T-Mobile officially launches Netflix On Us


Today’s the day that T-Mobile’s newest Un-carrier move officially goes live.

Netflix On Us is now available. With it, T-Mobile will cover the monthly cost of a standard $9.99 plan, which lets you stream on two devices at once. If you’re already signed up for a Netflix subscription, you can merge your T-Mo and Netflix accounts and T-Mobile will pay for your Netflix subscription.

If you’re interested in Netflix’s $11.99 premium plan, which offers streaming on up to four devices and Ultra HD, you can sign up for that after enrolling in Netflix On Us. You’ll then pay the $2 difference through your T-Mobile bill.

To qualify for Netflix On Us, you’ll need to be on a T-Mobile One family plan with taxes and fees included and at least two voice lines. If that’s you, then you can log in to My T-Mobile, go to Plan, select Change Services, and add the Fam Incl. Netflix $9.99 feature to your account. You can then hit the Register For Netflix button to get your Netflix account set up.

The following plans are not eligible for Netflix On Us:

  • No Credit Check
  • Prepaid
  • T-Mobile @Work
  • T-Mobile ONE Voice with a single line
  • T-Mobile ONE 2 lines for $100 tax inclusive
  • T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ tax inclusive
  • Any tax excluded plans
  • Any Mobile Internet plans (including DIGITS, LineLink, and Wearable)

Also of note is that signing up for Netflix On Us gets you Family Allowances, too. Family Allowances gives you talk and text management controls over the lines on your account, letting you do things like set a talk time limit for all calls, block device usage during set periods of time, set Never Allowed Numbers, and more.

So now that it’s officially live, have you signed up for Netflix On Us?

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  • Nick

    No because it isn’t available for me or many other customers for no reason

    • Hurlamania

      The reason would be you don’t have a one plus family plan, taxes and fees included.

      • AllHailPresidentCheetoJesus

        Yeah… I have just that and STILL don’t qualify so… Yeah…

        • Andrew Singleton

          if you’re on 2100 instead of 2120, you could add Netflix and STILL save yourself $10m over eligible people. if you have more lines, you could switch your plan to the non-promo plan and THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN PRICE. so what’s your dilemma?

        • Byron

          The problem is that when they announce, they say “TMobile One” customers. Then down in the fine print they say, except these and these and these.

          ” Through an exclusive new partnership with Netflix, T-Mobile ONE family plans will now come with Netflix — at absolutely no extra charge.”

          Then pages down in the fine print, lots of exclusions. So, basically it’s pretty much new customers. Not the old Loyal customers.

        • Haze1nut

          You can switch to the new plans. No one is stopping you. Absolutely no one. I missed out on the free lines, should i complain about that? “IF ONE PERSON PAYS THE ONE PLAN AND HAS FREE LINES WE ALL SHOULD!” you see how that comes across? You can switch and get netflix or you can keep your cheaper plan than the new customers. That’s your perk, right there. It really is that simple. No one owes you free anything.

        • Byron

          No, I’m just saying if you ended all your special promotions, then say “our TMobile One” customers get free Netflix, you’re really being disingenuous. What you are really saying is all “new” customers and existing customers who move to the TMobile One *with Netflix* plan get Netflix.

          I’m better off buying my own based on this, sure. TMO makes itself out to be the “UnCarrier”, but this is a typical “Carrier” move.

        • Jason Nguyen

          I think there’s only one other One plan, and that’s the promotional 2 lines for $100. The Unlimited 55+ plan is not a One plan.

        • MadMartigan


          The problem is that for some ridiculous reason, people on promotional plans that are arguably better than the current plans+this promotion, somehow feel they should get this promotion as well.

          What, your already better deal isn’t freaking good enough? Did you just not realize you plan was a promotion? Do you not get how those work?

          Exactly how entitled are you?

      • Robert Vernon

        But I do and they’re charging the extra 20.

  • This is one of the worst perks that they have ever offered.

    Part of the reason I switched to TMO One was that they made it sound as if future perks would be exclusive to One customers. Given the number of exclusions to this latest perk, they’re failing to keep good on that promise except in the strictest possible sense, as it is available to a small number of One customers (but obviously not all of them).

    It’s been well-documented at this point in several different tech media outlets that this is a Grade A rip-off for many people as well. When you’re able to purchase a Netflix subscription at $10 / mo, it makes little sense for people to ignore plan promos or switch to a plan that costs on average $20 more per month. This means that TMO is “covering” your $10 subscription and walking away with another $10. Think of it like this… What if I start letting everyone on this site know, “Hey! I’ll offer you all FREE Amazon Prime subscription if you just sign up for my one-year newsletter. And if you already have Prime, then I’ll let you roll it over into my program! The one-year newsletter costs only $50 / mo. What do you say?” Obviously, this is a lousy deal. I’d be using your monthly costs to cover the subscription that you could have paid for out-of-pocket (~$8 / mo.) while also keeping any additional money left over.

    I understand that TMO is a business and that they need to make money, but there’s a respectable way to do it (by making a quality product or offering a quality service at a fair market price) and there’s a disingenuous way to do it (e.g. pyramid schemes). In this scenario, you use your leverage as a big business to negotiate an actual deal with Netflix, much like receiving a discount from buying in bulk. You then pass that savings on to your customers at a tick of maybe a dollar or two more to cover costs, or alternatively, you bundle it with other perks while raising it a few more dollars. For that matter, Spotify managed to pull off *both* of these by bundling Student Premium with Limited Hulu.

    Now, had TMO pitched the idea of bolting on a Netflix subscription to your monthly bill for an extra $7 (or $9 for Premium), much like how you can add all sorts of features to your account, such as Caller Tunes, I would have been all over this. It saves me money from purchasing a Netflix subscription outright while helping them cover costs and likely make some additional money. Alternatively, had TMO pitched the idea of making a Netflix subscription part of the Plus or Plus International tiers, I would have even had to think hard about it since there are other perks within those tiers that would make upgrading an attractive option. But this current pitch? Hard pass. This was a strong TMO fail IMHO.

    • Bryan Gilomen

      What are you talking about??? Maybe it isn’t great for you. I joined a couple of months ago with a family plan and 4th line free. I just got TMobile to pay for my Netflix each month. How is that horrible? You wrote a diatribe but really went nowhere with it other than ranting.

      • You could try addressing the actual points made rather than writing it off as a “diatribe,” which isn’t a helpful way to have a discussion. Had you taken the time to do so, you would have noticed by way of inference that there is a concession that it is helpful to a very small number of people. That’s wonderful that you’re one of the exceptions, but it’s a fact that it’s not beneficial to many, if not most. Worse still, there are likely to be a number of people for whom this actually qualifies as a rip-off if they fail to do the math on their end.

        • Jason Nguyen

          Hardly one of the exceptions. There are a significant amount of people on this plan.

        • Relative to the majority? “One of the exceptions” does not imply “few in number.”

        • Jason Nguyen

          The promotion is offered on their standard plan, the one they promote the most. This is the plan they’ve been pushing since last September. Considering most of their marketing dollars go towards advertising this plan, I would consider the portion of people on this plan to be significant enough.

          At the end of the day though, T-Mobile is giving this away at no cost to the user. Even if T-Mobile gave free Netflix to 30% of its customers, that’s still a huge win.

        • First, what standard plan? There are all sorts of One customers who are excluded, if that’s what you mean by their standard plan. Single line customers are excluded, two for 100 customers are excluded, 55+ customers are excluded, and anyone on a One promo plan is excluded, all of which count as One plans.

          Let’s put this another way and look at who is included:

          Two / $120 Customers – $60 / line
          Four / $160 Customers – $40 / line
          Fourth Line Free Customers – $35 / line

          So the above are included, but the customers below are excluded:

          Single Line – $70 / line
          Two / $100 Customers – $50 / line
          55+ Customers – $30 / line

          Now, you could make a case for the 55+ customers that it’s just not cost-effective, but there’s no reasonable case that can be made to exclude single line folks at all. Arguably, the two for 100 subscribers are a borderline case, as that promo usually has other perks like free HD.

          Second, that’s not a huge win for many people who do the math. The people who have to pay two for 120 do not even receive free HD, and so they will need to purchase their HD passes to watch any content in HD. In addition, they would be financially better off had T-Mobile simply offered them their old One Promo with HD at two for 100, making them pay for their own Netflix at $10 / month. That’s a minimum savings to the consumer of $10 / month, if not more when you factor in HD passes.

          So, no, that’s not a huge win for anyone except TMO Corporate, and if you’ve been brainwashed into believing it is, then kudos to their successful marketing campaign.

          The one exception in this might be the four line folks. I’ve not followed four line promos though, and so I can’t comment on whether that turns out to be a deal or not.

        • Jason Nguyen

          Their standard plan is the One plan, not counting the promotional 2 lines for $100 plan. Sorry if the promotion doesn’t work out for you, but like I said, this is their standard plan. It’s the one they show every time you go to their site. It’s not like they added it as a bonus only to their top tier plan.

    • MadMartigan

      “When you’re able to purchase a Netflix subscription at $10 / mo, it makes little sense for people to ignore plan promos or switch to a plan”

      Woah, sparky. Logic fail. No Sh*t, Sherlock?

      This promotion is for one plan. That’s it. Using other plans or, even more ridiculously, promotions in an attempt to make this one look like any less of a deal is disingenuous at best, malicious at worst.

      For folks who are on the 2 for $120 (and so on) plan this is offered to: it amounts to the ability to either save $10 a month or get a free standard Netflix account (if they had not had one prior).

      For the rest, it is of no bearing whatsoever.

      That’s it. That’s all.

      Example: For those on promotional plans (2 for $100, over 55, etc…); they already have a promotion – the discount on their plan. And it is in many cases arguably better. They have literally nothing to complain about. They could buy their own Netflix account and still be better off.

      I honestly cannot tell if you’re just bizarrely jealous, entitled, or just plain ignorant. (That latter option would be the best of the three honestly, as it can be logically addressed.)

      • Cute. I’ll address this above in your other comment.

    • Byron

      “Part of the reason I switched to TMO One was that they made it sound as if future perks would be exclusive to One customers.”

      This is the real key here. Next offer will be free Cable TV, but not valid for TMO One Netflix users. It seems TMO One isn’t so much “One”, just more of the same constant offering changes.

      TMO One Senior
      TMO One Cheaper
      TMO One Netflix
      TMO One Next?

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    I signed up this morning. Got an email from Netflix that my method of payment changed to T-mobile. Now get 4 streams for 2 bucks instead of my old 2 for 10. Not bad

  • AllHailPresidentCheetoJesus

    This promo is such a scam… We’re on T-Mobile ONE… However we magically don’t qualify for this because we’re on a promo version of T-Mobile ONE… Really??? If T-Mobile wasn’t so cheap, we’d switch in a heartbeat as I’m tired of this carnival barking SCAM artist…

    • Jason Nguyen

      Whatever the nomenclature, you are still on the wrong plan.

    • MadMartigan

      “However we magically don’t qualify for this because we’re on a promo”

      No magic. That’s it right there. You got a better deal. That’s your promotion. Lucky you.

      You should be happy. Your promotion is better than this one.

      Instead poor entitled you is sitting here whining because other people are getting what amounts to a worse deal than you got.

      ffs…love the “logic”…

      • To be fair, Uncarrier events are usually not used to roll out promotions but to address “customer pain points.” Even when it’s not about a customer pain point, it’s usually to advertise a perk. A promotion, by contrast, is a limited time offer. For example, BingeOn was a perk, a feature added to every qualifying line for the foreseeable future, but 2 lines on us was a promo, ending after Black Friday weekend. Netflix On Us is supposed to be a perk, which means in all likelihood future promotions will actually include Netflix On Us just like future SC promos included BingeOn. Obviously, if there’s an attractive future promo that includes the Netflix On Us perk, then people can just switch over to the new promo.

        I think one major issue is how this was misrepresented. By presenting it as a perk, it initially sounds as though it will apply to all One customers (much like Music Freedom and BingeOn applied to all SC customers), and the announcement itself even made it initially seem as though it would. Had they just come out and said something like, “Free Netflix for Fullprice Customers,” I think it would have blunted a lot of the criticism (although, not even that is true because it excludes single line One customers). To be sure, people still would have complained, as they do during every Uncarrier announcement, but some of it would have been mitigated. As a side note, what people don’t realize is that by complaining during *every* Uncarrier announcement, the significance of complaining is undermined, as I’m sure at this point T-mobile just turns a deaf ear to the complaints since they are voiced all of the time during Uncarrier announcements.

        The other major issue is one of perceived fairness, whether justified or not. Of the complaints regarding fairness that I think are justified, as mentioned above, single line customers are receiving the worst end of the deal. At the opposite end of the spectrum are four+ line One customers, who are receiving a great deal. Everyone else falls somewhere in-between. For example, I think many two line One customers that pay $120 are being ripped off, and the two line One customers that pay $100 are slightly ahead by paying the $10 fee out-of-pocket.

        Are there people that just want free stuff, cost-effectiveness for a business be damned? Of course. In this case, however, there are at least some people who see this as a crummy perk in the sense that it could be better for all involved (not just more customers, but even TMO and Netflix – don’t you think Netflix would love to add even more subscribers, especially in the wake of the Disney divorce?), and so they’re pushing back against it. Jump went through several iterations as a result of customer feedback. The first version was too good, proving disadvantageous for TMO, but the second proposal was quite the opposite when you crunched the numbers. JOD found somewhat of a middle ground between the two. I think that’s what people want to see here.

        • MadMartigan

          I am responding simply to let you know I read your post. I’m not going to spend the time it would require to further this discussion though as I simply do not feel the issue is worth the time it would take to do so.

    • I don’t think you know what a scam is. Entitlement much?

      • Bryan Gilomen

        You’ve been getting a better benefit for a longer time. Sorry for your loss.

    • Hurlamania

      You answered your own question. Your getting a cheap plan therefore they are not going to pay for your Netflix. Give up your other discount and they will pay for your Netflix.

  • Omegajb

    T-Mobile is killing it as of late. I’m on T-Mobile One, I have the slightly higher Netflix plan so I’ll be paying $2 per month for what I already was paying for. I just got 2 Note 8’s on the BOGO, I’m selling the second one and with the rebate it’s like the first one is free too. In addition I qualified for the 360 and the SD card with charging station. It’s almost like they are paying me to use it. Minus the service of course.

    • marque2

      Are you selling to a friend. or do you use Ebay or something? LG gave me two “free” projectors with my G6 phones, and I want to get rid of them.

      • Omegajb

        I don’t know yet. I’ve found selling things on Ebay to be a hassle. I stopped selling used phones because uneducated buyers don’t know how phones work and demand money back with the treat of poor feedback.

  • Roman AGalus

    No Netfix for bussines consumers, 4 or 6 or 8 lines no Netfix. Great

    • Jason Nguyen

      Why would you give a Netflix account to a business?

      • Linx

        Because many of us are small & individual business account holders that only have a business account for tax purposes. That is the only difference.

  • stasek

    I’ve finally decided to ditch my Simple Choice plan (5 lines, $15 for 6GB high speed data on my line, $6.88 EIP – iphone 7 free upgrade from last year) – total $164.51. Add $10 for basic Netflix, and I’ve been right at $175. With the promotion, we’ll be at $180 – $10 kickback (1 of the lines uses hardly any data). It’s become a no brainer considering 4 lines have been going over the high speed data allowance almost every month.
    No complaints here!

  • Phil

    No love for old school Select choice unlimted talk/text 25.00 plan with 20.00 unlimited data.
    I will live lol

    • Sharti24

      Dang. How old’s that plan?

      • Phil

        I’m thinking that 25 plan was from 2013.

        I joined TM around 4 years ago with 70.00 unlimited plan – 50.00 + 20.00 unlimited data.
        A couple years later they had LTE rollout issue in my area that screwed up 4G big time.
        I emailed John getting fast reply from his 3rd in charge that took care of me.
        1 week later network issue fixed, they payed off my Galaxy S5 & gave 25.00 plan

        A pretty good deal i wasn’t expecting.

  • Jason

    Signed up this morning! Or rather I linked my existing Netflix account to tmo this morning. Just like that I have saved $132 a year. Pretty amazing for us 4 for 160 people with the promo tmo one plus free feature!!

  • gmo8492

    Simple choice customers get shafted once again.

    • Andrew Singleton

      lol shafted by allowing you to keep your under-priced plan forever… sounds awful

    • Hurlamania

      You get a lower rate

    • MadMartigan

      Poor guy. Whatever will you do with all that extra money you’re saving?


    • Pak T

      Ya agreed with the other respondents. I too have Simple Choice with 5 lines and even paying the $9.99 for Netflix out of pocket (which I already do) I am paying LESS than if I instead changed to a “One” plan and got the Netflix included. I will happily keep my $100 (4 lines) + $10 for the 5th line with 2.5G of data per line (which for years now has been plenty for all of us).

  • Haze1nut

    So how does this work if you still have $200 Netflix credit?

    • Andrew Singleton

      There’s no way to transfer credit to my knowledge, so I would recommend donating or possibly selling your login with that 20 months credit to someone and starting a new account to use with T-Mobile.

    • Hurlamania

      See if Netflix will mail you your credit in the form of a check. Or usr up you credit before you sign up. Or give one away. Or have 2 accounts

    • Gardo

      Get a new account, that’s what I did. When my credits run out I’ll just cancel that account and keep the free one from Tmobile.

  • Hurlamania

    Of all the things to bitch about its $9.99 Netflix because you pay $50 less than people who get it for free, come on. When there is a legit issue no one says anything.
    But you don’t get your Netflix paid for on top of your low rate plan all hell breaks lose. The world we live in.
    Sure I’ve had gripes still have one issue I wish could get fixed but not getting Netflix paid for sure isn’t one of them. I Like my bill like it is.
    Much love

    • Alvin Brinson

      Most of us aren’t upset tht we aren’t getting free Netflix. It is the fact that t-mobile is basically screwing with people trying to claim something is free when it is not I’d you are forced to switch to a higher rate plan to get it.

      • Hurlamania

        Umm they don’t say free they say on us meaning they pay for it. For you if your are on a regular tmo 1 family plan taxes and fees included. It’s fairly simple and was stated clearly at the announcement. What don’t you understand?
        And yes you are upset you aren’t getting your Netflix bill paid or you wouldn’t be posting here…

    • Josh Palomo

      You said it bro, it’s the world we live in.

  • fechhelm

    I signed up this morning. I was told I would get a text with a link to Netflix to open my account. Still don’t have that text. Anyone else get theirs?

    • Jason

      So when I did it, I did it through My tmobile on a laptop browser. It showed a little link for the netflix free for my account on the right side. Once i clicked it, and accepted it, it sent me to a netflix site to log in and then it was all done. So it should all be at the same time

      • fechhelm

        I tried it that way and I lost an existing promo and it showed my bill would go up $25. So I called customer service and they ensured me my bill would stay the same.

        • Jason

          Oh your way is better then. Keep calling and nagging them and escalate and make sure its documented.

    • kgs

      was told that could take 24-48 hours.

    • Gardo

      Go through the Tmobile app, you will see a banner, click on it and the sign up screen will show up. I never got the text they told me about.

      • fechhelm

        It’s hard to complain about free. I found nothing in the Tmobile app, called customer service for the 4th time. Finally got the link emailed to me and it doesn’t work. Called customer service for the 5th time and find out the link is broken. Should be fixed in 3-4 business days. So I signed up 2 hrs after promo went live and I’ll actually get it a week later. But again it’s hard to complain about free.

  • Gardo

    Just got mine, thanks Tmobile!! You are awesome.

  • Al Majetic

    I thought when it says “it’s on us” it really means I would get free netflix. I have a 4 lines for $185 after tax (unlimited). it says I would have to pay $200 to change to tmobile1 (4 lines) and then it would give me netflix. Basically costing me extra $15..? This is BS marketing.

    • Jason

      Your plan sounds wrong. It should be 4 for 160, INCLUDING ALL TAXES AND FEES and free netflix. Thats what I have

      • Al Majetic

        That’s what I thought it was, but it says (copy&paste) “2 lines included $20 per additional line with AutoPay”
        That means $160 for 2 lines and $20ea additional one… Or am I not understanding correctly.

        • Jason

          No thats not right. It is 4 for 160, but they dont overtly advertise that 160 because it includes autopay discounts and requires paperless. So itll show up as 4 for 180, then youll get an automatic 20 dollar credit each month to make it 160. And you really should change to a current taxes and fees included plan like 4 for 160. It saves you a grip on taxes

        • Al Majetic

          I’m not seeing any other plan offer online. Is there a name for this plan? I wanna call them and ask.

        • Jason

          Its the standard 4 line plan. You dont have any add ons do you? Or equipment costs etc? Because every customer service rep should be able to get you the 4 for 160 plan (with ap discount). I woud call 611 and tell them you want that plan.

    • kgs

      They credit you back the $15. Really a screwy way to give you something free. Charge you for it then credit it back.

      • Sassinak

        They charge and the credit back because then the taxes are on us. Vs. if its a straight “gift” then they would be liable for the taxes/expenses. Makes sense when you think about it.

        • kgs

          I can understand that, but Netflix is $9.99. Why charge us $15, then credit back $15? Why not $9.99?

        • I think it’s because the perk includes Family Allowances as well. Family Allowances by itself is something that they charge $5 for.

  • Jason

    So there are a lot of mad 2 for 100 people around here, but you should have gotten the greatest promo I think tmo has offered. 4 for 160 plus the One Plus Promo for free for all lines, with HD video included, plus you got a 5th free line during the free AAL. And the greatest thing is that 4 for 160 base plan qualifies for free netflix. Now if you dont need 4 lines, you dont need 4 lines, so thats clearly an issue but if you have a family, that was a great promo

    • Alvin Brinson

      Should have gotten something I don’t need to get a $10 promo? Lol…

    • skywalkr2

      I am still on the 4 for 120… I’ll keep that

  • Steven Oakley

    A few months ago I was calling t-mobile with a problem, they told me about Tmobile one I could save some money on my bill. Today I called and was told “you have an incompatible plan” my Tmobile plan has exactly the same features as this current plan but it has a promotional discount of $20. So in order to get $9.95 Netflix for free I would in fact pay more!
    After 15 years with Tmobile maybe its time to consider my options as this continual “bait and switch” tactics is becoming annoying.

    • Hurlamania

      So buy Netflix and save $10

  • Alvin Brinson

    Lying t-mobile. I have four lines, two are Voice with One “All In” plan yet not compatible with this supposed “free” offer. It’s obvious they are no longer the moral High ground in the mobile industry.

    Edit: it’s not that I really care about “free” Netflix”. It is that Tmo is promoting this as for One plan customers, but then excluding a very large portion of One plan customers in the fine print. It is dishonest advertising, hardly the “UnCarrier” they claim to be.

    • Jason

      How much are you paying for the 4?

    • Linx

      So True!

  • Timothy Poplaski

    I have to admit, I feel kinda pissed. I was all set to sign up for the free Netflix just to find out my @Work account doesn’t quality. That pisses me off because I switch everything over to @Work as the only way to fix the FUBAR my family account turned into after repeated customer service screwups. Looks like I’m screwed again.

    And no, can’t switch back, I’d lose what promos I have left. It’s just frustrating to hear all about this great new benefit and then get “OOps,not for YOU, we don’t care as much about having your business.”

    • Linx

      Beautifully put!

  • bolognavest

    I would point out that when one clicks “See Full Terms” on the TMO website, the “full” terms read, in full:

    “Offer subject to change. Receive Netflix Standard 2-screen (up to $9.99/mo. value) while you maintain 2+ qual’g T-Mobile ONE lines in good standing. Netflix account & compatible device required. Value may be applied to different Netflix streaming plans. Not redeemable or refundable for cash; cannot be exchanged for Netflix gift subscriptions. Cancel Netflix anytime. Netflix Terms of Use apply: http://www.netflix.com/termsofuse. 1 offer per T-Mobile account; may take 1-2 bill cycles. Like all plans, features may change or be discontinued at any time; see T-Mobile Terms and Conditions at T-Mobile.com for details. On all T-Mobile plans, if congested, top 3% of data users (>32GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds due to prioritization. Video typically streams at DVD quality (480p). Tethering at max 3G speeds.”

    Nowhere is “qualifying” defined to exclude the 2 lines TMO ONE All In Promo, or even at all. And there are no further terms included by reference except for the Netflix terms of use which do not relate to TMO at all. So for those of you talking about how people complaining are just whiners who think they’re entitled to something they’re not entitled to, blame the TMO lawyers or marketers who failed to define the scope of the promotion.

    • icwhatudidthere

      Qualifying isn’t defined at all there, but in the FAQs it says it’s only for standard rate plans.

    • Zay

      The lawyers did their job well. By using the language of “qualifying T-Mobile One lines” they give themselves the flexibility to change which plans they allow to qualify. Why spell out specific plans in the terms and then never be able to add in new ones?

  • skywalkr2

    except switching to that plan would greatly increase my monthly TMO bill…

  • Kallie S

    This is nice. But I do have the 2 for 100 promo right now. I might as well just pay for netflix and save 10 a month. $120 saved a year is worth it.