(Update: Technical Error) Dell Streak 7 Pricing Leaked?

Update: I just received an email from T-Mobile stating this pricing was the result of a technical error and is incorrect. They will be sharing pricing and availability details soon!

If you like the Dell Streak 7, and maybe you should, then you will be happy to hear what we have for you today.  According the T-Mobile, the “Dell Streak 7 will push the limits on tablet affordability with a very competitive price”.  More to the point, the price may have been leaked, prematurely I may add, by Dell and T-Mobile themselves.  They are saying, if you can read the fine print at the bottom of the picture above, that it will be a “$82.50 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $82.50 required.”  So $330.  Nice. I’ll take two.  What say you?


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