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Google can kill your phone whenever…

Most will remember a day not long ago when Apple fanboy’s rose up in viral protest about Apple’s disclosure of having a kill switch embedded in the iPhone to remotely disable malicious applications. Well while Apple hides behind its 10 foot wall of privacy, Google has decided on a much more forthright approach. “Hidden” yet perfectly viewable in the About Phone section of the Android software is a non to discreet statement that … [read full article]

Pink "Behold" spotted, name still awful

Last week we posted a preview of the Samsung “Behold”, the first all touch-screen phone on T-mobile USA’s network. Ignoring the strange name, we now have “confirmation” that a pink variant of the Behold exists. While this shot isn’t quite the picturesque view we would prefer, it’s sound enough to determine that a pink Behold is headed our way. Notice the MyFaves icon on the upper left-hand side of the phone? Last … [read full article]

Ok well Math was never my strong subject either…

Well we’ve seen in the comments and the forums the disbelief among that T-mobile pre-sold 1.5 million G1’s. While we would love to believe such a number as truth, reality sets in and we realize it just isn’t the case. InformationWeek thought the numbers sounded just a little to good to be true so they contacted Motley Fool and discovered exactly how they came to such a number. I contacted … [read full article]

Sacramento, say hello to 3G!

Well today’s news will almost without question be dominated by endless searches of Yet today is also welcome news for Sacramento, California and the fact that they now join the ranks of the 3G elite. Tips are coming in that you are now able to access Magenta’s high speed services. I can only imagine how great this news must be for those who ordered the G1 and will now be able … [read full article]

More G1 news, some phone's shipping…

So unless you are new to the wireless world or have just been living under a rock you know what next Wednesday is. So for those of you who chose not to do the pre-sale we got ourselves a nice little list of some things to be aware of for next Wednesday: Customers waiting in line will be handed out tickets according to desired color for purchase (Bronze/Brown and Black only) These … [read full article]

Blackberry Pearl Kickstart 8220 launches today

Well this phone isn’t really coming as much of a surprise to anyone. We’ve seen an unboxing here, we’ve seen an unboxing there, and that at one point or another its had about 17,000 different code-names. I keed, I keed. We’ve stuck to an October 13th launch date for a while now so shoot down to your nearest T-mobile store and pick this “little” flip up. Availability today is in Black … [read full article]

T-mobile introduces do it yourself customer service…

T-mobile is pulling out all the stops to retake the vaunted top spot in the wireless customer service wars. Introducing, customer service from….the phone!! In a deal with Nuance Communications T-mobile will introduce on select handsets a do it yourself application which initiates when a customer calls customer service. In an effort to streamline “”issues such as diagnosing and repairing configuration problems as well as with making account and billing inquiries,” this application … [read full article]

Videos are always fun

First let me just preface with the irony of today’s G1 video. It comes from an iPhone fan website. The guys at iPhonesavior posted a G1 video today that shows some excellent shots of pacman which is all I really want the phone for anyway. Just kidding but we do get great shots, however, of the market, google street view along with a few other goodies. As usual I prefer the video to do the talking … [read full article]

G1 user reviews starting to come in!

A few lucky employees have much to the jealousy of T-mobile fans everywhere gotten some hands on time with the G1 and have posted their musings on the forums. One such user Sol Glow has posted his thoughts and impressions AND has been more than kind enough to keep a thread going with a Q&A session. Initial Start Up With that said the first screen you’re faced with is a log-in to Gmail account screen. If … [read full article]