T-Mobile Netflix on Us isn’t changing following Netflix’s price increase in the US


Netflix is getting more expensive in the US starting today, and some T-Mobile customers may be wondering if the changes affect T-Mo subscribers with Netflix on Us.

First up, the Standard and Premium versions of Netflix are the ones getting pricier. The Standard plan is getting a $1 increase to $13.99 per month while the top-end Premium plan with 4K streaming is getting a $2 price hike to $17.99 per month.

The Basic plan is staying at its $8.99 per month price.

When it comes to Netflix on Us, T-Mobile has confirmed to TmoNews that the benefit isn’t changing. Magenta family plan customers will continue to get Netflix Basic while Magenta Plus subscribers will get Netflix Standard at no additional cost. T-Mobile One Plus customers will still get Netflix Standard included in their plan at no additional cost.

Customers with Netflix on Us who have chosen to upgrade their Netflix subscription to a higher tier will have their plan’s price increase passed on to them. The price change will appear on their bill in the coming months as it’s rolled out by Netflix.

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  • Mike Thaler

    We used to subscribe/unsubscribe a couple times/year. Now don’t have to bother.

  • dcmanryan

    Lovely. So being in the One plan with 5 of 8 lines on the One Plus promo from 2017 my new Netflix price will now be $7/month as it’s $5/month now for 4 streams and 4K. I’m debating if it’s worth it.

    • Why wouldn’t it be? Netflix is a great compliment to cable no matter the price!

    • Hoosier__Daddy

      After the increase, it’s still well less than 6 cents per day per stream. Maybe a Gofundme to make up for the $2/mo increase? Or make the kids pay for their streams?

      • dcmanryan

        I hardly watch it. You’re basing all your assumptions off someone who uses the service daily which I don’t.

        • Hoosier__Daddy

          Then GoFundMe seems the best solution.

        • dcmanryan

          Your attempt at humor failed. It has nothing to do with rather I can afford $2. Netflix is a company I despise and even at a discounted rate I have a hard time giving them money for something I don’t use much. After they basically put child porn on there for all I’m about done with their service and garbage original content. The kids and mother in law use it and that’s the only reason I may keep it.

        • Brigitte Baumgartner

          I don’t know, it was damn funny to me.

        • dcmanryan

          Perhaps you and Mr Hoosier_Daddy should consider getting a room then.

  • This is an incredible value! Even with the premium plan, definitely worth it!

  • Jon

    Honestly if it weren’t for this I would have unsubscribed a long time ago. I understand the reason behind the price increases but I am in the category of not wanting to pay too much for my content consumption.

  • James Symmonds

    People here in the comments wondering if it’s even worth it anymore. Meanwhile, those of us who are single and have zero reason to have more than one line don’t get squat are looking at you with some serious side eye.

    • Manbearpig

      I wish they would count tablet lines

      • marque2

        Pair up with James so you can both get the discounts.

    • marque2

      Can you pair up with someone, maybe your parents, brother, sister, gf, bf, bo? I pay for my mom’s line because she was in the same situation, now she gets the benefits. I imagine I will be supporting my kids lines until they are probably married.

      • James Symmonds

        Ok, I’m guessing you missed the single part. I’m not putting a gf on my plan. Family all has their own plans on other carriers.

        • marque2

          No I got the single part that is why I was suggesting finding a phone partner. I know some families around here with 10 lines split between three households.

        • marque2

          Thinking about it – you would be a good candidate for mint mobile. They have an unlimited plan that is $90 for three months. They use Tmobile as the base network so your phone should be compatible. Beats $70 a month.

  • Bryck

    Terminated my subscription last Month. Can’t justify the price any longer.

    • marque2

      Even only three bucks a month was a bit much, when they insist on showing child pr0n like Cuties.

      • Desertwhale

        2 pedophiles downvoted you. Wear that badge with honor!

  • Nate

    If Disney+ didn’t suck so bad I’d give them my $7. But all they have is a pile of things I’ve seen a thousand times. With the future of movie theaters hanging by a thread, Netflix still offers good content without having to pay an extra $30 on top of your monthly subscription. By Spring though, things could flip again. Only time will tell!

  • Mike Smith

    Love that this benefit continues… has become even more valuable during the pandemic and the shows keep getting better and better!

  • Jesse

    looks like I’ll be paying $2 more with a total of $7.

    • shawn murray

      i will be paying 2 more making it 5 why would you be paying 7.

      • Jesse

        because I’m already paying $5 for the 4k subscription.