T-Mobile Changing Restocking Fees, Now Based On Device

T-Mobile is set to make some sweeping changes to their restocking policies on May 22nd. In an effort to “offset the costs of processing and restocking devices for certain types of device exchanges and return.” Therefore restocking fees will be based on the type of device being returned or exchanged:

  • $25: Phone-first handsets and laptop sticks
  • $50: Smartphones
  • $75: Tablets and netbooks

This represents a sharp contrast from the existing restock fee of $10 and we’ve been unable to discover the reasons for the change. Perhaps T-Mobile is trying to stop people from testing multiple devices or work toward right fitting customers better? Just a thought.

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  • Dirk

     THANK GOD! $50 for smart phones needs to be more but ok. I’m tired of these people that feel the need to just “try” a phone. That’s why we have live demos you idiots!

    • Murdock

      Honestly live demos are not all that great! using a phone in a store for a few minutes doesnt really let you feel or understand how a phone will feel, or how much you will like the phone. I think this is absolute B.S. I work for the company and dont like these new restocking fees, or the changes to the data plans. I’ll say this, I understand the restocking fee for tablets being that high, and dont mind that, but $50 for smartphones and $25 for regular phones is too much. Im really starting to hate working for this company. UGH!!!!

      • Anonymous


        • Speedogg410

          People don’t understand it costs the company a lot on each phone when its returned ..we don’t just put new stickers on it and resell it ..we have to ship the phone back ..meaning we lose out …again if people didn’t abuse the return or exchange policy like they did ..tmobile wouldn’t have to do it ..I understand the frustration but just imagine losing money because people just wanna test ur product ..u gonna find a way to recoup your loses ..right

        • Ticarym

          If the economy wasnt in the crapper and it was easy to find another job, trust me I would!! I used to be a huge T-Mobile advocate, even before I went to work for them. Eversince, the whole ATT merger thing happened though, its been really hard staying upbeat and positive while working there. So for me to think that these restocking fees, and the plan changes are getting a little bit ridiculous, is perfectly reasonable. 

          Yes, I understand that it costs a company money when people return devices, but to increase the restocking fees that drastically is kind of much. Maybe if they had gradually increased it over time, to what they have it set to go to, but to just drastically increase it like that from one day to the next, is pretty ridiculous. 

          $50 is a quarter of the value, and for a lot of the smartphones its more than that. So honestly I can see more people refusing to buy phones from t-mobile and going to the retail partners to purchase their devices.

      •  Start your own business Murdock, it will not be long before you are doing the same thing. It is called the cost of doing business. The public likes to ignore it but is real. I allow you to return it and then I have to repay my employee to put it back into the system. The business paid once to have it stocked now you bring it back and I have to pay someone to do that again?  Things are not like they used to be for most people and that also means most companies, since people is where the business comes from.

      • Ash

        What about for those who wants to get a cheap phone with loophole via Subsidize + ETF?
        They are the ones who makes it worst off for everyone else.

      • Dirk

        Ask an RSM how much you lose when you return a $500 phone to the NRC because a customer just didn’t like it.  

        • guesty

          What do you think they do with the hardware? I mean come on they’re not losing anything and i dare you to show how they are. Replacement phones are refurbs they can go that way. There’s many other ways they can redistribute product. Its not going in the trash and if it were they’d find a way to make money off that like e waste tax write off.

          All this personal defensiveness about an employer is ridiculous. I went in to replace my g2x because it had many of the issues reported, unfortunately when u buy the device day 1 even when u “research” you won’t find much. The nail on the coffin was when the phone stopped charging. I took the phone in and was immediately treated like a criminal because it was my second replacement. I first bought an astound which wouldn’t even register my sim and returned within an hour of purchase. I had bad luck, that’s it plain and simple. Unfortunately for me the employee was quick to defend saying that all touch screen phones have bad battery lives which made me cringe but I got the hint… I’m not welcome. Long story sort of shorter they replaced my device with a visit from the store manager to tell me this is my last exchange and that they have an in store policy of only 2 times (this was a corporate store). I just can’t believe with 8 years of service and a device purchase of around 3 per year I get this sort of treatment….anyway there’s my ramble

        • Dirk

          Think for a sec. What does T-MOBILE do with the hardware? Yes. They might use it as a refub war/ex BUT the STORE DOES NOT GET CREDIT FOR IT.


          I don’t see how people still complain about battery life with smartphones. YOURE running 4G with a HIGH RESOLUTION screen. You’re probably on it ALL THE TIME doing who knows what. Do you expect your battery life to last 99 days? Get real here.

          Know the business before you start complaining, if not. Keep yourself at Circle K and get ya a boost mobile phone.

        • guesty

          I just want a phones juice to last a full day of charge, not 99 and I’m not on it all the time AND the only way innovation and evolution of phones can get better is not settling. Maybe its good enough for you but i know what’s capable. Sounds like you should be getting that circle k phone, maybe you can get it on your break :-)

        • Dirk

          lol. You want your 2011 smartphone to last all day? Turn off ALL data, run 2g, screen brightness all the way down, and don’t make a phone call.


        • Rich

          Do u want to know what tmobile does with tge hardware if the employees want an upgrade they get the device the customer returns with manager approval thats right for fee and it gets written off while we customers have to pay for the devices i used to work for Tmobile here in Collinsville IL so they are not at a loss they also give devices to friends and famile that were returned.

      • Dirk

        AND if you “hate” working for the company, leave.  Like someone mentioned. Start your own business and it wont be long until you feel the returns of high ticket items are killing your PNL. 

      • Anonymous

         ” Im really starting to hate working for this company. UGH!!!!”…………

        It’s OK, when the At&t deal goes through you’ll probably be looking for a new job anyways….. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, but I would say idiots lol. But I do agree.

    • Joeshmoe21

      With every contract phone you are making a couple of thousand dollar purchase. If car manufacturers can offer you a free 24 hrs test drive of a $40000 vehicle, sure T-Mobile who is proud of their services and phones can afford a 14 days no-restocking-fee of test-drive of a $200 (wholesale) phone. Or do they know that their phones are crap?

    • Anonymous

      I was just in a Tmo retail store in Chicago and the ONLY phone they had out for a live demo was the Sidekick.  So I know that you may not be able to comprehend that not every situation is like the one in your store, but that’s how life works.  Idiot.

  • Jakeslu

    Looks like t-mobile is trying to loose as much customers as they can to show DOJ that ATT deal is a must

    • InvisibleHand

      People need to learn how to spell lose.

    •  What did you eat today to make such idiotic things flow from your pie hole??

  • Goukisan

    as i tell people …we lose money when you return because you cant resell it then I ask them if they would buy a phone they knew someone else tried and returned… 

    • Aerofanbig

      exactly. its now a “refurbished” device, cannot be sold as new in box 

  • Acidice

    Live demos do not tell you how wa phones going to work on a day to day.  Yet I agree with the restocking fees I see no real issue with them. 

  • Anonymous

    I think it is fair

  • Rfgenerator

    …the ATTization of T-Mobile continues.  By the time the deal is approved they will have lost all except the real fanboys…

    • SO where you gonna go? How do you think you can do better and for how long. In contrast as a current ATT customer, I am going with T mobile when my contract ends at att in 15 days. You all act as if the deal is done, it is not.

      T mobile has some great phones current and coming. I-phones do not move me. Seems as if a lot of people are cutting off their nose to spite their face. You only got sprint and verizon to choose from and how are they soo very different. Minute differences in this fiercly competitive field make decisions on a carrier and plan a matter of personal choice. But based only on the choices available. You cannot name your own plan.The companies, the plans and the phones just are not that different. In each instance with each company and phone you are have to give a little something up. There are NO perfect matches. So why not Tmobile? You act like henny penny in “The Sky Is Falling Down”.

      By the way I am not a fan just a realist with a clear view of where we are.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happened when people take advantage of certain policies. Because “we” have to have the latest and greatest.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I understand it…people can be quite ridiculous about making returns. There must be an exception to this for faulty devices though.

    • Tmo Employee

      we have re-stocking fees for defective devices. 

      • Anonymous

        Bad policy..and one that I an happy to ignore. If I am sold something that does not perform the promised functions I will give it back and expect a full refund. If buy something then something nicer comes along later and I want to switch then that is completely my responsibility.

        My duty is to pay my bill on time and pay for my equipment. My carrier’s duty is to provide what they have me pay for. If they don’t then I get my money back.

  • ob18

    Part of this can also be avoided if people researched the devices they are interested in go test them out at stores a few times to see if it is an ideal fit for what they want in a device.  This along with staff asking questions to help narrow down what device would be a good fit for a client will help.  It won’t always work but it might help eliminate a lot of phones being returned. 

  •  AT&T culture already seeping in???

    • Aerofanbig

       Not really, this is finally seeing the effects of the all to typical T-mobile customers who want everything for free, get a phone and screw it up themselves then return it, or whine and bitch to retentions to get free phones. Tmobile has always bent over backwards to try and take care of people they probably knew were taking them for a ride, and now its reflecting in policies like this (oh yea…and losing money and being sold off to the highest bidder)

  •  AT&T culture already seeping in???

  • Anonymous

    I have 2 days left on my G2x and I still don’t know if I will keep it. Battery life is not that great… about 8-9 hours in a charge, whereas I could get a full day on my G2. It all comes down to how good the Sensation is, but having a phone with Tegra would be nice (I like the games).

    It’s a hard choice I have today and tomorrow to decide, I just wish we had the sensation to compare already.

  • Anonymous

    I have 2 days left on my G2x and I still don’t know if I will keep it. Battery life is not that great… about 8-9 hours in a charge, whereas I could get a full day on my G2. It all comes down to how good the Sensation is, but having a phone with Tegra would be nice (I like the games).

    It’s a hard choice I have today and tomorrow to decide, I just wish we had the sensation to compare already.

  •  This is BS, I returned my G2x due to various problems not just to “test it out” and they charged me a restock fee but it took me 2 weeks to get my money back for the phone! They should be paying ME

    • Anonymous

      U shouldnt pay a restocking fee for an instore warranty exchange (within 2 weeks of purchase). Whoever you dealt with, didnt know what they were doing.

  • Really? You can’t “discover the reasons for the change,” huh? Do you also have problems figuring out why criminals rob banks?

    To those who think that one shouldn’t ever need to return a phone or handset — by which I mean @Dirk: you’re the idiot. When I buy a phone, I want to know how it works in the areas *I* frequent, both data and voice: whether I get good reception near my office, my home, my favorite bar. Yes, this DOES vary from phone to phone, even WITH THE SAME CARRIER. Maybe you don’t mind being stuck with crappy performance for the next two years, but some of us have standards and don’t particularly enjoy feeling ripped off. 

    • InvisibleHand

      I agree with you to a point. Its another example of a dew ruining it for the majority. Some people take advantage of the return policy and that costs a lot for a company.

    • Dirk

      Hello “idiot”. ALl carriers have restocking fees. don’t piss your pants because your beloved Magenta is upping theirs. You should be thanking all your compadres who ABUSE the return policy and return stuff habitually. YOU buy a 500 phones and decide you hate it and return it…I LOSE $470 on that devices out of MY PNL. I still welcome this change. VERY MUCH. 

  • 4g

    Got to return this g2x on Friday before the change.

    • johnnyonthespot

      My “guess” is that the policy will be applied to purchases going forward, and since you purchased it under the old policy, this shouldn’t apply.

      • 4g

        Well my 30 days are up too.

  • So you buy a phone and find that it has poor sunlight legibility or a poor battery or poor wifi performance and want to return it and they charge your that much for it? Are these things you would find out in a retail store?  Sounds like a money grab to me, and just another reason not to buy a carrier branded phone.  

  • Kahunaman

    Can’t tell you how many people come to my store wanting a the HD7. I try to ask about their needs and what they want to do with it but insist on the device. 3 weeks later(CA 30 day return policy) they come back complaining their phone sucks and switch to a mt4g/any other android device. This isn’t costco people and unfortunately these people who abuse the return policy hurt good and honest people.

  • Guest

    I agree with Kent. I bought a G2X at Costco last month, and while it got good reception at the store, it dropped signal several times on the drive home. To contrast, my N1 had no problem on the drive down there. If this is the route they are going to take, I’ll never upgrade again.

    • Sundoggy1112

       yeah…. t-mobile is going down since the day they say at&t is going to take over. Even if at&t doesn’t at this rate… t-mobile is just going down hill.

  • Johnny D

    Do you know how many times in the forums I have heard dishonest people brag about breaking their own device with no fault to the company and returning or exchanging it,way to go you lame,dishonest freeloaders.

  • It’s more than fair.  Try that with a car. See how far you get.  Yes, SOME dealers do have a policy where you can return a car, but it’s not the norm.  Why should it be for phones when we know how some people go through them?  The G2X I returned because it was buggy but before that, I returned an iPhone 3GS in the remorse period because I HATED that phone.

    • Sundoggy1112

       first of all… cars you can test drive all you can plus usally a lot of reviews already before you actually buy a car and it’s not going to change due to the region you are in(reception wise).  second you are dumb to even try a LG phone. LG and motorla are the worst companys I refuse to buy any other their products in my life.

      • Dude, first off, lighten up with the name calling because we’re all on here to have a discussion. 

        Second, one of my favorite phones was an LG (the Voyager). Loved that phone and it was never an issue. Not once. My OG Droid 1 and the Moto Droid X were great phones. No idea where you get your data, but you are allowed to have your own opinion. As I stated, my G2X was buggy, so I returned it. No matter the reputation of a company, even good companies put out crappy products so not really buying into your thoughtful criticisms of LG and Moto.

        On to your point of test driving…yeah, you test drive it, but you RARELY drive the car like you would in daily use (highway, kids in the car, your fav. music blasting, drink in the cupholder, etc). A test drive of a car is 15-20 minutes on average. The point most people are making is for people that get a device, keep it during the trial period, whether that be 14 days or a month (or 90 days as Costco puts it), and return it to get something else. Much longer than a test drive my friend. Think before you speak out of turn or else keep quiet while the grown ups are talking.

      • grammar police

         If you come on here calling people dumb the least you could do would be to spell correctly AND use the correct GRAMMAR… 

        stop talking and just go to Verizon already dang…

      • 67_390_coupe

         Well you fail. Even though your whole argument is flawed at best I’ll counter your examples in the same manner to avoid confusion. You can “test drive” phones all you want at the store. I have no doubt you could stand there for hours on end everyday for weeks at a time which is far more time than any dealer would ever let you test drive a car. You are obviously on the internet yet you haven’t read a single phone review? Lastly, a car certainly does perform better or worse (change) due to the region you are in. 

  • Anonymous

    Costs the company money when devices get returned….esp tablets and netbooks. This will help deter ppl from making unwarranted device returns

  • Anonymous

     I hope some one can enlighten me on this just a bit.  From my understanding there is a 14 day return window, correct?  Does this restocking fee apply to the 14 days?  Or does it apply afterward, because if so I wasn’t aware of any return policy allowing you to return it after the 14 days.


    • Anonymous

      It applies only within 14 days. Devices cant be returned in store after 14 days…..Except California

    • guest

       If you buy it outright without an upgrade for full price, you get 30 days.

    •  The restocking fee is charged when you get a warranty exchange and you do not return the impaired device within a stated time frame. That is the only time it would apply.

      • Knocc04

        This article refers to equipment bought in store via act/upgrade or full retail cost and returned under buyers remorse for whatever reason. I think that you are referring to warranty exchange restocking fee.

      • TMOREP

        The warranty restocking fee for exchanges is and will continue to be about 75% of the retail value of the defective handset if it isn’t returned.  The difference here is that unlike the store that has to take a markdown on the returned handset provided it isn’t defective they have to sell it as an open box and the restocking fee is to offset the fact they can’t sell it as new.  Not returning a defective handset through warranty exchange T-Mobile has to buy another device altogether instead of sending the defective one to be refurbished and later reused.  T-Mobile is by no means the only company that charges restocking fees, Best Buy, Target, K-Mart, and many others often all charge restocking fees on electronics unless they are defective and exchange.

    • Jglap4

       I am T-Mobile retail store employee.  If you purchase a phone at a subsidized price you have 14 days to return it and there is a restocking fee.  A lot of times stores do not charge the restocking fee even though they should.  If you purchase a phone at the full unsubsidized price you have 30 days to return it and the restocking fee still applies.

      • Dirk

        30 days for unactivated devices…once you put your sim in, boom. it’s activated. you now have 14 days. head on over to your communities site and read up son.

        • Mikex915

          Not true. I’ve been buying and returning a comet until the sensation comes out. $10 every time. I’ll use the credit in the end to buy the sensation out of contract.

        • grammar police

          Good thing you dont come into my store buddy. Not a chance I’d return it for you repeatedly. 

          its people like you boss- that we are now having to do this restock fee. Good job

        • Dirk

          Yup. I would of noted the receipt and put a flag on your account.  

        • TMOREP

          Maybe you should learn to read, it is 30 days for “Unsubsidized” meaning full price rather or not you put your sim card in it. And if get a discount meaning T-Mobile subsidizes the cost of the phone you will have 14 days (20 days if ordered through care) to return it unless you are in California then you can return it on your silver platter within 30 days even with the discount.  It’s so annoying all the dumb people that don’t even work for the company seem to think they know all the rules and policies.

        • Jtothada

          what if you never open the box because its a gift?

        • TmoRep2

           2 year contract purchase = 14 days. no contract purchase = 30 days

        • Dirk

          Click your “Field Sales News” button on your desktop. Then login to the communities using your NT login and PW……do a search. 

        • TmoRep2

           no… once you put your sim in, the WARRANTY applies to your phone number so if you get your phone from idk walmart or something and decide to return it, if that phone is re-sold to some schmuck they will not have a manufatcurer’s warranty though tmobile, only directly from the manufacturer (meaning you cant request an [warranty] exchange directly from tmobile…

          return policy… 2 year contract purchase = 14 days. no contract purchase = 30 days.

          that new southpark episode mocking the fact that no one reads the terms & conditions is getting funnier every day. Im not saying to read 30+ pages of an agreement but at least read the important parts. the return policy is posted in every store and its also printed on every single receipt. Its barely a paragraph long.

          it amazes me how so few people even bother reading a service agreement, let alone a return policy, etc. and then have the balls to say “no one told me so”. that shit doesnt even fly in middle school anymore.

        • Anonymous

           I don’t understand this 14 day thing.  Tmobile Support online CLEARLY states that there is a TWENTY (20) day return policy:


  • guest

    If you buy it outright without an upgrade for full price, you get 30 days.

  •  Since I work there, I can tell you that there is no phone with a restocking fee of 10 dollars. This is a bonus for the customers, those prices are ALOT less than even the cheapest one I have seen

  •  After looking at this closer, it looks like something that stores do, this fee is not charged through care when you upgrade and return under buyers remorse.

  • Mpina070

    I’m glad they are raising it. A phone purchase now a days it is an investment. I understand people want to be able tu test the phone out.but that is why the phones are live in the store. Alot of people exchange a device for any little reason. I just want people you take there purchases seriously for a change. I’m sure they wont charge if you were to exchange because it is defective. 30 days in cali and 14 everywhere else.

    • Sundoggy1112

      many problems you won’t be able to discover within an hour or 2. I was playing samsung vibrant and found that reception bars were wrongly indicated and the receptions are worst than my current mytouch 4g. I don’t considere those are little reasons. There is no way to know if you get a lemon or not. 

      • Bleedingmagenta

        but you got to remember people, that if there is a flaw, defect, etc… you DON”T get charged a restock fee. it only applies to the “try and buy” people out there.  Trust me…

    • Anonymous

       You know how I know that you don’t know what investment actually means?

  • What they shold do instead is be careful to stop releasing so many phones that hae obvious problems!!! Especially ones with problems created by the bloatware T-Mobile puts on there.

    • Anonymous

      Companies pay for the bloatware to be put on phones. Not T-Mobiles fault. It’s called advertising. 

      •  Except I would wager that bloatware along with other obvious flaw in phones is a bigger issue in returns thatn the cheap restock fee. I doubt that most returns are a-holes just renting phones for $10 a month and that most returns are people who find their new gadget horrifically frustrating. The new fees are just going to piss off customers. It would be better to do propper quality control of the user experience on the devices than punish the consumer for something that isn’t their fault.

        • keep it real

          just because you don’t bleed the buyer’s remorse period doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton of people doing it…. Do you think someone was sitting around and just said, ” hey lets raise restocking fees”…It’s an area where there is a ton of loss and now t-mobile is correcting it.

          tmobile doesn’t make devices or an os so what type of quality control are you talking about?

          the user experience comes from google, or rim, windows….not from tmobile.  So yes you should be punished if you’re not bright enough to figure shit out,instead of swapping it out for another/different device and not actually fix the problem (Ignorance)

          The stores all have live demos…learn how to use it before you buy it….simple as that.

          When your device is actually defective than they waive those fees. T-mobile shouldn’t have to waive fees because of an impulse buy, or someone’s lack of ability to actually learn something new, or color of the phone.

  • Sundoggy1112

     Wow seems like T-mobile is just getting worst and worst now. The prepaid are more expensive than before and now this…. hum… verizon…i might be coming.

    • Grammar police

       yeah i hate when things get worst and worst.. only thing worst than worst is worster……chire sauce ? 
        perhaps you mean worse 

  •  lots of things happening the day of my bday @ tmobile

    • Yamadro51

      Shut up ! Everyone hates ur bday!

  • Sundoggy1112

    yeah… that’s it tmo… one more strike i am making my move to verizon. 

    • guest

       have fun with THEIR restock fees, cancellation fees, and monthly bills…. 

      how bout buy a phone instead of wanting to sample one. 


    • LC

      Yeah T-Mobile has been nice all this time with just being $10 to restock…they lose so much money on each device that is returned/exchanged that they’ve got to do something. I know AT&T starts at $35 and VZW is up there too.

      People just don’t understand how much less expensive T-Mobile really is.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the restock fee is only applied if you’re returning the phone just because. If you have a valid reason for returning the phone like I did with the Vibrant when it came out (Signal and GPS issues), they will wave the fee. I’m sure some people out there replaced their phone every 30days (in cali) just to have the latest and greatest for $10 a month (restock fee). For those unhappy about the change, you can thank those who abused it and made it a concern for T-mobile.

  • Anonymous

    This is for all the people that abused this such as: buying a G2, changing their mind and switching to the MT4G within the “buyer’s remorse” period. (switch phone names for whatever else was hot at the time). I know of even store reps doing this because “it was so easy and cheap”.

    • actual rep

      This would make an amount of sense if retail reps could do exchanges, but nice try.

      • certain reps can and so can reps on their personal lines not tied to their employee account.  

      • Anonymous

        So how does that strawman invalidate the fact that even reps are involved in “exchanges” and device swaps? Does it make it any cheaper for T-Mobile just because it’s reps?

  • 808 state..

    Haha.. I think they just got smarter…I dig this…lol..

  • Albertov12

    you only get a new phone, once every 22 month, so pick the right phone, stupid. oh I”m going to verizon cause they charge 25 or whatever to return a phone, I know I wanted nothing to do with it. just to try it out, then down grade to a cheap phone, cause I wanted to see how a android phone work. Just get your little flip phone, and don’t complain about data charges, all the company charge for data on data phone idiots.

  • Anonymous


  • Girth Brooks

    Makes sense.  Any phones we sell that get exchanged, even if not used, essentially become refurbished devices.  

    A)  it costs money to do that in the first place, as they have to put a new casing on the phone because they only re-use the interior parts 

    B) refurbs are only used for warranty exchanges or occasionally online sales, and they’re sold for substantially less.  

    Not to mention all the shipping charges to get it from the stores to the warehouses and back to final destinations.  I’m glad they’re doing it.  All corporate stores have working devices of all the phones.  Make sure you find the one you like.  

  • MattMJB0188

     All you whiners complaining that you’re gonna go to Verizon then GO.  Verizon has bills up the wall.  I’m not saying they are bad because they are not, your just gonna pay a lot more.  T-Mobile probably did this because too many people were ‘testing’ out phones.  I have no room to talk either because I couldn’t make up my mind with the myTouch and Samsung Galaxy 4G.  AT&T charges a 30% restocking fee.  I’ll gladly just take the $50.

    • da9th_one

       well stfu then…

    • Anonymous

      Uhh no… AT&T charges a $35 fee. 30% of a $500 phone is $150 which is a little high for a restock fee.

      Also, see @0c4fd8c619caced8dbba8a67fec063b4:disqus ‘s comment.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • M Zapata80

    I just think it’s fair enough :)

  • Terry Beck

     restocking fees are such a scam.

  • Anonymous

     For anybody curious about the big 3’s restocking fee’s they are all $35.  

    I think its good that TMO stopped selling themselves short on at least this one thing because people are obviously taking advantage of the situation.  I’ve never once test ran a phone myself but I have thought about it.

    It takes guts to charge MORE for something when your in last place and your comp charges much less but this needs to happen.

    • Setzer715

       Exactly, look at idiot above you!

  • John

    looks like they don’t like me buying and returning their phones so often.  Ive had the G2, Nexus S(Best buy), G2x, and HD7 all returned before the 14 day period.  Was about to do this again with the Sensation… guess they figured out how to stop me…

    • JD


    • remister

      You can keep doing it, just pay up the 50$ usage fee :P 

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please explain this:


    It references a TWENTY day return period:

    What to do if you want to return your upgraded phone

    If your new T-Mobile phone does not
    meet your expectations, we’re here to help. In order to receive full
    credit for
    your purchase price (less any rebates), please return the
    phone plus all associated original contents, undamaged and in good
    working condition, within 20 days from the day you received the phone.

    If you recently purchased a new T-Mobile phone

    You have 20 calendar days (30 in CA)
    from the date of purchase to return purchased equipment to the point of
    purchase. Equipment must be in good working condition with original
    contents and packaging to be eligible for a refund of the purchase
    price. This return policy applies to the purchase of new equipment from
    T-Mobile or its authorized dealers. Proof of purchase is required. We
    may charge a restocking fee. A different return period may apply to
    accessory purchases. Prepaid cards, software, or games are not

    • Kelz

      I’d have to believe that’s the return policy for purchases made online because when you purchase something or pay a bill in the retail store, the Return Policy is on the counter as well as on the bottom of the receipt. It kind of makes sense when you figure ordering online takes time for the device to get to you from the warehouse and there’s no penalty on customers for that

      Just my 2 pennies….

  • Jonathon

     Think it is long overdue that they started doing this. Working in this business for 4 years under two different providers the amount of people that want to exchange phones in their BRE window is obsured. People nit pick way too much about their phones and when a rep tries to suggest another choice they are normally so closed-minded that they won’t listen and go against their given advice. Price shouldn’t drive a person’s decision but customers let it affect the choices they make way too often with phones. If employees upheld the one exchange in 14 days part of the return policy it wouldn’t happen so much. So a customer that tries to go for 3 phones in two week is technically S.O.L. I’m glad to see it happen and love seeing all of the people complaining on this site about it. T-Mobile had to get smart and figure out ways to not lose as much revenue since obviously it was a problem. Again my famous line, “how dare they try and make money.” 

  • JD

    I returned the G2X after it failed to perform as well as my Bold 9700 as a business phone for on-the-go use. I really really appreciated the fact that T-Mo let me try the phone out and didn’t hold a “restocking fee” over my head as a penalty for returning the phone. This is one of the many reasons I like T-Mobile. I guess there’s one less reason now.

    That said, I think we can’t really blame T-Mobile and instead should be blaming the jerks and low-lives that abuse this gracious and generous policy. It’s always selfish pricks like that who ruins things for everybody else who appreciates and has respect for the generosity of others!

  • JG01

    If they do this, they will need to have enough display models on hand for customer to review before purchasing an in addition, make certain that their staff are well trained on the products. For me when I buy something, it is not in my mind to return it. That only happens if there is an issue with the product or the sales person did not correctly represent the product ( which I have found to be 98% of time or my returns).

    Customers will need time to educate themselves on the product before purchasing. Which in most cases there is not enough products or sales staff at hand to allow this.

    I think T-Mobile management is trying run the companies stock lower by upseting their customers, so that it is easier for AT&T to purchase them.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    This is the reality of T-mobile USA in their world of declining subscriber growth….milk the existing subscribers for more and more money. 

  • Guest

     Not all stores have live demos!

  • JayDubya

     Maybe they are doing it because of the flood of borked G2x’s that have come back… They just need to acknowledge the problem and not give attitude to customers just because “they haven’t had that trouble with theirs”. 

  • Julian

     If there’s a problem with people returning phones, then don’t sell shitty products.  A $500 phone should be high quality.  People are waaay too use to large amounts of cash that it has become our state of mind that we should be ok with a several hundred $ item that is a piece of crap?  I’ve had 5 g2x phones.  I finally got one without screen bleeding and major problems. Took almost a month with pretty much no phone due to constant reloading apps, contacts, inputting settings, catching up on missed calls, emails, texts, etc.  You can’t tell people that they are too “picky” when their phone shuts off in the middle of a business call and costs you a sale worth potential as much as the phone, large amounts of time to get replacement, loss of communication due to no phone, or a screen that is bleeding so bad you can’t read your texts.  On a positive note the phone is awesome now that I have a good one.
    Oh forgot to mention the CSR and PDA tech reps that are either told to lie to customers about these supposed problems they have “never heard of”, or just pass the buck to another rep and you get to start all over.  I had one that didn’t even know what a PDA was, and he was their tech support! Been with this company for over 8 years and the last year the company has taken a serious down turn.  BUT at least they have implemented that new phone exchange program for old phones when you upgrade.  thats something ive been hoping for for a long time :)

  • Julian

     *spending large amounts of cash—– Correction

  • Vyipee

    Maybe it’s to compensate for the change in their data plans?

  • JoeBlow

    Not all stores have demos. Ive been through a MT4G, two G2X’s, and now on a Galaxy S 4G because of bona fide issues. The MT4G dropped calls and connection all the time. Both G2x’s had pitiful data download speeds (100 kbps in full bar 3G areas) and rebooted constantly. I’m so far pretty satisfied with the Galaxy S 4G! They tried to get me to pay the $50 restock fee today, and I flatly refused, as it’s not my fault that the devices were faulty. These are expensive devices, and if I’m not 100% satisfied, then I will exchange until I am satisfied. These areas too pricey to accept quality control issues as the norm. As for those that dont hold the carrier responsible for device quality, you are a sucker. A company should stand behind any product or service that it’s sells, period, and I believe that philosophy is important in any business.

  • I got the prepaid blackberry and they did not inform me of a restocking fee and only after they charge you and print a receipt it shows, and is not stated how much and for what.  Also it says ” you may be”  does not say for sure and that is illegal in California.  They wanted to make me suck it up but called the fraud department and they cave when they found out they will not authorize the transaction.  It sucks.  They said I should read my receipt before I sign.  I can only read it after they charge me and i already sign, not just that but after they said but I opened it, but they did to activate it.  This is catch 22 for sure.

  • I got the prepaid blackberry and they did not inform me of a restocking
    fee and only after they charge you and print a receipt it shows, and is
    not stated how much and for what.  Also it says ” you may be”  does not
    say for sure and that is illegal in California.  They wanted to make me
    suck it up but called the fraud department and they cave when they found
    out they will not authorize the transaction.  It sucks.  They said I
    should read my receipt before I sign.  I can only read it after they
    charge me and i already sign, not just that but after they said but I
    opened it, but they did to activate it.  This is catch 22 for sure.