Deal Alert: T-Mobile Offers Refurbed Galaxy Tab For $99.99

As a special deal T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy Tab refurb for just $99.99 with a 2 year contract on There is no indication of how long quantities of a refurb device will last so act fast if you can’t pass this deal up!


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  • Nicholas Mcghee

    I wish I could convert my unused third line to a tablet line

    • guest

      you can, call customer care and have them change it – be warned though that once you change to the Mobile Broadband Product type on that line you cannot make it a cell phone again.

      • Lcg1519

        That’s not true. I changed a webjet line to an unlim loyalty plan two days ago. Care will change it in order to not have the line cancel.

  • Just Chillin82

    This was great news!!! since i have tmonews on my fb, i found myself saving another 50bucks on my samsung tab… that i just recvd yesterday at 149bucks. sooooooo thanks tmonews for saving me even more money.

    i’m liking this thing. 


     anybody that’s entertaining the idea of getting a tab, grab one.

    at 99 bucks it’s a super deal.

    my wife and i share ours.

    she reads books and i use it as a super street level tool.

    wish i could afford another line.

  • thanks for the post)

  • I gotta be honest…as tablets go, this thing ROCKS.  This 7″ form factor is pretty sweet and it’s so nice to hold in one hand.  My 3 year old daughter loves it and I’ve put many kids games on there. Plus with the Nook and Kindle apps, getting her to hold it while teaching her to read is awesome.  One of the best investments I’ve made.  Just bring on Gingerbread for it and I’m good.

  • Anonymous

     Bought one even though Im getting an galaxy tab 10.1 next month.  Too good for the price..

  • Senor Chang

     Ehhhhh… I dunno.  I guess if one already has a family data plan and you can somehow add the $99 tab to that family data plan, then it’s worth it.

    otherwise… new line or add-a-line, 2 year contract… the cheapest data plan is $30 a month = $720, plus $99 for the device = $820 for a used Galaxy tab.

  • Aerofanbig

    Wow, you can buy this, receive it (no MIR!!! straight discount ftw) then cancel the data line, pay the 200$ ETF and you are STILL 50$ ahead of buying a straight wifi only 7″ Galaxy tab

    • Petey

      Is it $200 etf? I thought they raised the price for smartphones unless that’s only att and Verizon?

      • yea it is only $200 etf i think sprint maybe $300-350 along with at&t and verizon,

        BUT the flaw in thinking here is that you can only cancel the data plan after the 1st 30days so after taxes and what not its not as cheap as you think 

  • Petey

    Why would I want to sign a two year contract for a tablet? Maybe for the discount. But since there’s so many tablet on the market nowadays these things will only Getting cheaper.

  • Anonymous

  • anonymous

     Does this support 4G? Also, I heard this doesn’t have Android 3.0 on it. Do you know if it will get an upgrade? If so, when? (I’m still waiting for 2.3 upgrade on my Samsung Galaxy S 4G) Thanks!!

    • Anonymous

      The Galaxy Tab does NOT support 4G. It’s also currently running android 2.2. I doubt it will get an upgrade to 3.0, but maybe a Gingerbread update. 3.0 on this tablet seems like kind of a waste anyway because it still has the navigation buttons at the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about those kind of toys. Asus transformer’s coming up… Wait! BHPhoto preorder’s coming up :)

  • Anonymous

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  • Aerofanbig

    Deal is still running. Its until stocks are out, there is no set date. Ordered mine yesterday and if you call they will allow you to use your device credit line. Also you get 20% off any data plan if you have a voice plan.