HTC Sensation Arriving June 8th? Google Says Yes

Let’s just preface this right away with the idea that the June 8th date we are currently seeing as the rumored release for the HTC Sensation COULD be a Europe launch date. We’ve been hearing June since the middle of March for the HTC Pyramid, now known as the HTC Sensation. That being said making the rounds tonight is a fun little google “trick” that has a search for “HTC Sensation” coming up with the above image and the HTC sponsored advertisement clearly stating “On 6/8.”

Along with the Google search yielding a June 8th date is the below image  released as the press pic during the Sensation announcement. Notice anything in particular about it? Our little red box will help highlight and bring your attention to the date listed, June 8th. Coincidence?

So for the moment June 8th is a date to pencil in on your calendar. As a Wednesday it’s very possible that T-Mobile could launch the HTC Sensation that day. However we again urge that this date, if it’s even an actual arrival date could be geared toward a Europe launch. Sounds it’s time to do a little more digging!

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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  • Makes sense.. After all T Mobile launches on Wednesdays.

  • It could be the European launch date, but the link goes to the HTC’s US site with a link to T-Mobile US.

  • Stratspider230


  • Edcasas789


  • YESSSSSSSS THANKS GOD I DIDNT GET TO BUY THE G2X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry for the caps just a lil exited

  • Christinepandemonium

    Is June 8th a Wednesday in Europe? If not, that’s our U.S. release date.

    • yyevo

      Fun fact! June 8th is a Wednesday in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrailia, Antartica and South America!

      God, the quality of the American educational system. And yes, I’m an American!

      • Whats your point?

        Oh and P.S. It’s “Antarctica”

    • Aerofanbig

      hahahahaha. Oh man, that made my day. Thank you Christine

  • The temperature is also 6/8…

    • Anonymous

      Why is it that this seems like a subliminal thing that all the conspiracy people will start freaking about. The high temprature is 74 and the low is 54. 6 is between 7 and 5, and if you add 4 and 4 together, you get 8. Definitely coming out on 6/8. :)

  • Tre


  • Yooivansterr

    But the weather location says Seattle so I think its a US release.

    • justin420

      … and the temperature is expressed in Farenheit, not Celcius. so definitely US ;)

  • mmeyer4663


    Netflix support??????

    David, What ‘cha know?

  • Matlock

    also if you take the 4 from the 4G sign and and the 10 from the time 10:08, 10-4=6 and that also comes out to 06/08, I find this all too coincidental, plus that will be almost a year to the date since the MyTouch 3G Slide came out. There are some very peculiar things going on around here, hhhmmm……..

    • Thecrimsonking33

      I chuckled out load. A true rarity. Thanks.

    • and i think that’s the date of the Roswell incident, and you should be able to see the aurora borealis in Mexico that week. wheres scooby and the mystery machine when you need them.maybe Sculley and Mulder can crack it. sorry for the rambling gibberish, im being probed by alien gerbils at the moment.

  • Matlock

    also if you take the 4 from the 4G sign and and the 10 from the time 10:08, 10-4=6 and that also comes out to 06/08, I find this all too coincidental, plus that will be almost a year to the date since the MyTouch 3G Slide came out. There are some very peculiar things going on around here, hhhmmm……..

  • Rizoh66

    My god I can’t wait to get rid of my vibrant for a real phone, this phone. HTC ftw! @samsung #neveragain!

  • Rizoh66

    My god I can’t wait to get rid of my vibrant for a real phone, this phone. HTC ftw! @samsung #neveragain!

  • Saleen200

    Just in time for the fathers day all phones free sale. I sure hope this is true and that they have the sale again!

  • Makes ever more sense, since my 22 months of contract on my MT3G expires on 6/7….must be fate!

    • woow

      should see if t-mo screwed up your contract like they did mine. I was off contract in 2 months lol

  • I just google’d it again and the “on 6/8” has been removed. Confirmation by denial? :)

  • Peteypablo12

    Makes perfect since the new april 20th refresh planogram says that it goes until June 7.

  • Anonymous

    where is the galaxy s II

    • Havoktek


    • “liked!”

  • Shagman68

    The temperature is in farenheight, not celcius. Seems more american than european.

    • Farhan

      Plus the temperature is “68” degrees.

    • kgbkny

      The city in the temperature widget is Seattle, where T-Mobile USA headquarters are based. 6/8 definitely seems like a U.S. release date

  • Skylormitchell13

    I just Googled HTC Sensation, and I found the same ad but it says “Discover soon, Pre-order Now.”

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t this the original rumored release date? Seems like it’s falling in place to me?

    Besides, HTC said the Euro Sensation releases mid-May

  • Bimmerz

    If Tmo doesn’t get the GS2, then this will be my next phone! =o)

    • Anonymous

      Same here.

    • Anonymous

      Same hear.

    • Virtue

      It’s not really a question of if; it’s a question of when. Nonetheless, I’m going to get the first phone that comes out.

  • You’re Welcome!! LOL I can’t believe this! I hope this is true.

  • J1

    bought the g2x early this morning only to find out from the boss that the sensation was dropping in june….smh. love HTC designs but cannot stand sense. ill take vanilla droid anyday of the week……

    btw fyi g2 and mt4g get gingerbread by june/ early july!

  • Terrific news, I’ll buy this instead of the G2x. Can’t wait.

  • Looks like the G2x works on ATT bands but not the Sensation? :(

    • Bimmerz

      Ohhh, I hope you’re wrong – and that the Sensation will have quad bands! :o/

      For that matter, if Tmo gets the GS2, it better have quad bands too! With this acquisition hanging over our heads, ALL phones from here on out, need to be future proof!

  • Jadams212510

    Never cared for sense too much but 3.0 looks nice and works well with less lag with the dual core processor. Also you know at some point well get Cyanogen running on this great device. Sensation will replace my Nexus One.

  • sensationlover

    I’m off on Wednesday so I’ll be the first in line to buy.

  • Anonymous

  • now_onTMO

    Galaxy s2 in July?

  • I too hate HTC Sense. Nice looking phone though.

    • Illeszt401

      u can root it and install something else.

      • I could do all that, but…I would rather not. Nexus S is still a game changer to me. Stock is always best to me when it comes to Android. I have tried other devices with skinned overlays, but it just does not appeal to me. That’s just me though, to each their own.

        • Anonymous

          did you even see the new video of HTC sense? Facebook updates from incoming callers!

    • Anonymous

      HTC Sense 3.0 is what HTC is including on its new phones. Totally different than the old Sense, e.g., weather on the new Sense is fantastic. But I liked the old Sense too since it gave me great features that I used the most.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Ok so June 8th is the date I make the decision for my next device. I just got my new pair of Nokia BH-905i (in White) headset and they will be simply Dashing with my Meego device. If a Meego phone isn’t out by the 8th, then I’ll buy the Sensation to hold me until one does come out.

    • Meego is dead…

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Lol You wish buddy.

        • Anonymous

          T-Mobile will be long gone before a meego phone is out, if ever. There are car components that will run meego though, you can rip out the dash board, carry it and pretend it’s a phone. Meego, meego, meegone!

    • Anonymous

      what’s a meego? isn’t that something europians use?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        It’s a 100% Linux OS. It can run Android apps, Java, Adobe Air, and more. It already has HUGE support. Any program that runs on Linux, can run on Meego. And since Android was written and based off Linux, it can even run Android. It has all the working tools and Kernels of Linux as well. Here’s a more detailed summary: (Another description of what Meego is) (Just some of the Meego supporters) (Meego capable of running Android Apps)

        and more. You should look up Meego on Youtube. It’s looking to be a really awesome OS and I can’t wait for Nokia bring a Meego Device to the Consumer.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Oh and it can run apps from Symbian^3 as well.

        • Anonymous

          thanks but didn’t nokia just partnered up with microsoft to bring WP7 to upcoming Nokia devices? are they still going to produce “meego” for nokia?

        • Farhan

          Meego was a partnership by combining Intel’s Moblin OS and Nokia’s Maemo OS. Even though Nokia is out, Intel is still interested in hardware partners for Meego.

        • Anonymous

          your “I can’t wait for Nokia to bring a Meego Device to the Consumer” line means more than you intended. You really “can’t wait” because it ain’t gonna happen.

  • TweetMo

    For sure. I knew it once I saw that their current “Unlimited Promo Plan” ends June 7th. You knew something had to be happening on the 8th.

  • htcROCKS

    how much is this phone?

  • Sotrue

    Did you notice the temperature is 68 degrees? That is also 6,8, or June 8th.

    • Anonymous

      Good call.

  • Mario

    looks like ill be getting a new phone in 3 months that when i get vacation pay, im already rocking a G2X and its awesome!!!!!


    got tha g2x this phone is beast, but i guess i will let it go when this one comes.
    my 499.99 is ready! LOL hope thats the price.

  • HTC is a Taiwan Company. AND 8 is a very lucky number in the Taiwanese culture! 8 it is!

  • Frankrubin

    Wasn’t the original release date June 20th or 21st? HTC says “coming this summer” summer starts June 21st. Something to think about.

  • ElectricMonk

    If the 6/8 was referencing a Europe launch date, that would be referring to August 6th. The European date notation is day/month, rather than month/day in the US.

    • Farhan

      6/8 looks more like a US launch date since the weather widget shows Seattle.

    • Amsnhdhsjsj


  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, no way dude that is gonna be really good. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    yep,still saving up my $ for this upcoming greatest T-Mobile phone ever.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      The Behold 2. LOL Jk, I had to say it. XD

      • Anonymous

        lmao haha i remember that device.what a HUGE difference between the behold 2 and today’s samsung galaxy S and the galaxy moves up by a blink of an eye.

  • Peter K

    The only thing about the sensation I don’t like is the fact that htc decided to only go for 1 gb of internal storage. I hated that change in the 4g vibrant. The g2x has 8 gb and the new s2 is rumorred to have 16 gb internal. Its just a pain to swap out sd cards all the time

    • jarjon76

      It shouldn’t be that big of a pain. Get a 32GB card and you should be set without having to swap out cards. I’d like more internal memory as well, but it’s not a deal breaker.

  • Well, if the Clock/Weather widget holds true throughout the entirety of its content, it looks like the sensation will be in SEATTLE on the 8th of June. Unless there is a European Seattle doppelganger poised to destroy our sensational dreams on that date, looks like it’ll be sporting the ‘ol red white and blue my friends.

  • Meagan

    Tmobile will FINALLY sell a 4.3″ Android with LED(flash) on June 8, 2011.
    That will be OVER a year that a 4.3″ Android with LED(flash) was released with Sprint.

    • Amen!

    • Anonymous

      hi,i have an unofficial 4.3 inch android with dual flash android running gingerbread called the HTC:HD2 but it’ll go back in the box on the 8th of june.just saying cuz u mentioned 4.3 inch t-mobile android handset :)

    • Glassoffsession

      Finally going to sell my HD2 with Android for this amazing phone. It took long enough for them to give is the goods. Can’t wait!

  • Sk8man53

    this does line up with what the HTC rep told me at out store. this phone is a beast i will be getting it just a matter of if ill buy the g2x to tide me over in the meantime…

  • I’m torn between this and the GX2. Decisions Decisions. I will have 2 pay full price and I don,t care. Now Sprint Customers can be Jealous of Our Super phone.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    • Wait for the sensation I took my g2x back yesterday it has no RAM

    • StormCharge

      Though the G2x only has 512MB RAM, I was multitasking with it like crazy and opening several browser windows at a time, then receiving a call, all seamlessly with no hiccups at all. Guess it doesn’t need any more than 512MB. Take Mike Jones’ comment with a grain of salt.

  • thaghost

    just ten short months ago we, especially me, were complaining about the low end phones on tmo…now we arguably have the best line up. great job tmo.

    im gonna sell my mt4g and buy the g2x. if the sensation is better then ima buy that too, lol. anyone with an upgrade thats too far away interested in a mt4g to hold them down for a while? contact me at

  • WannaStayTMo

    So, will they getting INXS to perform “New Sensation” for the commercials with Carly rockin’ in the front row?

  • Am I the only one that noticed that the date itself says Wednesday, June 8th, right next to the 68 degree temp?

  • liveTexas

    that’s Android 2.2 in the photo … look at the Battery Signal … thought it Ships with 2.3 Gingerbread ??? …

    • yeah it does
      probably just the htc sense stuff since un-skinned gingerbread has it…. maybe htc changed it???? idk but it ships with gingerbread cause there are videos to prove so

    • jarjon76

      Engadget has pics of the Sensation and it shows it running Gingerbread.

    • 19fonzy

      That’s only on stock android this will ship with htc sense and yes it does have 2.3

    • Glassybarrell

      Gingerbread with Sense will not look like the normal Gingerbread you are used to seeing on say the Nexus S. It will have 2.3 for sure.

  • Byounngg
  • Amdestined

    “Sounds it’s time to do a little more digging!” dave are you messing with us again?

  • Bowl879

    Am I the only one that also notices Seattle as the city. Which if I’m not mistaking is in the United States of America

    • jarjon76

      And where T-Mobile headquarters are located.

      • jarjon76

        Well not actually Seattle, but close enough.

  • TweetMo

    What’s up with the Sensation and the G2x both being 14.4 Mbps HSPA+?
    The Galaxy S 4G came out at 21, these power phones shouldn’t be LESS than 21… especially the Sensation being about another 45 days away.
    Kinda disappointing… kinda.

  • mmeyer4663

    Notice the dots pattern of the T-Mobile logo.
    Do you currently have a US T-Mobile branded device.
    Does the pattern match?
    Bingo! US device!
    Plus the image is from HTC’s website.
    I doubt they would spoof on their own website.

  • Anonymous

    sweet! hope so!

    question… have other phones’ release dates been “hinted” like this??

  • Tmoguy89

    Our htc rep gave us all the juicy details on the sensation , saying a release date of early june ,, which falls perfectly with your june 8th find .! Also an htc mytouchbranded slider is in the works for late summer release !!

    I have more details if anyone is interested

  • KC9961

    if this was a picture for the Europe release it would be 154.4 degrees Fahrenheit on August 6th…..

    • Jgod

      not entirely, they are just showing the wather in seattle, and it could easily be a european release still.

  • guest

     68 degrees? 6/8