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T-Mobile Continues to Offer Netflix On Us Perk Despite Streamer’s Price Hike

Netflix recently raised the prices of its subscription tiers. The price change is something that worried T-Mobile customers who were enjoying the Un-carrier’s Netflix on Us perk.  Thankfully, T-Mobile has updated its support page to reflect the new changes of this promotion. In the new update, T-Mo assures its customers that it will continue to pay for their subscriptions. But there are some things … [read full article]

Netflix’s Upcoming Plan Changes Won’t Affect T-Mobile’s Netflix “On Us” Perk

Netflix announced upcoming changes to its plans and pricing earlier today.  In a nutshell, the biggest change that will be happening is that the streaming service will be ending the Basic plan that it is offering in the US and the UK. Because of this upcoming change, a number of T-Mobile customers are worried that they will no longer have access to the free Netflix Basic plan.  As confirmed by [read full article]

T-Mobile continues to offer ‘Netflix on Us’ to customers

A few days ago, Netflix revealed a new pricing structure on their plans. Considering that T-Mobile offers Netflix to customers, the Un-carrier released a statement to give their users reassurance on their subscription. According to T-Mo, “your Netflix is still on us!” Yes, you can continue to enjoy watching Netflix for free since it remains as part of your plan.  If you recently upgraded your Netflix on Us, the price change will be reflected on your T-Mobile … [read full article]

T-Mobile giving 55+ customers premium unlimited data and more features


A few days ago, T-Mobile revealed its newest plan called Magenta MAX. Now that the plan is finally available, the Un-Carrier announced that it will also be increasing the value for its 55+ customers on its Magenta Unlimited 55 plan.  With today’s announcement, the plan now includes Netflix on Us for families and a MAX tier with unlimited Premium Data with no throttling. Soon, T-Mobile will be allowing its customers to add up to four lines instead … [read full article]

T-Mobile contest offering Stranger Things prizes, including Walkie T-alkie phone case

It was nearly two years ago that T-Mobile partnered with Netflix to offer Netflix on Us, and this week the two companies are teaming up again for a special contest. T-Mobile is now holding a Stranger Things contest to celebrate the launch the show’s third season this week. Prizes include a limited edition Walkie T-alkie phone case with an extendable antenna. The case fits smaller phones like … [read full article]