Live From The T-Mobile Press Event At CES 2011!

We’re in line right, about 6 people back thanks to a 90 minute early arrival, that’s what I do for the readers! We’ll be live blogging this as best we can depending on how steady the internet connection is. If you want some instant satisfaction you can check the CNET live feed!

We’re about ready to walk in and take our seats, begins at 11 pacific time!

Philip Humm is on stage, T-Mobile CEO and President

Talking about LG tablet launch, on stage with LG CEO both holding tablet, did not turn it on

200 million pops with 4G network

Nielson company says they have the fastest data network in 100 markets

900k 4G devices sold so far

T-Mobile customers sensitive to cost and complexity, wants data to be accessible to all Americans, will offer affordable smartphones and tablets

137% growth of Android phones from 2009 to 2010

Data traffic on T-Mobile network doubles every 7 months

Wants to be a challenger brand, focus on customer

Neville Ray is now on stage to talk about the network

Video use is up, average use of 1GB per customer

4G network is 160% larger than Verizon’s

Eclipsed Clear and Wimax footprint in middle of 2010

HSPA+ growth will be significantly more dominant than LTE over next 4 years

42mbps HSPA+ movement, wants a “leadership position”

Data in Las Vegas matches LTE Verizon “on-par”

Demo of HSPA+ demo stick reaching 30Mbps download speeds

No 4G premiums or tolls for data pricing!

Dell Streak 7 Announced, first 4G Tablet for T-Mobile, Nvidia Dual Core Processor on board

2/3 of HSPA+ network to see 42Mbps in 2011, work already in progress

Cole Brodman on stage, T-Mobile CMO

25+ Mbps

ZTE webConnect Rocket 3.0 will serve HSPA+ Mbps..

That’s it! Check back for videos and hands on!

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