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TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up #5

Well, it’s that time again…..technically it’s a couple days past due but things have been a little hectic around here lately so I’m a little behind on the weekly wrap up.  So you know what that means don’t you?  That’s right, there is plenty of stuff that needs to be covered in this edition of the wrap up, so with that said let’s get to it shall we? With all the news and waiting that’s going on … [read full article]

Not feeling Android, pre-register for the Pearl 8220!

That’s right, an eagle eyed tipster found T-mobile has posted a pre-registration/information page for the forthcoming T-mobile Blackberry Pearl 8220. We posted a Blackerry teaser page last week along with some specs and a quick glance doesn’t show any changes. So if you’re not feeling Android, Samsung or Moto, then this Blackberry may be the phone for you! So hit the link for the T-mobile information page and to register … [read full article]

Two more launches! Miami and Portland raise your glasses!

Ok Miami, we have heard you time and time again, you want some 3G. Well guess what??? The wait is over……TOMORROW!! That’s right, you launch September 16th!! I’m just excited because I love Miami and as you can see, I love Miami Vice! Not the Colin Farrel, Jamie Foxx cheapie version that didn’t even include the theme song that made the show. No I’m talking about Don Johnson when he personified cool, you … [read full article]

Stay Classy San Diego…

Good evening San Diego and welcome to another edition of Tmonews, here’s what happening in your world tonight. Tonights top story is a T-mobile 3G launch announcement. Let’s go to Brian Fantana who’s live on the scene with a Tmonews exclusive. Brian? Thanks David, today T-mobile, the number four wireless carrier announces yet another city in their slow but sure progression toward taking over the wireless world. This is exciting news David, San … [read full article]

More Android goodness…

While the videos may be taken from a qualcomm phone that looks like its back from the Zack Morris days as mentioned in the article, Android performs pretty damn well on a phone that thankfully doesn’t look anything like what we can expect. More videos after the jump here. Thanks to Android Community! P.S. –Sorry for getting this up late guys, I didn’t have any power this morning and I’m just trying to catch up … [read full article]

Orlando get ready to rock 3G…

That’s right residents of Orlando soon you will be enjoying the beauty, the majesty that is 3G technology. While its still two weeks away my inbox this morning had an anonymously attached pdf announcemnt for rallying up the Orlando troops for an exciting launch. Few things are more exciting than when your carrier announces 3G for your city, save for free coffee hours at Starbucks but you get my point. So there you … [read full article]

Blackberry Pearl 8120 color refresh

Sadly, there really isn’t anything here to get your focus off of other more exciting phones. Still, for those of you who like to be color coordinated this little post is for you. From left to right we have Black Emerald, Indigo and Frost. Nothing new here feature wise from the already available 8120 models but still, if matching phones to outfits is your thing then the countdown to October 15th … [read full article]

We Will Never Forget…

Today we take a few moments from lusting after Android, wondering when our cities gets 3G and remember a fateful day. September 11th in one way or another changed all of our lives, it brought all of us together and reminded all of us just how vulnerable we are. September 11th will always be remembered as a tragedy, a day that altered the course of our nation forever. We should also remember it … [read full article]

T-mobile outlines developer program…

Here are some details of the forthcoming developer program. Moconews sat down with two T-mobile employees responsible for the programs development at CTIA today. Remember this does not include Android products and Sidekicks: — The process: Espinoza: “This is designed to make dealing with T-Mobile as easy as possible…There’s no more having to know who to talk to.” Next week, the site will provide a rate card, outlining the standard business arrangement with T-Mobile, which she … [read full article]

September 23, mark your calenders…

Reuters reported this morning via two unnamed sources that an expected launch announcement from T-mobile and Google was expected September 23rd in New York City. While the date is certainly peculiar given our expectation of a presale starting the week prior, at this point we’re still guessing on all the details. Whatever happens with the presale and the expected October launch, one thing is for sure, Android is just getting started. … [read full article]

Dotson keynote…much ado about nothing

Ok, today is the big day, the start of CTIA and the keynote of Mr. Magenta himself, Robert Dotson! Here we go: And nothing, turns out the keynotes were more of a panel discussion with the CEO’s of Sprint, Verizon and T-mobile answering questions via a moderator. The only real noteworthy statement regarding anything anyone is remotely interested in was this: “When we look at the consumer space, the most important piece is how to unleash all … [read full article]