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Cellphones Radiate, um…Radiation

So this isn’t really groundbreaking news, but cellphones ooze radiation every single second after you press that power button.  Now, however, there is a nifty little website (created by the Environmental Working Group) that ranks over 1,000 phones by radiation level.  So, head on over if you are worried about your daily consumption of radiation.  Spoiler Alert, the MyTouch 3G is up there as one of the worst phones, but the Sidekick is … [read full article]

CyanogenMod Lives!

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Columbia SC Goes 3G

Good afternoon TmoNews readers! Today is a very special day for T-Mobile subscribers in Columbia, South Carolina. Yup you guessed it! 3G is officially here! Congratulations guys! Feel free to sound off in the comments with your excitement! And once again for those of you still waiting patiently for 3G to be announced, we will keep you guys updated!

Open Comment Weekend

You have seen it before, but now we have a little change.  Instead of the standard Open Comment Friday tradition, we are going to try opening the comments section for the weekend instead.  This is your time to discuss what ever comes to mind (hopefully it is T-Mobile related); T-Mobile has left a bunch to be chatted about in the comments.  Maybe you can talk about the latest Android news, T-Mobiles ever expanding 3G … [read full article]

T-Mobile Seeking Additional Spectrum

According to the Wall Street Journal, T-Mobile asked that an additional spectrum, currently reserved for public safety channels, be freed up for commercial carriers.  AT&T, on the other hand, wants to keep the spectrum open for public safety organizations but supports that the spectrum be reserved for LTE (and hey, T-Mobile is up for that).  The spectrum in question, if you care, is the 700 D Block band, and it certainly lines up with … [read full article]

T-Mobile to Offer Second USB Modem?

While T-Mobile continues to roll out 3G, they keep adding devices that are 3G capable (hey, I’m not complaining).  While most of these upcoming devices are phones, it’s nice to see some peripherals being added to the mix.  This particular gadget is the Huawei webConnect Jet, or UMG 1691; and while it isn’t the Huawei that we are all hoping for, it does serve its purpose.  This USB … [read full article]

A Few More California 3G Launches

The 3G march continues this week with more launches. This time, a little loving for the good folks in California as residents of Corona, Fontana, Moreno Valley, Riverside and San Bernardino, CA are all now enjoying 3G goodness. As much as we all love hearing about 3G launches,when  reading the PCMag article about HSPA+ and promised speeds, 3G just sounds paltry by comparison. I want me some HSPA+!

PCMAG Goes Hands On With HSPA+

Sascha Segan, PCMag columnist extraordinaire, was fortunate enough this week to be given a behind the scenes look at the recently announced HSPA+ T-Mobile service in Philadelphia. Even a cursory glance at the article will show his favorable impressions of the T-mobile HSPA+ network, stating, “T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network sends other 3G networks running away in tears.” While the obvious counter-argument is that the other carriers are still fielding the basic run of the mill 3G … [read full article]

CyanogenMod Receives a Cease and Desist Letter From Google

Good Morning, TmoNews readers! Remember that nice mod that enabled  Android users who have rooted their device to use the new Android 1.6 Market? Well, the geniuses behind the mod were CyanogenMod, and it looks like they’re in some trouble now.  A cease and desist letter was received from Google directly stating to stop distribution of  closed-source Google apps like Market, Talk, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Here are some tidbits from their chat log: [20:03] <cyanogen> google just … [read full article]

Dayton, Ohio Waking Up To 3G

T-mobile is rolling out 3G this week like it’s going out of style with Dayton, Ohio becoming the latest recipient of all things 3G. While an unconfirmed launch as of this writing, the volume of emails shows that there is little reason to doubt it’s a city-spread activity. I guess the only real question is… Cincinnati, where are you?? Update: According to T-mobile USA twitter, Rochester, MN also launches today!

Motorola Cliq Coming Loaded With Apps

While we continue to count down the days until the expected October 19th pre-order, Motorola is flexing some muscle with an impressive array of pre-loaded apps for the Cliq. QuickOffice, which allows for document editing on the go and usually commands $19.99 on the iPhone, is included with the Cliq.  Digg, one of my top three websites, has an official Android application according to the Motorola marketing page.  Other apps are … [read full article]

MyTouch Price Drop FTW!

When the MyTouch3G launched back in early August, one of the earliest complaints was the high price. Offered at $199, many bloggers, including myself, couldn’t understand why T-mobile would risk such a price when the iPhone 3G was coming in a full 100 dollars lower. Well, a compromise must have been made in the hallways of Bellevue (that or sales have slipped), as tomorrow brings a $50 price drop. Good for new lines and upgrades, the price … [read full article]