Nokia N9 Teaser Ad Appears, 12 Megapixel Camera In Tow

Hey Wilma, this one’s for you as the Nokia N9 get’s a :52 second preview showing off the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and 12 megapixel camera! If there is one thing Nokia does consistently well it’s bring some of the best cameras into the mobile space. The Nokia N9 recently passed the FCC with on board support for T-Mobile AWS bands leaving hope that this device could make its way stateside. In any event, the N900 is a great example of an unlocked phone running on T-Mobile’s network that doesn’t have to be sold in stores to be lust worthy.

Some Pocketnow commenters have been quick to point out that a “number of Symbian screen elements are being used here, so we may be looking at Anna and not Meego.



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