T-Mobile Unlikely To Sell iPhone In Near Future, Will Combat With Android

Speaking at an investor relations meeting, T-Mobile stated that they were unlikely to carry the iPhone anytime in the near future.  Perhaps the biggest issue is the use of the 1700Mhz 3G band acting as a major barrier to selling the iPhone.  T-Mobile is, of course, open to selling the iPhone, however the T-Mobile CEO explained that the chipset is the major roadblock.

“We’re not part of the chipset today.  But we have chipsets which support 5 or up to 10 spectrum bands in the market, so we should expect there will be more degrees of freedom going forward … and so the chances will rise.”


During the actual investor event we are currently watching, Humm did go on to say that T-Mobile is prepared to battle the iPhone with Android.

As the iPhone has lead to almost 10% churn, T-Mobile is prepared to combat a 3G iPhone with 4G Android and combat the 3G iPad with the 4G LG G-Slate.

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