Google event on September 30 will bring new Pixel phones


Google’s new Pixel phones are coming later this month.

Google today announced an event for September 30 that’ll include “new Pixel phones” as well as a “new Chromecast” and the company’s “latest smart speaker”. The event will begin at 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET.

It’s likely that both the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are the new phones Google is referring to. Both models were teased by Google last month when it announced the Pixel 4a, with Google saying that both phones will include 5G support and that the Pixel 4a 5G will cost $499.

T-Mobile has sold several of Google’s recent Pixel phones, including the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 flagships, but it does not carry the Pixel 4a, so it remains to be seen which of these upcoming phones will be available from T-Mo. Even if T-Mobile doesn’t carry either model, though, you should be able to buy one unlocked from Google and use it on T-Mo with no issues.

The “new Chromecast” being teased by Google is likely a new Android TV dongle that’s leaked previously. It’s said to be a small, oval-shaped piece of hardware that includes a remote and could be priced at $49.99.

Finally, the new smart speaker is expected to be an updated version of the Google Home. Google teased a tall, slim Nest smart speaker earlier this year.

Which of these upcoming Google devices are you most interested in?


Source: The Verge

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  • Mark McCoskey

    Is it to soon for Qualcomm’s SA and VoNR featured X60 5G modem to be in a device? Would like to know which 5G modems will be offered in the Pixel’s, since my phone is my internet.

    • mckillio

      The Pixel has the SD 760G which has the X52 modem. The X60 won’t be available on any phones until early next year to my knowledge, hopefully it will be integrated unlike the X55.

      What phone do you have now?

      • Mark McCoskey

        T-Mobile’s OnePlus 6T. Coming up on 2 years. Will probably replace it next year.

        • mckillio

          This would be an upgrade in terms of the modem but it does sound like you might want to wait for the X60.

        • Mark McCoskey

          There’s no mid-band n41 where I live YET, so no reason to purchase a device now. I will wait for the X60, or something even better. I’m patient. My 6T streams everything I’m interested in consuming. It’s just that 5G will stream it even better.

        • dcmanryan

          Not sure how 5G would help if it’s already streaming buffer free.

        • Mark McCoskey

          I said it streams, never mentioned “buffer free”. THAT is my interest in 5G.

        • dcmanryan

          Fair enough. But I don’t consider something streaming everything I’m interested in if it buffers. Either way, not worth the arguing over.

          I would wait like you said for the n41 band. On band 71 it’s hit or miss if 4g is quicker. So far I’m not impressed in Utah using a OnePlus 8. Whatever you do DON’T buy the OnePlus 8 as this is the worst phones I’ve owned with constant freezing, terrible camera that Gcam can’t even help much with, curved screen sucks, people call and it goes directly to voicemail. This will be my first and last OnePlus phone.

  • Mike Thaler

    Don’t need a phone. 3aXL works fine. WILL get their updated Chromecast w. REMOTE since it should work well w. their YTTV Live streaming service. Hopefully remote will take verbal commands.

    • dcmanryan

      I’ll definitely get the Chromecast too and ditch all these buggy FireSticks that need to be reset often and constantly clear the cache.

  • Andrea Cristiano Maietta

    I may swap my s20 for a pixel 5 seriously if the camera is anywhere close to the s20 I may do it. S20 has constant connectivity issues it’s getting old

    • Sayahh

      Will it have 5G? Naming it Pixel 5G would be a no-brainer.

      What other phones will you consider?

      • Andrea Cristiano Maietta

        Yes it will. Both the pixel 4a5g and pixel 5 will be 5g. No other phones are for consideration. I don’t like big phones. They’re clumsy and uncomfortable. So it’s either I keep this or get a pixel. Maybe on the far chance I wait for the new iphone

        • marque2

          It will have 5g but with the 765 chipset it will only have 1 channel making the max speed roughly half VS a phone that supports two 5g connections.

          Also note, 5g isn’t really all there yet. It says I am getting 5g on my phone but since I am connected to band 66 I know it isn’t 5g. The speeds are about the same as LTE as well unless I am really on 5g (band 12 I think) and then it actually often speeds up of I turn 5g off.

          If you wait 6 months to a year for 5g you really won’t be missing anything. Save some bucks and keep the old phone another year.

        • Andrea Cristiano Maietta

          You are wrong about the 5G It will wippoet both mmwave and sub 6 5g

        • marque2

          Why would it? It only has half the 5g capacity of high end phones.

          And secondly, I can tell you haven’t been currently using a 5g phone. Except in select “show spots” there is currently little improvement over 4g and the phone will often just say 5g when it is really connected to a 4g source. It is best to save your money and wait 6 months to a year for the network to flesh out. As I pointed out in some places it is better to turn off 5g because if you actually connect the speed is slower – this problem has been slowly going away but is still there.

          Also there are little things Tmobile has to flesh out – like needing a new special Sim for SA 5g and training staff about this. When I bought the V60 phone I got the old Sims – Tmobile kindly traded them out yesterday, but in 6 months time, mistakes like that won’t happen.

          They are building out, but I can tell you, there is currently no reason to rush into 5g. I should have waited.

        • Andrea Cristiano Maietta

          Bro I have the new sim and a galaxy s20 so yes I have 5G. The new pixel Will also have both it was already leaked in the specs so why are you blatantly disregarding the evidence. Just looknup the specs and the damn chipset it carries both 5G bands.

        • marque2

          Your Galaxy S20 is potentially twice as fast as phones using the 765 chipset – which only has one 5g channel VS the 865 and your Exynos 990 which have two. Your S20 can do 5g at up to twice the speed of these Google phones.

          Look up the specs – don’t just argue because you are a Google fanboi.

          If you really have an S20 keep it, it is a much higher end phone and can download data much faster than these Google offerings.

        • marque2

          “In terms of download speed and network support, X52 5G modem on Snapdragon 765 & 765G provides download speed up to 3.7 Gbps and support mmWave, Sub 6-GHz, SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, TDD & FDD. On the other hand, 2ng Gen X55 5G modem on Snapdragon 865 provides download speed up to 7.5 Gbps and support sub-6 GHz, mmWave, NSA, SA, TDD & FDD”

          Hmm fanboi. Maybe you should have looked it up before you started your rants and making stuff up. Keep your Samsung S20, that way you can save your allowance for something else.

        • Andrea Cristiano Maietta

          You’re post literally proved my point. Both bands supported just less speed and 3.7gbps is more than enough for a phone so what are you trying to say ?

        • marque2

          You won’t get either of those max speeds from the tower. You might get 20mbs from one channel in real life, but if two are mixed (aggregated or using MIMO) together you can get 40 – 50 mbs real life, though I realise there are some select spots where you can do better. Tmobile doesn’t have the ability to provide the contiguous spread spectrum required for a phone to max out even the max speed potential midband frequencies. At least not yet. The fragmentation (non contiguousness so to speak) means two channels are still quite worthwhile.

          Anyway I am done with this, if you and all your buds believe a midrange phone with half the channel capacity is just as good as a high end phone more power to you. Go fourth and purchase the Pixel 5g you so desire.

    • dcmanryan

      More than likely the camera will be as good with less options. The build quality is another question.