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Blackberry Curve FINALLY receives 4.5 software update!

Well for all your Blackberry Curve fans who have been eagerly awaiting this release and haven’t taken the leap into the wilderness that is the many unofficial releases floating around this comes as great news. Starting today you can download the 4.5 maintenance release from One of the few complaints that has befallen Blackberry especially of late has been the lack of HTML email integration. For a device that sells itself … [read full article]

Memphis and Tampa 3G launch updates…

Real quick post here, just a follow up to Friday’s 3G press announcement from T-mobile regarding Memphis and Tampa 3G launches. Memphis congratulations you already should be experiencing faster speeds and better voice quality as you have awoken with 3G. So great news for those of you who pre-ordered your G1 out of Memphis, you can rest assured that you will be able enjoy the entire array of phone features with high speed and not a … [read full article]

We want your G1 pics!!

So for some of you today is the day, the boys in brown have made your day and in celebration of the G1 launch we want to see your G1 pics. Whether or not its unboxing, firing it up or placing it in your already existing G1 shrine, we want to see them. So once you no longer have to look out the window for UPS, grab your digital camera or the … [read full article]

Going early on the 22nd? Expect to choose from one of these!

So you didn’t pre-order, maybe you weren’t sure if you liked the look of the phone. Maybe you weren’t sure that you were ready to sell your soul to google. By now most of you have changed your minds and judging yet again by the flurry of comments you are waiting with baited breath. So If you plan on being one of the first to head to a T-mobile store Wednesday, expect to … [read full article]

G4tv reviews the G1!

Just more video and hands on…overall a pretty positive review yet they do encounter some of the same problems with GPS that other reviews seemed to encounter. Every time I read that I just get bummed out. I hope that’s a problem fixed via a software update which comes soon after launch. For those of you still checking your UPS tracking by the minute, this is just another hands on preview to keep you staring out … [read full article]

More 3G on the way!

Just in time for the G1 launch next week T-mobile is greenlighting Memphis and Tampa for 3G love. That’s official from T-mobile, though specific days were not mentioned in the report via Phonescoop. I know Tampa residents have been clamoring for a long time especially since late September when Orlando pointed and laughed. So congratulations Memphis and Tampa, welcome to the club. Now for the unofficial 3G rumors that have come into … [read full article]

Google can kill your phone whenever…

Most will remember a day not long ago when Apple fanboy’s rose up in viral protest about Apple’s disclosure of having a kill switch embedded in the iPhone to remotely disable malicious applications. Well while Apple hides behind its 10 foot wall of privacy, Google has decided on a much more forthright approach. “Hidden” yet perfectly viewable in the About Phone section of the Android software is a non to discreet statement that … [read full article]

Pink "Behold" spotted, name still awful

Last week we posted a preview of the Samsung “Behold”, the first all touch-screen phone on T-mobile USA’s network. Ignoring the strange name, we now have “confirmation” that a pink variant of the Behold exists. While this shot isn’t quite the picturesque view we would prefer, it’s sound enough to determine that a pink Behold is headed our way. Notice the MyFaves icon on the upper left-hand side of the phone? Last … [read full article]

Ok well Math was never my strong subject either…

Well we’ve seen in the comments and the forums the disbelief among that T-mobile pre-sold 1.5 million G1’s. While we would love to believe such a number as truth, reality sets in and we realize it just isn’t the case. InformationWeek thought the numbers sounded just a little to good to be true so they contacted Motley Fool and discovered exactly how they came to such a number. I contacted … [read full article]

Sacramento, say hello to 3G!

Well today’s news will almost without question be dominated by endless searches of Yet today is also welcome news for Sacramento, California and the fact that they now join the ranks of the 3G elite. Tips are coming in that you are now able to access Magenta’s high speed services. I can only imagine how great this news must be for those who ordered the G1 and will now be able … [read full article]

More G1 news, some phone's shipping…

So unless you are new to the wireless world or have just been living under a rock you know what next Wednesday is. So for those of you who chose not to do the pre-sale we got ourselves a nice little list of some things to be aware of for next Wednesday: Customers waiting in line will be handed out tickets according to desired color for purchase (Bronze/Brown and Black only) These … [read full article]