LG Wing 5G launching at T-Mobile on November 6 with BOGO deal in tow


Following its official debut last month, the LG Wing 5G is finally ready for takeoff on T-Mobile.

The LG Wing 5G will be available from T-Mobile starting November 6. Pricing will be set at $0 down and $41.67 per month for 24 months, or you can get the Wing with an 18-month JUMP! On Demand lease for $249.99 down and $31 per month. Full retail price will be $999.99.

T-Mo is also rolling out a Buy One, Get One deal that’ll let you get a second Wing for free after 24 monthly bill credits when you buy one. This deal does not require a new line or device trade-in.

The LG Wing 5G features a 6.8-inch 2460×1080 P-OLED screen that swivels 90 degrees to reveal a second 3.9-inch 1240×1080 G-OLED display. This lets you run two different apps simultaneously, enabling you to do things like watch a video on the main display while browsing the web or texting with a friend on the secondary screen.


The triple rear camera setup on the Wing includes a 64MP main camera and a 13MP ultra wide cam with 117-degree field of view. There’s also a 12MP ultra wide Gimbal Motion camera that lets you put the Wing into its swivel mode and use it like a gimbal with “pro-grade stabilization” and a lock feature that helps you capture what’s in front of you while you’re moving by limiting the camera’s movement in all directions.

Also inside the LG Wing 5G is a Snapdragon 765G processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, microSD card slot, and a 4000mAh battery. There’s a 32MP pop-up selfie camera, too, along with an in-display fingerprint sensor, water repellent coating, and Android 10.

The Wing supports T-Mobile’s 600MHz low-band and 2.5GHz mid-band 5G.

Now that the LG Wing 5G is arriving at T-Mo, does its swiveling display have you thinking about picking one up?

Sources: T-Mobile, LG Wing 5G

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  • James Symmonds

    LG… with a far from standard display set up. Good luck on the updates, folks.

    • DominiMMIV

      Be specific….regarding current phones, not a G3 or a Leon, etc.

      • James Symmonds

        Specific about what? What part did you not understand about that?

    • krisstofer

      Actually LG is quite getting better now with their updates. I have my LG G8 and it’s been updated 4x already since I got it last year. I had 3x Security patch update and 1 time OS version update from 9 to android 10. Let’s change the narrative. I believe LG is thriving.

      • g2a5b0e

        If you consider 3 security updates in a year impressive, you should probably rethink your standards aboutwhat the frequency of those updates should look like.

        • krisstofer

          It is impressive. For my LG G8 for this year I got 3 Security patch update already. Happened last April, then Aug, and now Oct. I have the current Oc1,2020 Android security patch level. LG was not of this aggressive before. I’m surprised. Good job!

        • g2a5b0e

          Correction. It’s impressive to you. My Note 20 Ultra has received the same number of security updates in the last 3 months. Be satisfied with mediocrity & it’s exactly what you’ll get.

  • Fan_Posting

    Great specs, a No go at least for me, due to the pricing…

    • dcmanryan

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this has the highest MSRP of any 765G phone. You’re paying for the novelty factor more than anything and slightly more RAM and decent storage most won’t ever use.

  • Rob

    In this day and age where video recordings are a matter of life or death, the gimbal recording feature will be a game changer.

    • Outrager

      I doubt it.

  • Mickey T

    If you’re needing two phones the promotion is a great deal since it’s no new line needed or trade in.

  • steveb944

    With the BOGO my parents are interested. Same pricing as Pixel with better specs. Can’t wait.

  • Francisco Peña


  • marque2

    I should have waited for this instead of getting the LG V60 bogo – But alas, I won’t be in the market for a new phone for at least a year from now. 5g is currently rather disappointing 5g in name only, while only getting 4g service.

    To anyone out there – unless you really need a new phone, because the current one is breaking or only 3g, just wait one more year until the 5g technology matures, and the 5g service is truly ubiquitous.

    • The V60 is still an overall better phone.

      • dcmanryan

        I agree. A much better chip and camera system than this phone.

        $1k for a mid tier chipset and novelty phone is ridiculous and until we speak with our wallets this crap will continue. This phone will go nowhere and a few curious buyers will try it out and 2 years from now it will be a bad memory. I respect innovation but this isn’t the future.

  • pda96

    This phone is way too weird for me. LG is trying hard to be different. In this case, it’s trying to outsmart itself with this weird design. I don’t think this phone will sell well.

  • That Guy

    This phone really intrigues me. I watched a couple of videos. and even my wife, a hardcore iSheep thought it was cool. I can’t wait to set it up in my car with GPS on the top and the phone on the bottom. If I could run the GPS mapping on 3/4 of the top with the last 1//4th being MPH, Time to destination, etc. that would be great.

    I may run a dash cam program as well.

  • Bklynman

    I would like to know what kind of cases can protect this phone?