Samsung Vibrant Froyo Update Coming January 21st, Tomorrow!

Wow, this is going to be like winning the lottery for Samsung Vibrant owners who have been up in arms over the holdup of Android 2.2 Froyo for the Vibrant.  It’s coming, tomorrow according to PCMag and T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman.  As with most updates, it will come in waves so not everyone will receive it on the first day.

Let me reiterate that point…NOT everyone will receive it on the first day.  It will be a staggered rollout.

So what was the holdup?  Purely technical says Brodman, not marketing, payment or sales.

“It was a quality control and timing issue,” Brodman said.  “The biggest challenge is integration and customization.”

Moving forward, T-Mobile will update all Android phones to new versions of the Android OS within 3-5 months after Google makes the new OS public.

Smartphone users expecting frequent upgrades is “new to us”, Brodman said, “and we’re going to have to step up and change the way we do things.”

Along with that, Brodman also mentioned the introduction of the 4G Galaxy S to be introduced at Mobile World Congress on February 13th.


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