T-Mobile contest offering Stranger Things prizes, including Walkie T-alkie phone case


It was nearly two years ago that T-Mobile partnered with Netflix to offer Netflix on Us, and this week the two companies are teaming up again for a special contest.

T-Mobile is now holding a Stranger Things contest to celebrate the launch the show’s third season this week. Prizes include a limited edition Walkie T-alkie phone case with an extendable antenna. The case fits smaller phones like the Galaxy S10e and iPhone X and XS, but it may not fit bigger phones like the iPhone XS Max. Also of note is that you can’t use your phone’s rear camera with the case on.

T-Mo and Netflix have launched a special website, 1985iscalling.com, to help turn your phone and case into a walkie-talkie. You can invite a few friends to chat on your personal channel.

In addition to the limited edition phone case, the Codebreakers contest is offering prizes like sets of Stranger Things character dolls from Funko, Stranger Things t-shirts, and button packs.

To enter the contest, you’ll need to decipher and unscramble six clues on T-Mobile’s official Twitter and Instagram channels. Key numbers will correspond to letters you’ll need to collect from each video to piece together the final code word. Once you get the code word, you can enter it on T-Mobile’s website to enter the contest.

You can also enter the Codebreakers contest by sending an email to Lindzee.McCain1@T-Mobile.com with the subject line “Stranger Things T-Mobile Sweepstakes” and your name and address in the body. Finally, you can visit this post on T-Mobile’s Instagram page and tag one friend in the comments section, use an emoji that best represents them, and include the hashtags #CaseDropST3 and #Contest.

The contest runs from 8:30 am PT on July 5th through 11:59 pm PT on July 6th.

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  • riverhorse

    Yahoo! Cocoa Puffs! I’m Cocoa-Cocoa Puffed!

    • Red

      That’s “coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs!”.

  • steveb944

    Shocked S10E is ‘small’ now.

    • riverhorse

      Yes. And it happened like overnight. Thankfully. In spite of overwhelming commentary lambasting phones for being too large after surpassing 4-5″. Miracle of miracles. Although we have yet to come back to Blu 7″ days of many years ago.
      Same forward progress beginning to occur re gigabytes, finally.

      The same small-minded losers or their forebears complained similarly in the early days of computers and modern TV’s. “What on Earth do you need 100MB hard drive 8MB ram such a big screen for? You’re up to no good- either porn or hacking, or both.”
      And going back, even also when cellphones and pagers first began(drug dealer or arrogant snob), ditto with the first smartphones(pedo, snob).

      Wonder what other positive beliefs these folks have re Big Tech, successful entrepreneurs & companies, politics, excessively high entrance exam scores…

      • steveb944

        Plenty of naysayers to go around, I would hope you’re into EV tech leaving ICE in the rearview.

        On topic, I have a top spec OnePlus 7 Plus, so I whole hearted agree.

  • Pak T

    “and this week the two companies are teaming up again for a special contest.”

    Gee I hope one of them also teamed up with who ever owns the RadioShack (Realistic) trademark as well. :)

    • A.R.

      I don’t know if they are, but radio shack has a walkie talkie phone case for sale on their site too.