T-Mobile Preparing For Major Sale February 11th-12th

It looks like T-Mobile is ready to put the pedal to the metal metaphorically speaking by starting off the year with another huge retail promotion. For those of you who remember the Father’s Day promotion held last year, T-Mobile acquired ┬ájust over 100k new customers that day. They clearly have similar expectations this year as the above image states “…it is expected to be similar to the first half of the Father’s Day promotion.”

So we have beefed up schedules for the retail stores, tickets for holding your place in line, sign in sheets and order forms? Yup, that sounds exactly like the Father’s Day sale. The great news is we are also hearing that existing customers will definitely be able to take part in this deal, though you’d likely have to be upgrade eligible to take part. We’re digging to find out just what exactly this could be, but whatever it is we hope it’s going to give T-Mobile the exact kind of momentum they hoped to find after todays investor call.

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