LG Wing features two screens and swivel design, coming to T-Mobile


LG today took the wraps off of the Wing, the first device in its Explorer Project that aims to “discover new ways to interact with mobile devices.”

The LG Wing features two display, including a 6.8-inch 2460×1080 P-OLED main display and a secondary 3.9-inch 1240×1080 G-OLED screen. Just rotate the main display 90 degrees and you’ll enter Swivel Mode, giving you access to both screens at once.

In Swivel Mode, you can run two apps at once, like watching a video on the main display and chatting on the second screen or getting map directions on the large display while taking a phone call on the smaller one. You can also expand apps to use both screens at once, like watching a YouTube video with the preinstalled NAVER Whale browser on the main screen while viewing the comments on the smaller display.


That second screen can also be used in a gimbal mode. This turns the second display into a grip, helping you to hold the LG Wing steady while recording video. Plus, there are controls like ones found on a real gimbal on that second display, like a joystick for controlling the camera angle and a pan follow for horizontal movement with minimal shake.

The triple rear camera setup on the LG Wing includes a 64MP main camera, a 13MP ultra wide cam with 117-degree field of view, and a 12MP Ultra Wide Big Pixel camera. There’s also a 32MP selfie camera that pops out from the body of the LG Wing, and you can choose to record video with both the front cam and a rear camera simultaneously.

The LG Wing body measures 169.5 x 74.5 x 10.9mm and it weighs 260 grams, or around 0.57 pounds, which LG says makes the Wing “no heavier than many of today’s large display smartphones.” The swiveling mechanism on the Wing has been tested to last for more than 200,000 swivels.


Inside that body is a Snapdragon 765G processor with 5G support. LG has included 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB storage options, plus a microSD slot with support for cards up to 2TB. There’s a 4000mAh battery powering the Wing plus Quick Charge 4+ fast charging support and wireless charging.

LG has included an in-display fingerprint reader with the Wing, and on the software side the phone is powered by Android 10. LG also touts that the Wing offers IP54 water and dust resistance.

The LG Wing will launch first in South Korea next month, but it is coming stateside, too. LG has confirmed to TmoNews that the Wing will be available from US carriers, starting with Verizon and then followed by T-Mobile and AT&T. No pricing information has been announced yet.

What do you think of the LG Wing? Does its swiveling mechanism and dual display design have you interested?

Source: LG

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  • Dcwiker05

    Watch the unbox therapy on this and I’m intregued. Haven’t had an LG since the G5 and man what a joke that was but seems LG has come a long way. May just have to give this a try.

    • krisstofer

      same here. this is so unique.

      • Dcwiker05

        It reminds me of a modern take on the blackberry Priv. I absolutely loved the blackberry Priv and The only reason I didn’t buy it is because you could not root that device at the time, And back then Android just wasn’t usable without root in my opinion. Now I have a pixel and I haven’t rooted my phone since my G5 actually. So I feel like I could be very happy with this phone provided LG’s quality control issues have gone by the wayside. And I get that modern spin on the Priv.

        Definitely love how unique this is, And maybe if I don’t get this version if they bring it back next year in a new and improved fashion I might go for it. Especially since everything I’ve seen about this upcoming generation of pixel is lackluster at best. I like the face unlocked and I hate hole punch display cameras even more so than notches so the Pixel 5 seems to be a complete waste for me.

  • krisstofer

    Another first from LG. They always start a new innovations that wows me! Kudos LG you nailed it again!

    • g2a5b0e

      How can you say they nailed it when you haven’t even tried it yet? That’s about the most fanboy-ish sounding thing ever. Give it a hands-on before you rave about it being the best thing ever. At least then, your comment has some credibility to it.

      • Francisco Peña

        I call boot loops first!

      • Ajm

        To be fair this is a brand new concept that appears well executed. From the review videos and other information it’s probably one of the better designed/executed new concepts on the market today.

        And as someone who is also tired of the last near decade of boring glass slabs where we argue about the bezel sizes or color of fuchsia this looks pretty cool.

        I don’t think it’s fan boyish to say they nailed bringing a new form factor to the table that appears to be smooth, well thought out and we’ll tested. What that actually translates to in reality is something different, but credit where credit is due.

        My main concern is they take years to do android updates and I’m not sure I want to have a cutting edge ( potentially stellar ) device with already old software getting older by the month.

      • krisstofer

        U didn’t get what I mean do u? What I said about LG nailed it again is that they are the first one to come up again with this kind of INNOVATION. Something different and something unique from the rest. Hope u got my point there.

  • Nionx

    This will be my next single screen phone. There, I said it.

  • steveb944

    I like the pop-up camera. It’s one of the main privacy items I like from my OP7P.
    As long as price is good it’s either Moto or LG for double screen 5G, otherwise Pixel for 5G.

  • Jay Holm

    I wonder what the difference is between P-OLED & G-OLED???

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    knowing Lg’s track record of software development and hardware games I have low hopes here. Maybe LG will prove us all wrong for once…

  • Christopher Heimann

    When I first saw this I was thinking sidekick like swivel, now that I would be intrigued by.

  • Samuel Clemens

    Want. Big thumbs. Want the huge keyboard. Want navigation and other display like OBD II.. 5G. etc

  • DHar Harr

    LG… Nope

  • Sean Murphy

    i have located Tony Stark’s phone from Iron Man

  • mreveryphone

    Haven’t had any issues with my V60 Dual Screen so I’ll try this out as it’s a new and fresh version of the modern cell phone…

  • Scott LaRue

    Whether you like LG or not, you have to admit that this is innovative.

    • Mr. Small

      LG has always been an innovator……the G5, first with a QHD screen, the V series. I have the V60, and after hearing that LG would push more updates I was cautiously optimistic…..but, now its all just a bunch of lies…….still stuck on the July security patch, and no SA update. I may simply return it for the Pixel 5. As an aside, Ive always been an LG fan, but whomever is in charge of their phone unit needs a huge butt whoopin for the lack of support.

    • Remember: NOVEMBER!

      LG Wing: Gimbal alone is a game changer.
      Swivel is nice thoughtful innovation.

  • Nikademus

    That is pretty slick, I was honestly going to upgrade my Note 3 with a Note 20 Ultra, but i might just grab that Wing instead, bet it will cost less and that is freaking a crazy phone.