HTC Sensation Arriving June 8th? Google Says Yes

Let’s just preface this right away with the idea that the June 8th date we are currently seeing as the rumored release for the HTC Sensation COULD be a Europe launch date. We’ve been hearing June since the middle of March for the HTC Pyramid, now known as the HTC Sensation. That being said making the rounds tonight is a fun little google “trick” that has a search for “HTC Sensation” coming up with the above image and the HTC sponsored advertisement clearly stating “On 6/8.”

Along with the Google search yielding a June 8th date is the below imageĀ  released as the press pic during the Sensation announcement. Notice anything in particular about it? Our little red box will help highlight and bring your attention to the date listed, June 8th. Coincidence?

So for the moment June 8th is a date to pencil in on your calendar. As a Wednesday it’s very possible that T-Mobile could launch the HTC Sensation that day. However we again urge that this date, if it’s even an actual arrival date could be geared toward a Europe launch. Sounds it’s time to do a little more digging!

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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