T-Mobile giving 55+ customers premium unlimited data and more features


A few days ago, T-Mobile revealed its newest plan called Magenta MAX. Now that the plan is finally available, the Un-Carrier announced that it will also be increasing the value for its 55+ customers on its Magenta Unlimited 55 plan. 

With today’s announcement, the plan now includes Netflix on Us for families and a MAX tier with unlimited Premium Data with no throttling. Soon, T-Mobile will be allowing its customers to add up to four lines instead of just two lines. 

Unlike its rivals, T-Mobile is offering its Unlimited 55 plans nationwide. This means that every individual above 55 years old can activate service under the Un-Carrier’s Unlimited 55 plans wherever they are in the US (including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico). 

As explained by T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer Matt Staneff, “Not everyone over 55 lives in Florida.” The executive also shared that they have released these newly redesigned unlimited plans to their 55+ customers throughout the country with features that meet their needs. 

And now that there is a growing need for Americans over 55 years old to rely on their smartphones, this opens the need for improved services. According to a study, this is the fastest growing group of mobile users who spend 30% more time on mobile than they did a year ago. 

If you are a customer who belongs to the 55+ age group, you can get two unlimited lines of Magenta Unlimited 55, two free smartphones with 24 monthly bill credits for just $70 per month with talk and text and unlimited data including 5G access under T-Mobile’s network. You can click here to learn more about this offer.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Archmagos Dominus Krell

    What if I don’t need 2 lines? It seems like none of the carriers care about you if you aren’t a couple/family.

    • the martian ambassador

      Well, at least they made the Magenta Unlimited plan more generous by adding Netflix Basic for single lines, and that is just $50.00 for one line.

    • Kendrix

      It’s 55 a month for one line with autopay. My mom has that plan

  • the martian ambassador

    I don’t really use that feature. For me, it’s more about a having a substantial hot spot allowance, and for tablet tethering when I travel. My current plan doesn’t cover Netflix, so that also makes this Max more appealing.

  • Eddie Vazquez

    The actual customer on Magenta 55+ , are gong to be0 upgraded automatically?

  • Bee Francis Lurie

    So I join in hopes of they will allow me to add my family at a later point in time for $45/line?

  • EF

    Looks like Magenta Max 55+ is $90 for two lines ($45 each). Hopefully each additional line will be no more than $30 each (need two extras for the kids). Currently pay $120 plus tax for 4 voice lines (Essentials plan), a $10 digits line and a free tablet line, so about $149 a month. I can drop the digits line and only use the app on my work phone. Four voice lines using above assumptions would be only $2 more ($12 more after dropping the digits line), which would be more than made up by the free Netflix for 2+ lines ($14 credit/per month). Heck, would still be worth it at $35/additional line due to hot spot allowance and 5G/HD streaming. Wonder if my free tablet line would transfer over from the previous plan, but that would exceed the limit of 4 lines.

    • the martian ambassador

      You can always add a tablet line, even if you have the maximum number of phone lines. Not sure about whether the free tablet line would transfer. You might have to call about that.

    • RLB63

      If digits is just another number one your phone, check out Google voice. That’s free

  • RLB63

    Have a co worker that was able to get a 55+ plan @54 because she’s turning 55 this calendar year….

  • Bob B.

    Same here and I am not going to change a thing. We were also able to add a third line at one point when that option became available. My concern ? This plan came with lifetime pricing and we are not switching to any other 55+ plan without that guarantee. We do not need free Netflix.

    • Bob B.

      I will also say that the third line added $30 to the bill. So with autopay, we are paying $90 a month. Our son pays us $30 a month. We are all very happy with this arrangement. My wife and I recently bought 5G phones, so we are seeing 5G here in parts of our area where T-Mo has it available.

  • Brian Hodges

    I’m also on the Unlimited 55+. Get a 5G-capable phone and 5G data is included automatically. In my area (Kansas) 5G is faster than WiFi!

  • the martian ambassador

    The additional 55+ lines are supposed to be available starting March 5.

    • GreenMonkeyPants

      Not showing on the website yet.