T-Mobile comes out on top in another U.S. mobile network report


Days after Ookla declared T-Mobile to have the fastest mobile network in the U.S., another report has come out to support Ookla’s claim.

Wirefly released its 2017 Internet Speed Rankings today, saying that T-Mobile had the fastest network in the U.S. in the first half of 2017. According to the results of Wirefly’s results, T-Mobile had an overall speed of 21.06 Mbps. Verizon finished with 20.91 Mbps, AT&T had 16.33 Mbps, and Sprint had 14.82 Mbps.

This Overall Speed ranking is a combination of download and upload speeds, with download speed getting a 90 percent weight and upload speed getting a 10 percent weight.


T-Mobile also came out on top when looking at pure download speeds, putting up an average speed of 22.18 Mbps. And while T-Mo didn’t complete the sweep by posting the fastest average upload speed, it did come in second with an average upload of 11.06 Mbps.

Wirefly says that its speed test tool is HTML5-based and was used by thousands of unique devices that performed thousands of tests.

Source: Wirefly

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  • Sharti24

    Yes, tmobile has the fastest network but their coverage lacks in rural areas, No need to post articles weekley about this. Plus it sure helps out on internet speeds when you have HALF the customer base of Att and Verizon!

    • icwhatudidthere

      You’re on a site about T-Mobile news. Of course they’re gonna post articles touting T-Mobile.

      The other way to interpret your customer base comment is that AT&T and Verizon have been unable and/or unwilling to build out network infrastructure to support the user base they’ve attracted, resulting in slower speeds for everyone on their networks.

      • marque2

        Tmo also has to cover the same amount of country with service as AT&T and Verizon with only half the base to support it. That is a feat in itself.

    • Rey Paramore

      Then what’s Sprint’s excuse?

      • Sharti24

        Poor execution from the top on down. Plus a lack of money

        • Brandon

          I wish that Tmobile would take all of their customers

        • Menobastian

          That can be arranged, If tmobile buys sprint.

        • Sharti24

          And their debt?

        • Brandon

          I wish that in a perfect world, that Tmobile could just steal all of Sprint’s customers without buying Sprint out.

  • Rob H.

    They need to improve indoor coverage in 38242. We are primarily on Band 4 here. I got a dead spot in my home.

    • Brian the populist.

      I had a similar issue with Verizon that’s why I switch to T-Mobile and now I don’t have that problem and I live in Bronx New York very dense Urban Market I was kind of disappointed

      • Robert Crawley

        Rob H. and Brian the populist,
        I had a similar issues, and TMobile will send you a cell phone router/booster if you call them and let them know. I got one and now have great service in my home. There is no cost to you, and all you do is plug it into your internet router and an outlet. Mine also has a gps antenna for enhanced 911 features.
        TMoble has great customer support from my experiences and will work with you to fix problems, but they have to know about them first. Also they are working on bringing the 600Hz system to the market sometime next year is when the first phones for it will be available.

  • icwhatudidthere

    Your rebuttal to third parties saying Verizon is slower is that the Verizon CFO says they’re doing well?

    • Phil

      Sharti24 is T-mobile stalker!
      He’s pi**ed T coverage isn’t so great in his area & stuck paying Verizon arm-leg

      • Jason Caprio

        Last time I checked T-Mobile’s prices and Verizon’s are nearly identical. Once T-Mobile is “better” than Verizon, I promise you T-Mobile will be the more expensive option.

        • Sharti24

          Gotta pay for that new spectrum somehow

        • KMB877

          Did you see a Verizon cellphone bill? You’ll see how far away is “nearly identical” price.

        • Andrew Addison

          T-Mobile-MetroPCS is way Better than Verizon. Sorry.

        • PhantomOps

          Seriously…you think they’re nearly identical? VZW is $130 PLUS tax and fees for two lines basic unlimited, so about $140. TMO is $100 INCLUDING all tax & fees for two lines. And if one person is at least 55 years old, then you can get Unlimited 55 for $60 TOTAL. VZW doesn’t even come close. The very reason I dumped VZW after being with them for years.

      • Sharti24

        Coverage is great in my area of Akron/canton ohio. Im on tmobiles 2 for $100 plan and added a third line free in march. Plus i used the 20% insider hook up so im paying $80 for 3 lines. I love tmobile but im just giving them a hard time to improve their network. Call it “tough love” lol

      • Andrew Addison

        T-Mobile-MetroPCS coverage, is way Better than Verizon Wireless old fake native coverage/network. Boy Please.

  • Gary Martin

    I am getting 42 down and 12 up in Victorville, CA

  • KMB877

    Band LTE 66 is not the 600 MHz frequency, is part of the band 4. The band LTE 71 is the new 600 MHz service.

  • AllHailPresidentCheetoJesus

    LOL… That’s great I guess… T-Mobile’s network is so great we require a femtocell at home just to get any signal at all… If T-Mobile wasn’t so cheap, we’d switch in a heartbeat as the network in the SF Bay Area as a whole is just garbage…