T-Mobile advised to be careful of using “aspirational” 5G ads


T-Mobile is currently facing complaints about its ‘aspirational’ ads. 

According to the report, the National Advertising Division (NAD) of BBB National Programs recommended the Un-Carrier to make changes to its advertising claims. In particular, it pointed to the claims of imminent availability of promoted benefits to customers that come from the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. Apparently, AT&T Services, Inc. challenged T-Mobile’s claims of having “the best 5G network”, the “most reliable 5G network”, and the “best prices” for its 5G service. These claims appeared on TV and radio advertisements before they were discontinued in July last year. 

Based on its findings, NAD determined that the advertisements did not convey the promised benefits that will stem from the merger and that these would be available to consumers. Even though T-Mobile made some commitments to the government as part of its merger request, the integration between the networks of T-Mobile and Sprint will not be completed in the next three to six years. 

The agency noted that T-Mobile was unable to support its claims that they have the “Best Network” or will even soon provide “the most reliable 5G network.” T-Mobile was unable to present any evidence on metrics that support its claims in network speed and reliability. As for its “best price” claim, NAD determined that T-Mobile did not provide evidence or commit to maintain its currently low prices in the future. 

Because of this, NAD recommended that T-Mobile modify its challenged advertising claims and avoid using such messages. 

T-Mobile responded to this in its advertiser statement and promised that it “will comply with NAD’s decision… given that the ads in question stopped airing in July 2020.” T-Mobile also released a statement that it “strongly disagrees” with the agency’s view of its “aspirational goals not only as claims requiring substantiation, but as guarantees.”


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