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FCC Approval is a "Dream" come true…

Happy Monday Tmonews fans, and a GREAT Monday morning it is! Oh yes, as you can tell by the picture above the FCC has graced us with what we all could have wanted to wake up to. No no, not 8 gold medals. Better! First “real” proof that the phone codenamed “Dream” is really not true to its moniker. Sporting a GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1900 radio, these FCC docs give us the best news … [read full article]

TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome back!  Here we are, ready for the second installment of the TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up.  Now that we’ve had a little time to rest, unintentionally I assure you, we are ready to get back to business.  For those readers that may have missed the first compression of a weeks worth of forum activity, the plan is to bring all the excitement and fervor to you faithful TMoNews readers.  Because, let’s face it, we can’t all … [read full article]

Sony Ericsson TM506 Specs


As the guys in pink finally enter the era of 3G, the Sony Ericsson TM506 will definitely stand out from the bunch. Its glossy black finish is contrasted by just the right amount of accents. The surface on the back of the phone made with the “ever so popular” soft-touch material. Here at TmoNews, we know how people get when anyone even tries to mention both “T-Mobile” and “Sony Ericsson” in the same sentence so here is … [read full article]

Samsung fans unite!

Usually when Samsung announces a T-mobile launch the world hardly takes notice. T-mobile fans yawn and hope for something better in the future, you know something that doesn’t have a VGA camera. Well sports fans, here we go, Samsung actually has something good in store for us. Not just good, great, its a T-mobile Samsung on steroids. Here she is the Samsung T919 aka “Tocco” aka “Roxy”: It sports a 5 megapixel … [read full article]

Android Info Galore!


Patient TmoNews readers, may we present to you, the HTC Kila, errr we mean HTC Dream, or the G1, aka the first android handset ever! When we posted this rumor a couple days ago, we had our fingers crossed. Now with visual confirmations, this is all set in stone, give or take approval of the handset by the FCC. Keep in mind that the iPhone was approved 1 day before releasel. We … [read full article]

Dearest fans… we're back


By now most of you, our loyal readers have come across the site and notice we’ve had some “host difficulties.” Without going into the technical details (simply because I really don’t understand them) we can sum it up by saying godaddy blows and we don’t recommend them, at all, ever. (This is another TmoNews writer jumping in and saying that David just let GoDaddy off easy…I wouldn’t be that nice. Terrible, inexcusably terrible.) … [read full article]

And the veil has been lifted!


Alright Tmonews readers we’ve got some exciting news for you! Yes, that’s right, finally something to get your heart jumping, your blood flowing, and your adrenaline racing…the merger between Suncom and T-Mobile is finally winding down to completion, and we’ve got the scoop! The magic happens on September 5th, when Suncom officially becomes T-Mobile and [most likely] will display the T-Mobile tag on all current Suncom phones. WOOOOO!  Suncom rate plans are being … [read full article]

Everyone hates a tease, but wait until…


We’re sure by this point your wondering what this is about. We’re going to answer by stating that by the end of this article, you will likely want to find out where we live, and throw something through our window. Yeah, this whole article is a tease, get over it. Tomorrow morning, between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM (CST), keep your browsers pointed to TmoNews for some exciting information. We’re not revealing if … [read full article]

T-mobile Experiences Data Outages


Across the country T-mobile users have been experiencing issues with text and picture messaging, as well as data services such as EDGE and 3G. According to Reuters, the outage is only through out the eastern United States, however problems have been reported across the US. With SMS delayed, data inaccessible, and some reported call problems, T-mobile users may be wondering why this is happening. Ah well that is what we’re here … [read full article]

Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, and Baltimore getting 3G


Anyone up for some more 3G news? Well lets start out with the Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, and Baltimore markets, all launching before the end of August. Thats right folks, all four markets are locked and loaded to go live with 3G by the end of August. With Minneapolis rumored to have August 20th date, and the other markets with unknown dates, we’re going to have to count on faithful 3G testers to see … [read full article]

We hate to do it, but….


After all the good news we have been able to bring our readers recently, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but to cover everything T-mobile, the good, the bad, and the worst must be reported. First and foremost, for those that hadn’t already noticed, month-to-month contracts have been delayed and a release date has yet to be determined. It could be technical problems, and it could be T-mobile playing the … [read full article]

Android may be here sooner then we think


We’re hearing rumor after rumor that Android has been delayed, and pushed back to 2009. Well TmoNews is jumping into the pool or rumors, calling BS on those other rumors, and putting in our vote of confidence on a presale of the Android phone on September 16th, 2008. This information, coming from a trusted source, prices the Android phone, also known as the G1 (Codename or real name, we’re not sure) at $399. … [read full article]