Blackberry 9900 Previewed On Video, Arriving Late August?

While the Blackberry Bold 9900 may not be the most hotly anticipated T-Mobile phone of the summer there is plenty to get excited about for Blackberry lovers. The addition of a touchscreen combined with Blackberry’s exceptional qwerty keyboard marries together two things Blackberry lovers have longed to see in one device. The boys at Intomobile were lucky enough to get some hands on time with the 9900 and provide some first impressions along with the above hands on video.

As expected there are raves about the Blackberry keyboard expressing an awesome experience. I’m equally happy to read that Marin found that the Bold 9900 powered by a 1.2 GHz processor was “extremely quick and snappy.” Of course the demo unit was a preproduction until so anything can change with the device between now and the time it goes up for sale. Speaking of the release dates our best ninja guess right is the very end of August according to a tip, however rumors have the device getting pushed back till September so it’s up for grabs right now.

Check out Marin’s full first impression at Intomobile!


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