      I’m not sold on the qualcomm processor.. when I think of qualcomm or snapdragon i think of htc and i’ve always thought of samsung’s processor to be better and their devices as well…

      doesn’t matter to me if it’s a variant or not as long as it’s good as the galaxy s 2… and with the screen being 4.5 and how samsung put so much bezel on their phones… then it may be too big to hold and put in the pocket, we’ll see..

      • Anonymous

         Ok I’ll respect that the Infuse’s Galaxy S moniker was left off but it’s still just an over clocked Galaxy S with a bigger screen or an EXTREMELY watered down Galaxy S II with a slightly larger screen.  Either way, the T-Mobile got it right with the Hercules and used that bigger screen with ALL the bells and whistles of the Galaxy S II.  I’m like you, variant or not.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung’s Galaxy S phones all had the same processor and GPU (also battery and screen for most).  The international Galaxy S was a platform for the development of each of these phones.

      The Hercules is fundamentally different than the Galaxy S II because it uses a different processor and GPU. It’s a different platform.

  • Vibrant Addict

    Awesome clip.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the #1 Galaxy S carrier in the USA is receiving some form of the GS2. But at the same time it seems that it will arrive later than the others.

    • Anonymous

       Man what a trade off.  I can deal with a September launch because I’ve been waiting for a massive screen like that since the HD2 came out.  I can wait 4 more months.

      Also, it’s possible that the US SGSII won’t show up until July/August which is not all that far ahead of this Beast of a phone.

  • Quikzilver

    Would prefer 4.0 or 4.3

  • It this is the TMO version of the SGS2 it would be a shame.  Though it’s release date is close to what a lot of experts predict Apple’s next iPhone will be released.  Something strange going on with Samsung cancelling NYC press conference for next week and Apple store secret overnight setup this weekend. I desperately need to upgrade my handset,  but September is way too long to wait.

    • whosaidwhat

      I hear you on that. September is a rather long time to wait for a phone in today’s market. I made a similar comment about Samsung cancelling the scheduled event for last week. I think there’s something big going on.

      Anyway, about the dilemma you have with your current hardware. I had a similar issue with my G1, the phone was basically on it’s last leg 2 weeks ago and I just didn’t want to use my upgrade on anything but the Sensation or the SGS2. So what I did was look on Craigslist for a one month old G2 ($200), though it’s not the phone I want, I am very happy with it after rooting, installing cyanogenmod 7 and overclocking it to 1.4 GHz. It will definitely hold me over until I see reviews for the Sensation, Nexus 3 or the Hercules.

      • Aerofanbig

        Was this an official Samsung release? I’m sure they didn’t intend for this info to come out….so how is September too far away, and how is that Tmobile or Samsungs fault? 

        • whosaidwhat

          Aerofanbig,  Was this question intended for me? I’m not sure I understand it.

          “Was this an official Samsung release?”

    • Anonymous

      Why would it be a shame? This is better than the original GS2 in every way imaginable. Sure Exynos would be great but the chipset hercules uses is by far just as powerful if not more powerful and it supports a higher data speed than Exynos

  •  I dont care what its compared to. Just release the darn thing! Sheesh! T-mobile needs a couple phones like this. T-mobile is like Pontiac… they wait until the ship is just about to set sail when they decide to release arguably one of the nicest devices to come out spec wise.

  • Hoopzone

    The Hercules will be a welcome phone to my line up of the Nexus One and Nexus Two. Just bring it!

    • Nexus Guy

      Well well well, i have to agree

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s too long to wait

    • Palmettodayz

      Hard to have a nexus two when it doesn’t exist. Moron.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be so ugly, you know he means the Nexus S.

      • Anonymous

         seriously… what a rude comment.  what are you 13?

  • eYe

    The only problem that I see with all these new phones is the price. So many of them are launching/rumored to launch with $700+ tag. Waaaaay to much for a phone, no matter what specs.
    Also, dual-core 1.2 proc + 4.5″ scree is great but how about a battery to match? I can absolutely see this thing coming with 1500-1600 mAh battery and it’s just not sufficient, even with Super-Duper Amoled plus extra giga mega tech screen.
    Oh yeah…Hercules is one stupid name.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t like the price go with something else.

    • Anonymous

      Look at the Infuse 4G on ATT, that phone came with a 1760 mAh battery and Engadget praised the device for its crisp screen, fantastic camera, and GREAT BATTERY LIFE. The SAMOLED+ screens use approx 20% less power than the SAMOLED screens we’re used to now. Also, a Dual Core chip (on paper, because you aren’t seeing better battery life with a G2x) should help with battery life and really get users through a day with ease. If you are skeptical of those facts, that is okay…we will review it when this device releases.

      And a lot of the poor battery life issues on Android are due to how the OS is designed.

    • Anonymous

       Why would it come with a smaller battery than the Galaxy S II? It is going to come with the same size battery that is in the Infuse. Stop being a moron!

  • David


    TMO to buy back the garbage they sold us for pennies on the dollar. Great

    Missed this Dave@!

    • Seriously? Look at the front page of the blog.

      • Anonymous


        • David

          Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its there now but was not when I posted.


  • Anonymous

    No pictures of the phone so far, it’s all speculation at this point. A 4.5″ screen could fit in a phone and yet be smaller than the HD2 but I don’t expect them to reduce bezel by that much.

    Many OEM’s have shown off high res screens at SID 2011 so 840×480 is a let down for a Q2-Q3 2011 top phone.

    SoC selection is also strange if it’s true. I think the site that leaked the Hercules got a few things wrong so wait and see.

  • Anonymous

    So where’s the Galaxy S 2 4G? That’s what it should be called — with 21+Mbps. If they release a phone called Hercules, that’s just a damn shame.

    • Didn’t the specs list it with 42mbps? 

      • Anonymous

        Now, the Galaxy S 4G, which is the predecessor to the Vibrant (on T-Mobile now), supports 21Mbps. The Galaxy S II (2) — the European version — supports AT&T’s HSPA+.

  • If the SGS II isn’t coming across the pond then Ebay.com here I come! Import time ;) 

  • Bubble6512

    couldn’t the Samsung Dumont which no one really knows what it is, be the Samsung Galaxy S2 for Tmobile? i think tmobile would be completely foolish to let this phone go by (with or without having the HTC Sensation coming out). the vibrant was a great seller for them and the S2 would just be as good. maybe they are delaying it cause of the HTC Sensation. as a Tmobile customer, i’d love to be forced to choose between the Sensation and S2, both are going to be awesome phones!

  • alex

     the hercules could be just a whole other phone, remember the galaxy s2 has been leaked for tmo on some website, and it was exactly the same, and people need to stop complaining about everything be happy we are not getting metro, virginmobile phones, and etc.

    also remember this; https://www.tmonews.com/2011/04/t-mobile-to-carry-samsung-galaxy-s-2/


  • Anonymous

     My Step Father runs Samsung’s corporate insurance devision located in New Jersey and he said they were shooting a commercial there that had to do with a new phone being released in the sates. 

  • Anonymous

     So my line up for the year Nexus S (got it), Samsung hercules, Nexus 3, and maybe an iPhone 4s depends though (will mainly consider it cuz my friends all have it, its like a cult I tell you)… maybe the N9 as well.

    • Do you know the history of cults?

    • Anonymous

      If you ask me, I would want to stay away from the iPhone cult and every other cult that exists. Have fun drinking the kool-aid with all of your friends.

  • Ash

    OMG, there are so many phones one can get with android, with so many different spec, screen size etc etc…

    If you want the SGS2 so much….
    1. Just buy the damn thing and use on T-mo.
    2. Goto any of the other 3 carriers in the USA.

    I don’t think a 1.2ghz dual cup VS. 1.5ghz cup or whatever other spec one bitch about will make too much difference to how you use the phone day to day.

    ie. If you really must have 4″ and not 4.3 or 4.5 screen, then get the G2X, it’s not like it’s a crappy phone or anything….

    It’s not like it’s a desktop or laptop which one might do photoshop, video editing, CAD, real heavy gaming…etc etc.

    People now a days.

    • Crazythunder1968

       what is a dual cup???? lol

      • Ash

        Oops typo.

      • Eviltwin_52s

        It is called Double D’s buddy! 

    • The_T_Oli

      Maybe you didn’t catch the Keynote at Google I/O recently, that mentioned that they had increased the application size limit in the Android market to 4 gb. Why do you think that might be? I believe that more powerful apps are on the way, require more processor power.

      • Ash

        And I bet there are 4″, 4.3, 4.5 and whatever cpu/spec matching phones down the road…

        When the apps needs, the phone will come. How fast are android phones evolving at?

    • Lord of the Phone

      “Just buy the damn thing and use on T-mo.”

      ahmmm… that would be quite idiotic since the existing SGS2 doesn’t support T-Mobile USA’s 3G bands.

  • We dont want a Qualcomm processor in our Samsung. EXYNOS PLEASE OR NO THANK YOU

    • Anonymous

       I’ll take the 4.5in screen with the Qualcomm over the 4.3in screen with the Exynox. The difference is minuscule and will never be scene in real life applications. The larger display when browsing the web, reading a book or watching a movie will however be noticed.

      • Anonymous

        Say what?
        The Exynox will provide blow away experience, the data speed can only do you as much good as the phone can process. Web pages will lag, videos will buffer, downloads will suck. It’s all about the CPU and th Galaxy S 2 is the winner hands down.

        I also like the weight, 116 g, just right in my pocket! I will probably leave T-MO for the GS2.

    • NoWorries

      Everyone says this new processor by Qualcomm is on the same level or even more advanced than the Exynos chip. I’ve heard Qualcomm put their all into this particular chip

  • Phonegeek

    Hercules hercules lol nice choice david. This device sounds colossal, might be my next phone if it comes out for tmo

  • lmao

  • Frigadroid

    I dont care what they name it. I will rename it if I buy one, my nickname for my vibrant is I-clone :-P

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Samsung Galaxy S2 or bust!  This thing, while impressive in size and speed is not the aforementioned.  The primary difference is in the chips as the Exyonos has received much better reviews and RAM.  So to call this a replacement would seem to solidify my transition to Big Red, who I know will have the S2, perhaps even with LTE.  Don’t buy the hype on this phone just because of the screen size! 

    • Eviltwin_52s

      I will take the larger screen over the wee baby crappy 4″ screen any day. So it may have a Qualcomm chipset… but who is to say that by the time the Sammy G2S will have the Exyonos chip set by the time it hits the US soil anyway…. they already said that it was going to be in limited supply!

      I say bring on the NICE 4.5″ screen, it is about time we got a decent sized smartphone that you can actually see at arms length… and not have to hold up to your face to see or Zoom in so much you have to scroll all over the place to see anything.

      We all have different Tastes, so if this is the replacement I say Come on out and play with that HSPA+42 speeds and Touchwiz 4…. if I dont like it, I will just wait a year and upgrade because Quad Cores will be in full force by then anyway!


      What about the 42Mbit/s? that is something no other phone will have. including big reds LTE…

    • rcpasos

      Yeah, let me remind everyone what happened the last time screen size was a factor (HD2, cough..cough!) 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Danny

     I want the GS2 for it’s form factor and eye appeal as much as I do for its specs.  It’s the perfect combination of everything I want in my next superphone. 

    I don’t want a 4.5′ screen.  Too wide for a portable device that I put in my pocket.  4″ is the perfect screen size for me. 

    • inorite

       The GS2 is a 4.3″ (4.5 foot is much too large, but the Hercules is 4.5″ so that’s a bit better)… so you will have to find something else for your perfect 4″

    • Stop wearing those skinny jeans and maybe the phone will fit in your pocket emo boy.

  • Anonymous


  • It’s would be silly to get a phone that is similar to the GS2 but not the GS2. It would be SO MUCH easier for the rom community to support the same phone across all carriers than to provide special support for the odd duck. And even if you’re not into custom roms, I bet Samsung will provide more support for their flagship phone than a carrier-specific one-off.

    • Anonymous

       I agree with you 100%. The development of the GS2 is very strong and will never slow down, that reason alone I would like to see the same phone on the T-M Network. The custom roms for that phone will be plenty.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Man I’m really surprised at the complaints about this phone.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Im sorry tHAt’s a bit to big samsusng galaxy s2 would be fine not all this. Tmobile your doing to much. Just call it a vibrant 2 and it will sell since tmobile is the number one seller of the ten million Samsung had.

  • Anonymous

      www vipshopper us

  • None

    Tmobile is not getting galaxy s 2. This phone is not tmobiles version of the galaxy s2. I heard this straight from a samsung rep. Tmobile didnt order one, is what he told me

    • Bodybygigi

      You might have heard wrong-I heard 2 weeks ago that they were getting the s2 under the name of Hercules and that the only difference was the screen size.

  • Taaars

    I will have to see it to make an ultimate choice, granted I was torn between the GS2 and Sensation, but this my win my favor..but performance is a must. One other thing  it has not been confirmed that the  Exynox chip MAY NOT be in the US models (at least I haven’t read anywhere that confirms or denies this), Samsung is still using Nvidia chip set as well, so this may be a mute point..remember we here on the stateside always get the leftovers.

  • Karlc

    if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck! I am sure this IS the Galaxy S2. We all should know by now that TMO attaches a “code name” to its phone during this stage of development. the Vibrant is afterall a Galaxy S phone, but TMO does not call it that; its the Vibrant, a Galaxy S phone…
    With that logic this might be “Hercules, a Galaxy S2 phone by TMobile”
    Just my 2cents……

    • Taaars

       Hercules has a  a bigger screen, So technically it would not be a SG S 2, they all have 4.3 screens

  • Anonymous

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  • wow so many phones, i want the best phone with preferrably a dual core processor, high megapixel camera, long lasting design, and all features of the other phones, when can the word Smartphone finally come into play. 

  • Based God

    I was planning on getting the SGS 2 for T-Mobile ever since it was first rumored, but now if T-Mobiles version is going to be the Samsung Hercules I think I’ll pass on it and get the Sensation.

    • M0bsterturtle

      Yourr an idiot if you do that..sensation??? G2x makes it look like poop….. I have tbe g2x and I would def switch to the Hercules

  • Dapacarl

    they need to have a face off with both phones galaxy s2 vs hercules

  • Dapacarl

    they need to have a face off with both phones galaxy s2 vs hercules

  • Loverbot321

    they were suppose to be the same phone 4 months ago  lol