T-Mobile Continues to Offer Netflix On Us Perk Despite Streamer’s Price Hike

Netflix recently raised the prices of its subscription tiers. The price change is something that worried T-Mobile customers who were enjoying the Un-carrier’s Netflix on Us perk. 

Thankfully, T-Mobile has updated its support page to reflect the new changes of this promotion. In the new update, T-Mo assures its customers that it will continue to pay for their subscriptions. But there are some things they have changed about this promotion. 

The Un-carrier noted: 

“On October 18, 2023 Netflix announced pricing changes for its plans. The good news is that there are no changes for T-Mobile customers. For eligible customers, it’s still On Us!”

The Mobile Report shares that the perk will continue to be available to existing T-Mobile users. You can opt to get Netflix’s basic tier, which allows you to use the account on one screen as long as you maintain a qualifying line on Magenta Max or two or more qualifying Magenta lines. If you opt for two screens, you can get the Netflix standard tier free if you maintain more than two qualifying Magenta Max lines. 

T-Mo’s cap for the promotion is $15.49 per month, which is the new price of the standard tier. This means that the premium tier is not covered by T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us promotion. If you are on the higher-end plan, you should expect a $3 increase on your bill. 

To know more about T-Mobile’s update, you can visit its support page here. 

Source: The Mobile Report

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