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Sidekick LX Shipping Already?!


While the expected launch date for the Sidekick LX was May 13th, it looks as if a few lucky individuals are receiving their shipments almost a full 2 weeks early. Anyone complaining about that? Didn’t think so! Courtesy of a fine gentlemen over at Hiptop3 we get a whole bunch of in the wild unboxing pics which do significantly more justice for the device than that other unboxing video! Hit the link below for a … [read full article]

Samsung Android With 1700 Band Coming Soon!


  Now before any of you get to excited, this, the first in the promised line of Samsung Android devices won’t be on this side of the pond if current rumors are accurate. The Samsung I7500 pictured above is rumored to be their very first Android device to hit store shelves and its of course going to Europe first. Sporting a 11.9-mm slim quad-band GSM, tri-band 7.2Mbps HSDPA (900/1700/2100MHz) candybar packs a 3.2-inch, 320 x 480 pixel … [read full article]

Trade In Your Blackberry!


Well here is a creative way to hopefully move just a few of you who might be on the fence about trading up or coming to Blackberry altogether. Turns out that old phone you want to get rid of just might be worth a little something when picking out a new Blackberry. Visit RecycleRebates and log in with the password: “flipyourcurve”  (you can also hit the FlipYourCurve website link with instructions).  Of course, smart thinking … [read full article]

Samsung T349 On The Way


We first got wind of this device a few weeks back with the leaked release calendar and while the details on that calendar definitely refute the information available here, we’re much happier with the current info! Turns out, opposite from what the release calendar inferred, this device isn’t going prepaid and will be available with a 20-key “messaging” keyboard, nothing to fancy about it but its sure to appeal to some younger fans who wants the … [read full article]

T-mobile Germany Points To May Release For Cupcake


Now lately I have made it a point to stay away from the usual Cupcake rumors that come from someone’s sisters brothers dog walker ex girlfriend who knows a guy who works for google. However, this time it comes from a credible source, our T-mobile brethren in Germany which lists via the website a list of updates coming in a May release.  Now of course, none of this can be found on the US website, … [read full article]

Open Comment Friday!


Oh yes, its that time, Friday, the end of the week where you, loyal readers get the opportunity to discuss whatever it is you might like in the comment section. This week saw several big news announcements and none were larger than the “launch” of the Sidekick LX, handily the most feature rich Sidekick and if early reviews are to be taken literally, quite the exceptional device. Speaking of devices that message, how about the [read full article]

Text Message World Record? That'll be $26,000!


So a pair of friends from Pennsylvania decided it would be funny to try and set the world record for text messaging. As it turns out, one of these fine young individuals has T-mobile and the “unlimited” text messaging package. Well, as it turns out unlimited actually has a limit, 100,000 text messages a month to be exact. Problem being, nobody has crossed that mark yet so there really hasn’t been a method in place to handle … [read full article]

One Million G1's Sold!


Well, there was some pretty bleak news in today’s Q1 subscriber report but there was a bright spot for the G1. While obviously the million number sold is comparably small to iPhone sales, for T-mobile, its an impressive number regardless. According to the guys over at Telephony, the really interesting number is that T-mobile has roughly 1.5 million devices currently operating on its 3G network, which gives the G1 a 67% market share. While T-mobile had … [read full article]

TouchPro2 "In The Wild" Pics


From your emails and your blog comments we know how hotly anticipated this device is and this is the first glimpse we’ve gotten at a branded for T-mobile USA device. While we’ve had already had a few hints at the “Rhodium” coming to T-mobile USA, these pictures continue to show “concreteevidence of an existing prototype. Of course, we can’t verify any authenticity so we’re as always, still a bit skeptical.  Allshadow