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T-mobile Looking To Prove Best Value


Look, we really don’t have to discuss the current state of the economy so I won’t even pre-empt this post with the reasons why you might want to consider saving a buck or two these days. Thankfully, T-mobile fanboy’s who consistently promote T-mobile’s cost saving service have another reason to celebrate. Starting March 16th, T-mobile retail stores in select cities will begin “promoting”, “a third party Web application that quickly and easily analyzes wireless usage for … [read full article]

Attention Blackberry 8120 Users


While almost six months its bigger brother, the 8320, the Blackberry 8120 is FINALLY set to receive an official release of the 4.5 software update bringing with it a whole swath of new features. Beginning March 13th, you’ll be able to download this software update straight from T-mobile, fix some bugs, add some new features and sing a song.  New Features:  Music/video streaming (e.g. YouTube) Free/busy calendar lookup Remote search for e-mails on server Attachment download … [read full article]

And We Are Back


After a looong relaxing and tiring weekend with some friends, the birthday extravaganza is over and its time to return back to the business of Tmonews! So thank you all who wished me a happy birthday, glad to know I’m loved!  Unfortunately, in the world of magenta, this weekend wasn’t very news filled so thankfully I don’t have much to catch up on. Though I’d wish for the alternative and had hoped to bring you guys something … [read full article]

Happy Birthday To Me!!!


Sooooo its that time of the year, the time when I celebrate another year…and given that I’m taking a brief but relaxing vacation far far away from the world of blogging. Its been a long time coming and every once in a while, stepping away from the computer for a day or two is just what the doctor ordered. So given that, pardon me if some news is missed or some news is delayed over the next … [read full article]

HTC Leaks Confirm Upcoming T-mobile Device


While this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a glimpse of this slide out touchscreen bad boy, its now completely safe to call it for T-mobile USA. The fine folks over at wmpoweruser have received a tip giving them some confirmed details on a small number of devices from the previously leaked HTC lineup. The above pictured phone, known as the HTC Rhodium is now “confirmed” to be headed to our dear magenta. We’ve believed … [read full article]

T-mobile Poking a Little Fun

This little advertisement came to my attention via the guys over at AndroidCentral who like me, found some great humor in the last few seconds of the vid. Starting off with praises for the G1 from the usual gadget blog suspects, the video eneds with a “speechless” quote from a particular “Steve” whose last name is conspicuously left anonymously. Enjoy! AndroidCentral

Buy a Memoir, Get a Cameo


With the release of the Samsung Memoir and its 8 megapixel camera, cross promotion was inevitable among products in the T-mobile lineup. Lets take a trip back in time and remember the Cameo, the T-mobile digital picture frame capable of wirelessly receiving pics from your mobile device. Turns out this thing is still around and with the release of the Memoir, currently the highest megapixel offering available in the states, T-mobile is looking to bring the … [read full article]

Oh we just love us some prizes!


My boys over at, one of our favorite websites to visit came to me  and asked for a little help promoting their brand new game: The One-Pawed Bandit. Now I don’t think I really need to do much promotion when I tell you, you register, you pull the lever and bam…you can win a prize! I mean seriously, its that simple…you have 2 chances to win a day, one on the Phonedog website and if … [read full article]

More Webconnect Details


Having already confirmed the existence of the webconnect 3G T-mobile data card that is forthcoming later this month, we no longer need to rumor monger and can bring some solid pricing information to the table. First and foremost the $59.99 monthly pricing stands at a 5GB monthly allowance including unlimited hotspot access. Usage above and beyond the 5GB monthly allowance will be allocated at $.20MB and voice usage will be totally barred. Sticking the sim-card from … [read full article]

Possible Dash Successor in the Midst?!


So this is another one of those, off on a limb kind of posts but the boys at Engadget just posted what is believed to be the possible successor to the HTC Excalibur, otherwise known as the Dash to T-mobile USA customers. Not to be confused with the Dash 2.0 currently on store shelves, this device looks eerily similar to a prototype shot we caught wind of some time ago. I wouldn’t bet the farm on … [read full article]

Loyalty Unlimited Plan goes National


As promised, albeit 24 laters than originally thought, T-mobile’s super value meal of a plan, the $49.99 unlimited loyalty plan has now gone nationwide. Remember, you have to be an existing customer for 22 months and have reliable payment history, thought we’re not really sure what exactly qualifies as reliable. So if you skipped one payment because you just HAD to take that trip to Las Vegas, we hope you aren’t disqualified from this great offer. … [read full article]

News flash! Sidekicks get stolen!


Ah yes, the slow news cycle, a bloggers least favorite happening. So we searched and thankfully msnbc gives us something to bring to the masses. Something so wonderful and engaging, we know it’ll be the subject of every conversation at water coolers across the nation! According to the fine folks at msnbc and in their infinite wisdom, they are proud to announce, with some help from a few stats that the T-mobile sidekick is the most … [read full article]