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The Bargain of a Lifetime?

Well, you have to wonder what took them so long!  Looking over the tasty morsels that make up the T-Mobile phone listing you may have noticed that the big blue beast that is the T-Mobile Wing is going for the irresistably low low price of only $199.99!  Now, everybody knows that the only reason you haven’t “upgraded” to this most excellent of devices is due to it’s high price.  Well, there goes that excuse! Hopefully … [read full article]

HTC Rhodium Hits The FCC!


Those waiting for a much delayed update to the Wing, can start salivating a little more now. The Rhodium aka Touchpro2 just hit the FCC according to the fine folks over at Engadget. Not much info comes in way of the FCC report, and unless you are really interested in looking at pictures of radioactive levels, don’t bother hitting the FCC link that will follow this article. Either way, with the codename RHOD100 out in the wild … [read full article]

HTC Maple aka "Snap" Not For T-mobile!


As it turns out, the HTC Maple, now cooperatively known as the “Snap,” isn’t going to be for T-mobile after all. Sascha Segan over at PCMag points out that after the HTC unveiling of this device, the Dash successor, isn’t going to hit  T-mobile after all. At least not if the 3G bands announced have anything to do with it:  “…HTC’s two Snap models have their 3G on the 850/1,900-MHz and 900/2,100-MHz bands, neither of which … [read full article]

Blackberry App World Goes Live


Well Blackberry fans, your time has finally come. You no longer have to look at the iPhone App Store with envy as now, you to, have your very own official place to buy apps. Installation is simple, just download the App Store from your desktop or phone, hook up with a paypal account and voila, app store lovin! Your selection may be limited for now with alot of the same apps appearing from the past, but expect … [read full article]

Well This Phone Is Sure To Cause Excitement!


I hope all of you are sitting down for this big BIG announcement, that’s right on April 22nd T-mobile is launching the awesome, the sleek, the sexy Nokia 1661. That’s right this “feature-rich” device will come with, text messaging, a speakerphone AND last but not least, drum roll please, an alarm clock! Hold your excitement, make sure you are sitting, get something to drink if you need to because this bad boy is heading to T-mobile prepaid everywhere.  … [read full article]

T-mobile To Do Away With 1 Year Contracts??


I’ve been trying to nail down this rumor for a few days now, but it seems as though enough sources are confirming that its time to run with the story. T-mobile, apparently hit hard by both economic downturn and some less than impressive Q3 and Q4 numbers is going to do away with the 1 year contract option. Looking to do away with rising churn, T-mobile is going to solely focus on the 2 year contract … [read full article]