T-Mobile “Roadmap” Offers Release Dates For New Devices, Guess The Phone

It’s time to play our favorite game…guess the release date! That’s right with this lovely little roadmap hitting our inbox we’re getting a look at what days T-Mobile will be releasing new equipment during the next 60 days. The one exception is we don’t know what phone corresponds to what day so we’re playing “guess the phone!” Within the months of August and September the previously leaked roadmap gives us hope that we might see two Blackberry devices, the Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch and the Blackberry Curve Apollo. Another possible is the rumored Huawei S7 tablet that will be a Best Buy Wi-Fi exclusive and T-Mobile branded HSPA+ packing edition. In September the greek demigod Samsung Hercules is suspected of launching align with the LG Flip II and Nokia Panda.

Of course all of those devices are rumored and with the exception of the Blackberry Bold 9900 not at all confirmed by the Magenta mothership. There appears to be 8 new launches contained within this document and 1 relaunch scheduled for August 29th so we now declare the July 31st guessing game olympics open!

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