T-Mobile Promises New After Hours Sale For May 23rd, Gives Plenty Of Notice

Thanks to the official T-Mobile twitter account we’re getting some early notification about an upcoming “After Hours” sale to be held May 23rd. Given that previous early morning sales have been met with some complaints concerning the timeframe and lack of notice that people actually need to be wake in order to take advantage of the special offers, T-Mobile is telling you now. For the moment however, they could name this the insomniac sale. Still this time T-Mobile took heed of some of the complaints and has provided plenty of early warning of an upcoming sale on the T-Mobile G2x and T-Mobile G2. We’re told to keep an eye out for more info so we’ll do exactly that!


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  • deejayeetee

     Since these promos are usually for new lines only, does anyone think that calling loyalty would get a similar deal when upgrading a line?

    • Anonymous

      It’s a possibility but only if you get the right service rep. I’ve heard of people taking advantage of certain sales that were for new lines a few days after they ended through a CSR. It doesn’t always happen but it never hurts to try right?

      • Because of abuse of this, the loyalty reps have actually had a lot of their permissions removed from them.  Not too likely that it will work.

        • Anonymous

          Oh I guess I’m behind on that then. Does T-Mo still let you buy phones with monthly installments? I wanna do that when Sensation comes out but I want to be sure I can beforehand.

        • jaden25

          They do a 4 month installment plan, I looked into it for the G-slate, you have to have the credit on your account tho. 

      • Missncarter319

        No it didn’t work, they didn’t care that I called 2hrs after the promo…they basically said better luck next time! Sending the LG phone back today!

        •  That is like showing up two hours late for work and wondering why you got fired. Everybody gets blame but those who are really responsible.

        • notafanoftmobile

          well maybe if  “Missncarter319” is part of a “protected class” she could get an exemption sort like “affirmative action” or some other “quota program”  

    • Armaghan

      It won’t hurt to try but looking at their track record and my personal interaction with CSR, lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if they refuse.
      Looks like they changed their philosophy of “Customer first” to “Who cares” when it comes to taking care of their loyal customers.

  • Johnny Wishbone

    I love how T-Mobile is the only major cell phone company that competes against itself. Why not have the specials in stores and online? My feeling is put the money back in the sales reps pockets!

    • LCG1519


    • Respawn

      I work as a floor supervisor for AT&T. They do the same thing. I can’t tell you how many escalations I get from people not wanting to go online and wanting the online pricing.

      It’s the name of the game but I do agree. There should be more done to help the reps and put more money their way.

    •  Stores take bodies to run them and talk to all the nuts who come in and do not buy. Online you shop and buy only……you have to pay bodies online is free. Brain surgeon. That is why the internet has become so popular. Competing against itself…..some people just have to have something to say huh?

  • Anonymous

     T-Mo should keep doing it the way they’ve been doing it. Sales like this are supposed to be impromptu. It shouldn’t be something everyone has a week to know about.

  •  I hate these sales

  • Anonymous


  • ob18

    Only a matter of time before we all leave t-mobile because of all the hard line changes they are making which is not what drew us to them in the 1st place. 

  • Youngt82

    T-Mobile needs this deal/merger more than ever smh because they keep having these lame sales every week and for the same lame phones they have ,only thing is hot is the G2x ,who cares about those other phones :/

    • Chill137ks

      Thats great but the GX2 phone wont work on AT&T’s network, this time the hardware isnt compatable….. 

  • jjank

    Most people whining about Tmobile sales and their so called lack of loyalty to loyal customers are those who want the next greatest phone every three months. There is such a thing as a contract that you sign, pony up the money for a new phone. If people want to keep Tmobile around you have to respect their business decisions to try to attract more customers. Its as if people feel they should get things for free or cheap just because they are some loyal customer. Sorry but it doesn’t work that way. They need to make money. They can’t just keep doling out free phones to every customer they have, that would be fiscally irresponsible and a horrible business decision. I can’t stand this mentality. Why can’t people be content with something that works just fine, especially if they don’t have the money or agreed to a contract. Tmobile does not need the merger, the only merger that needs to happen is that of the right and left brain of all these Tmobile haters.

    • notafanoftmobile

      jjank you don’t know what your talking about my phone is OUT of contract … and they still won’t give new customer pricing 

      •  Neither will any other carrier. So what do you want, special treatment?

        • notafanoftmobile

          Cinnadork I’m “out of contract” … so it’s Tmo’s loss  … port thy number and sayonara … 

          they will have taken a good long term customer (15yrs) that regularly recommended Tmo  

          and turned him into a former customer that will  NEVER recommend Tmo ..

          yep sounds like they have a GREAT business plan .. LOL 

        • Anonymous

           Exactly right Notafan.  I have posted on here for the last couple years how T-Mobile abandoned its former policy of recognition of its loyal customers.  Maybe some bean counter said that giving phone discounts was costing too much money and management took his advice and said “no more deals to special treatment for current customers.”  So, for example, out went the special promotion they gave us in 2009, 2010 for being loyal customers (remember that, the loyalty plan?)

          To be sure, one can look at the efforts retentions makes to keep customers and conclude there’s too much money being spent.  But I gotta wonder, does T-Mobile look at the other side of the equation, that the loyal customer will stay another two years and spend a couple thousand with the Company.   Seems like they take the shortsighted path and opt to save the cash up front by not paying to retain the customer, not caring that they leave (like the customers have been doing the last few quarters).

          With the acquisition and the likelihood that thousands of T-Mobile employees will be losing their jobs, I suspect that now no one who works for T-Mobile gives a hoot about anything.  They are more focused on updating their resumes, going on interviews and finding jobs.  That being the situation, customers should be doing the same, shopping with the other carriers to see what kind of deal you can get if you switch.

          Mainly, however, in line with your thoughts, people would be well advised to not think you are going to get some kind of deal from T-Mobile, either as a reward for your loyalty or to keep you from booking out of here.

        • Twest

          I agree with you….they should be a little more accommodating for their longer term customers. I’ve been a customer for quite awhile too, but none of these carriers give a rip if you get mad and switch……now you know where Charlie Sheen got the phrase “I already got your money dude!”  

    • Carpetmasters4u2

       Tmobile SHOULD be doing alot for long term customers who have stuck with them through a merger and now another upcoming. Alot of the good phone manufacturers won’t even manufacture phones for us because they don’t know what the future brings for Tmobile. Thats why we can’t get the up-to-tech phones like the Evo 3d or Thunderbolt. So the least they could do is offer loyalty pricing. Jjank, Cinnalocks do you think they are going to share there profits with us,  they haven’t up until now. It’s corporate sterotypical  asses like you that need to be screwed when 3G isn’t good enough and you have to pay purchase price for a new phone.


  • Jay

    jjank, what about customers who has 2 lines and have been with them for 9 years, and havent upgraded in over 2 years, but can’t get new customer prices on a new phone?  I could, but i’d have to cancel both lines and then add the 2 lines back again – just to get new customer pricing…SMH

    • Magenta Magic

      New customer pays discount on phone + $35 act fee per line.
      Upgrade customer pays discount on phone + $18 fee per line.

      I don’t get where you say new customer gets a better deal…

      • Jay

         For example, last week they offered the MT4G for free on Tmo’s website…to new customers only.  They have been offering free phone specials to new customers every now and then.  Another example, amazon wireless has the MT4G for $49 for new customers, $99 for existing.  JS.  I understand the business aspect of it, but treating a new customer better than a customer of 9 years I don’t understand.

    • Pcgotch

      What kind of contract are you in where you can’t get an upgrade like a new customer for a phone? After your contract is up you can get any phone you want…they will just sign you back into contract to get the newer upgrade…the same as a new user.

  • Rizzen64

     AT&T is more interested in T-Mo’s 3G network AWS 1700/2100. If you think about it your 3G t-mo’s phone might work after all!

  • notafanoftmobile

     of course in all in all likely hood it will only be for NEW customers NOT long term LOYAL customers
    > http://forums.tmonews.com/index.php?topic=17165.0    

  • fyi


  • mack

     TMO is dieing a slow death. Deal with it.

  • AndroidAddict

    Is this a contract only sale? Or will they also give you a discount if you want to buy a G2x out of contract? 

  • Anonymous

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  • JeZay

    Can anyone confirm or deny if this will be for new customers only?