LG G-Slate And Optimus 2X To Release In Late March/Early April

The LG G-Slate and LG Optimus 2X would arguably be among the most exciting devices to launch on the T-Mobile network and we just might see both devices arrive in late March/early April according to our sources. We haven’t been able to pinpoint an exact date but our sources are confident we should see both devices around that timeframe possibly with an extra surprise built into the LG Tablet.

We aren’t exactly sure what this could mean but our source was able to find listed with the LG Tablet an accessory titled “3D Glasses.” Is it possible?  Is it even remotely possible the LG G-Slate could have some sort of built in 3D capability? We’re chalking this one up firmly in the rumor column hoping it pans out to be something incredibly awesome but until we find out more, I’m not betting the farm on anything 3D based. Still, 3D would be a ridiculous feature to have!

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