The Bargain of a Lifetime?


Well, you have to wonder what took them so long!  Looking over the tasty morsels that make up the T-Mobile phone listing you may have noticed that the big blue beast that is the T-Mobile Wing is going for the irresistably low low price of only $199.99!  Now, everybody knows that the only reason you haven’t “upgraded” to this most excellent of devices is due to it’s high price.  Well, there goes that excuse!

Hopefully now that they’ve decided to lower the price it’s only a matter of time until we have something better to replace it with.

Thanks go out to mmeyer on the forum for pointing this out as well!


  • iFloss

    OMG I think God answered my prayers.
    This seems like T-Mobile is getting rid of their stock to make room for a NEW WINDOWS MOBILE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! GO RHODIUM! I guess this means i’ll be sticking with t-mobile. Hopefully we get the rhodium and fast.

    Now all thats left is for me to hope this thing isn’t nerfed like the original t-mobile wing meaning the I hope we get the Tungsten or a better version of the Tungsten which will in end be the Rhodium but i think t-mobile learned their lesson,

  • TMoTech

    about time, if they are going to bring out a replacement. I work for TMO in the pda department, and I still use Sprint thanks to the horrible options I have on TMobile for a windows mobile phone. Maybe I can finally take advantage of my employee plan if they bring out a new (good) windows mobile phone.

  • Pakos

    2 Letters come to mind for the “WING” (P.U.) I have had this phone and it’s older brother the MDA for 3-4 years now. My sensor pad has gone out on both phones. Hope HTC fixes that problem with this next gen. of phones. I’ll give HTC one more shot at my biz if they come with more speed,power and better software!

  • steven

    how much was it before? it still seems expensive

  • MacGeek

    Pffft. For less $$$ I’d rather purchase a 1st gen iPhone and unlock it.

  • Alex

    On the T-Mo site, if you want to upgrade…its cheaper to go without the 2-year extension. 349.99 w/o extension and 379.99 with a 2-year. Does not make sense…

  • MacGeek

    Pffft. I’d rather get a used iPhone for less $$$ and unlock it.

  • Julacho

    Guys is this telephone 3G? My buddy has one with AT&T and is 3G, I am not sure if this one is 3G on T-Mobile, does any one knows?

  • joe

    WOW! and you accused me of taking your story and spinning it as my own, David?

  • MobilePaddy

    No 3g. There is absolutely no reason to consider getting this phone unless you are an antiques dealer.

  • B

    $199.99 is not a bargain for this thing. I feel sorry who anyone who thinks otherwise, and I HAVE this phone. I just hope that it clears out quickly enough so those Rhodium rumors come to fruition, with all it’s 3G goodness.

  • wow still not a blackberry and still a waste of money even with the new lower discount well i guess we can give them a hand for trying to compete with real phones sorry windows moblie sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • some dude

    How is this still relevant in today’s market with multiple android handsets about to hit the streets.

    i guess they can still make a buck by selling old tech off.

  • Brett

    @ tmotech

    if your on sprint, then why the fuck are you working for tmobile if their windows phones suck?


  • mmeyer4663

    “Most excellent”? HA!
    The whole intent of my post was to let everyone know that it appears that TMO is finally starting to clear their stock of this device to make room for a new device.
    This Wing does NOT support 3G.
    Wait for the new device if you want something “Most Excellent”! At least that’s my hope, especially after using the MDA for 3(!) years!!!

  • craig

    The Wing is an awesome phone believe it or not, but if it had 3G it would be the top phone at T-Mobile. I have the G1 which is not bad, but the 3G in my home is horrible and I’m in 3g Area so why have the phone if you can’t get 3g speed. T-Mobile bring that Wing price down to 99.00 I’m all over that phone.

  • craig

    T-Mobile need to get there Network working right before they keep bringing all these new phone out. Please work on that 3G network before anything else. :-(

  • Matt

    They still sell the Wing? *sheesh*

  • peestandingup

    Paleeease! Over $200 for a 2 year old phone that wasnt that great to begin with? Not to mention sign a new 2 year contract so by the time its time to renew, I’ve basically got a 4 year old phone?? Yeah, I’ll pass.

    Are they serious with this price? Who would buy this??

  • B

    craig, the Wing is not an awesome phone. It wasn’t even awesome when it release 2 years ago. I’m not trying to offend, but you either don’t know your tech, or you haven’t used other devices out there. The Wing was outdated when T-Mobile first put it up for sale, which is sad in itself. For you to say you would buy it now, regardless of how cheap it is, I really do have to question if you know what else is out there. The reason you don’t get strong connection in your home is because the building penetration is not great. You can also be getting interference inside. What about the Wing is better than the G1??

  • J.West

    i have this gut feeling that this blog posting is sarcasm.

    But what do i know?

  • craig

    B, the G1 is better than the Wing, but you didn’t get what I was saying, that if the Wing had 3g it would be an awesome phone because of the speed. I tell you what before the G1 came out what phone that you was using from T-Mobile? There’s a lot of stuff I can pick about on the G1 but let’s keep in mind its still a phone, sooner or later they will get there. The G1 is awesome for Web Browsing, the Gps is nice also the rest I can care less about street view and the Market which is preety weak to me anyway both phones are by HTC

  • Rob J.

    Me thinks the sarcasm detectors be a wee slow today.

  • Str8fromHellsKitchen

    my 2 cents…

    the wing was a fun phone as long as you knew how to work around the limitations by a) joining xda and b) joining ppcgeeks.

    i don’t shy from windows mobile, an overhaul needs to take place (perhaps wm7?), but there is so much you can do on windows mobile. back in the day when i owned a wing (currently own a touch diamond), i was playing super nintendo games, had custom ROMS and apps, had it looking and acting like an iPhone, had SPB Mobile Shell on it, etc., etc. the processor was overclocked, yet, the phone was still too slow for me and not enough RAM.

    the signs are there, lower the price point, get rid of the old stock, make way for the new stock… time will tell.

  • geeez… alot of you people don’t get sarcasm do you? come on people. wake up!

  • CallawayBomber

    The Wing would have been great if it had come with a performance guarantee.

    But why do they put a guarantee on the box?

    Because they know all they sold ya was a guaranteed piece of $#!T. That’s all it is, isn’t it? Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I got spare time. But for now, for your customer’s sake, for your daughter’s sake, ya might wanna think about buying a quality product from me.

    Okay, I’ll buy from you.

    Boy, did i get duped…

  • Im glad to see im the only one that isn’t exactly ga ga over this phone. Sure, its saved my life a bunch of times but I cant wait to throw the big blue brick over board. Hopefully hitting a WM developer in the process.

  • B

    craig, even if the Wing had 3G, the device itself would still be trash. High data speed wouldn’t change the internals of the phone, including the very slow processor and the extremely limited RAM. Running Windows Mobile on a device with sub-standard components is like ice skating uphill. I have the Wing, simply because it was the best T-Mobile had to offer at the time, which isn’t saying much to begin with. I also have the G1, and now I’m crossing my fingers that the Touch Pro 2 comes in May, but I still cannot grasp how you can say the Wing is better than the G1. The G1 runs circles around the Wing in every performance category, and it has nothing to do with being 3G enabled.

  • TmoRepInAl

    The Wing is the worst phone TMO has… As a rep, I actually feel sorry
    for people that walk in the store with a Wing … We should be selling
    it for $49.99 with no annual contract. For anyone who actually wastes
    their time with this piece of garbage, congratulations… you just spent $200
    on a door stopper

  • D

    Yeah, there is absolutely ZERO reason why anyone should buy this phone. It is definitely one of the worst phones Tmo can offer, especially for that ridiculous price. Phone is crippled with the slowest processor and barely any RAM, Tthis phone should be $50. I agree though that this could point to Tmobile trying to get rid of this old junk and bring in the new goodies !

  • Todd

    I have the Wing, but ONLY because 1) I used a WinMo promotion where I got it for free with a new contract, 2) I needed to switch to T-Mobile and it was the best option at the time, and 3) I knew I could load a cooked ROM on there from XDA-Developers. Most days it works alright for me, but I’m definitely looking forward to upgrading!

  • T-Mobile Too Little Too Late….

    I would have gotten this last summer if it was this price… but now I have my G1.