T-Mobile Will Ramp Up Their International Offerings, Provide Fixed Rate Plans

This article is a little two fold, the first being the above and below images showing the beginning of a six week advertising campaign in Hispanic Markets. T-Mobile hopes to boost awareness for its International Talk & Text service by showing these markets you can call landline numbers in 56 countries using your domestic minutes bucket. We first learned about this back in November and with yesterdays investor call, emphasis was placed on creating future awareness for T-Mobile’s unique international calling plans.

This brings us to the second point of the article and that is T-Mobile plans for future international offerings. We can’t be 100% sure on what exactly this will mean but T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman stated that moving forward later this year Flat Rate data plans will be available for international data combined with flat rate voice and plans. Customers want fixed rates and T-Mobile wants to avoid bill shock from customers who arrive back in the United States to hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of international charges. Therefore, it will also be introducing daily, weekly and monthly plans on a flat rate scale to offer the best value among the competition for international offerings. That is incredibly ambitious and while it’s likely they’ll ultimately find the competition matching with similar offers, it’s nice to see them taking the initiative.

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