LG-P699 Aka T-Mobile Optimus Net Receives Bluetooth Approval

We’ve seen the name LG Gelato pop up on the T-Mobile rumor mill before and now we see that the LG-P699 destined for T-Mobile has received Bluetooth approval. While the phone pictured looks a lot like the recently released LG Optimus Net we also have reason to suspect that the LG Gelato and Optimus Net are one and the same on T-Mobile. With clear T-Mobile USA branding on this leaked image further solidifying our belief that we are looking at a future T-Mobile device. Strangely enough however is the description on the Bluetooth certification site as “this model will be available on North America AT&T Market around August 2011.” That’s just odd with the T-Mobile branding in the image but we digress that this phone could end up on multiple carriers.

For the moment we’ll stick with the image over the description since we like T-Mobile branding over promised AT&T release dates. Regardless of who carries the phone however, the LG Gelato has a 3.2″ HVGA display, 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 1500mAh battery and Android 2.3.


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