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T-mobile introduces the Memoir to the world

Well, no real shock value with this introduction but we’re always glad to have an official announcement! Coming out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the introduction to the world and more importantly, to us back at home the very first 8 megapixel camera phone to be offered by a US carrier! Most important of course is the confirmation of the February 25th release date, and the news pricing is coming in at $249.99 after … [read full article]

Open Comment Friday!


Well its that time again, open comment Friday where you may talk about anything, everything or nothing. It’s been a fairly exciting week in the T-mobile world, starting with the launch of the 8900 and its quick sell out. Sidekick 2009 rumors are heating up and frankly, they can’t come fast enough to give this much appreciated yet recently maligned stalwart of the T-mobile lineup a much needed boost in design and features. I’m … [read full article]

Sidekick 2009 in the wild, sort of


While we’re definitely chalking this up in the “totally unconfirmed” reports category, our friends at hiptop3 look to have a super inside source who has had some hands on time with the Sidekick 2009, aka Blade, aka Montreal. We’ve been using the “Blade” moniker for a while now at Tmonews, along with “LX” 2009. Turns out according the hiptop3 tipster, this sidekick will be sold under the Sidekick 2009 name to the T-mobile faithful. Read … [read full article]

Telenav GPS coming to the T-mobile G1


While I normally stay away from individual application reviews for the G1, I believe the prospect and announcement of full on turn by turn navigation for the G1 is absolutely post worthy.  This morning Telenav announced that starting February 24th they would begin offering their turn by turn GPS services for the T-mobile based G1. With full color graphics, one-click rerouting, and more than 10 million points of interest, you’ll also get speech recognition, weather updates, traffic … [read full article]

Samsung Android delayed, no preview next week


  Well, we know its coming, we just had some hopes we might actually see what’s coming next week. As it turns out, the negotiations according to the head of Samsung’s mobile division are still ongoing and we can interpret that as, nothing is actually available yet to show off.  “…Younghee Lee, head of marketing at Samsung’s mobile device division, said there will be no Android phone at the show, but they are “planning internally” for a release … [read full article]

Blackberry 8900 as it turns out, is pretty popular


  While we had gotten emails all day reporting most retails stores saw only shipments of 5, that’s right, count em 5 8900’s in store inventory, the boys at engadgetmobile actually went one step further with a statement direct from the mothership regarding the limited inventory.  “Presales of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 from T-Mobile have been robust, and we continue to experience strong demand through launch. Due to its popularity, quantities may be limited in some stores, … [read full article]

It's alive!!!


  This really goes without saying, as we’ve had the pleasure of launch date fununboxing photos, guessing games for pricing and fun little contests. Since I know those who really want the phone have already stopped reading and headed over to the T-mobile site, rest assured the phone is up, alive and available to order. It’s go time! Even if it does lack a certain 3G like quality, there is little question this … [read full article]

Blackberry 8900 pricing!


Not to be confused with yesterdays price regarding Best Buy pricing, this amounts to what you would pay should you walk into a corporate T-mobile location. Looks like pricing will be….drum roll….$299.99 with a 100.00 mail in rebate for a final price of…anyone…bueller…$199.99!! No word on pricing for upgrades but we believe, possibly, just maybe,  they may be one and the same…we’ll look to the comments for confirmation.  As it stands, for just 2 Benjamin Franklins … [read full article]

Guessing the Memoir release date…


While we’ve been sticking with the February 25th release date for the Samsung Memoir for a few weeks now, the latest edition of the T-mobile scoop has given rise to another possible delay. Noticeably printed at the bottom are the words: “Find your Samsung Memoir at My T-mobile or T-mobile stores in March.” While all (available) official documentation still points to a Feb 25 release date, judging by the number of emails received in the … [read full article]

Completing the 8900 rumor circle


We apologize for the lateness of this posting, there was a number of host issues last night and various technical difficulties that could continue at sporatic points during the day. Please bear with us as we work through this problem. So up to now, we have pretty much given you every single bit of known information regarding the upcoming release of the Blackberry 8900. However, the one thing that has continuously been the subject of … [read full article]

TmoNews changes for 2009!

It’s a new year, 2009, and we couldn’t resist changing things up a little. What better than a fresh, new design to keep things cool around here? New logo and layout FTW!! So pull out a chair and sit down, take a look around, and watch the paint on the eastern wall – it’s still drying.

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Motorola Cliq

Specs: Full touchscreen, slide out QWERTY keyboard, 320×480 resolution, 3.5mm headset jack, 5 megapixel camera with AF, MicroSD support up to 32 GB, MotoBlur interface Release Date: Will be available November 2nd 2009. Existing customers can now pre-order(October 19th 2009) Price: $199.99 with a new 2-year contract or a eligible 2-year upgrade. Notes: Sync your contacts, posts, messages, photos and so much more from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail and email! Five homescreen widgets to keep you constantly connected: … [read full article]