T-Mobile Wants You To Say Goodbye To Video Buffering

This is awesome! Leave it to Carly to solve the problem of 3G buffering. Oh wait, it’s T-Mobile who is solving the problem. We’ll just say it’s Carly though. I like the sound of that better.

The T-Mobile G2X, available now!


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  • Matlock

    Just saw that commercial on TV, sweet!!

  • Does anyone know when walmart has G2x for sale?

  • i saw this commerical today while watching how i met your mother…i was like OH SNAP! TAKE THAT APPLE!!! lol they could have atleast introduced the G2X atleast but great commerical tho =D

    • Ramrod

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought 3G buffering was actually caused by crappy cell/carrier service. Last time I checked, Apple wasn’t a carrier…stupid…

      • Anonymous

        Your right but he is clearly being humorous in his whole post and doesn’t deserve to be called names.

        We need a (-1) button I swear.

        • Farhan

          Here’s a +1 to you to stick it to the Ramrod.

        • Ramrod

          He stuck it to me so bad that there’s nothing left for me to do but to kill myself. Goodbye world!
          Btw, your comment was useless…there’s a “Like” button under PimpStrong’s comment…click on it…

        • Bratty

          Please dont kill yourself….pleeeeaaaaassseeeeeeee

        • Farhan

          I was the first person to click on the like button. Since I log in as a guest it doesn’t show my name.

        • Anonymous

          It’s all Jesus. Ever seen a WP7 fanboy? I haven’t lol

        • Ramrod

          You’re right, he didn’t deserve that. Sorry about that Michael. It’s just that Apple haters are just as bad and annoying as Apple Fanboys…

      • well apple has yet to produce a 4g phone, there are loads of legitimate reasons for this, but it is something apple could do anytime it wants.

  • Bimmerz

    Finally they uploaded it. Saw it last night, and emailed David about it earlier. Kind of funny. :o)

  • A1272383

    Nothing I hate more than T-Mobile ads. As if it is not bad enough that they still only have EDGE where I live, they have to rub it in with these smug ads. Plus, every time I see any ads with a couple of people in front of a white background, I want to kill the lazy marketing exec that cranked it out. . .

    • JJ

      LAZY MARKETING EXEC ? DUDE …. Its the white background that gets peoples attention. Its marketing at its finest. Not that I am an Apple endorser ( I actually got the G2x today ) but why do you think they have been doing it for years ?

    • Roman

      My service is amazing with T-mobile. Maybe you should live in a place that sucks less. Just a thought.

  • mmeyer4663

    How long do you think it will take you to hit that 2GB cap watching video?

    • remister

      Depending on which quality you watch at. I usually have mines on HQ and I barely make it for 5GB for one whole month. The past few months, I’ve been over my 5GB bandwidth, throttled at Edge speeds.

      • Truth Hurts

        Mines? learn the language, you deserve to be throttled!

        • Dswagg2k10

          A Slow death, have one!

        • DatNizzle

          If you are going to rag on someone’s spelling, learn about capital letters.

        • Jayq330

          You feel like a big man because you corrected someone spelling? How sad it must be to be you.

  • Wheats

    At first when buffering first appeared i thought it was just my computer but then i realized it wasn’t sweet haha

  • Anonymous

    I loved it until right after “Buffering…” they need to to reformat their commercials already and knock off the “we’re better than you” attitude and just go with “wow look at how good we are. And for THIS cheap”

    The SK commercial didn’t attack anyone.

  • “Truly unlimited” come on TMOBILE! false advertising…………..i love this company, but quit the false advertising……….

    • jarjon76

      No it isn’t. If you have unlimited data, you can use all the data you want.

      • TmoChris

        you can use all the data you want i guess your retarted to

    • Dswagg2k10

      you do get unlimited web, nothing was said about who slow your internet will be after 2GB. Keeps in mind, all other carriers just charge you more for going over the megabytes. So, sir Truly True Advertising.

    • Hco 1922

      dude no false advertising here you just may be retarded… they never said we wont throttle speeds truly unlimited FTW

      • Ayocuz

        Nobody ever heard *#*#4636#*#* changing the phone settings to wcdm only? I can force my g2x to run 2g(edge) to save battery, or 4g for streaming.

    • Jayq330

      This is the reason I stood with the 1500 minutes & unlimited data @ 5gigs, funny right unlimited data @5 gigs? Well they throttle after 5 instead of 2gigs & I never go over 1500 minutes so the unlimited plan would of been more enticing if it wasn’t throttle @ 2gigs. Anyway that’s at&t’s doing I believe. Anyway I think there 1500 minute plan is a better deal…for me anyway.

  • AxEffect

    although I’m surprised that they did not introduce the G2X in that video, they are pretty accurate. The “4G” network is great where I am, and I’ve tested out the live video- good stuff.

    Also, Carly, you are banginnn haha!

  • Thank you Carly!!

  • Anti_Buffering

    Oh brother… My videos buffer all the time with T-Mobile’s “4G,” network. Completely misleading.

    I love T-Mobile but seriously if people think that by being a subscriber their videos will not buffer they’ll be sadly mistaken.

    • Roger

      I don’t experience buffering. But that is because I am using wifi I provide at home and at work. If I actually try to use tmobile’s network at home then I get edge when it isn’t claiming there is nothing. At work (in a tall building in Silicon Valley) if I try to use tmobile’s network then speed test showed a whopping 0.2 mbps download and quadruple that upload. Tmobile insists that I pay them for this even though it is unusable.

    • Lol

      I believe the claim is no buffering on 4G…

    • Lol

      I believe the claim is no buffering on 4G…

    • Jayq330

      I don’t buffer at all on regular quality, but on high quality it buffers for about 1 or 2 seconds depending on location & bandwidth. But it really depends on 4G conditions & area. I thought this article was going to say something like “t-mobile compresses videos or has a new format that is so light,no buffering required” & then I see it’s nothing at all.

  • Anonymous

    Am I overlooking it in the menus or does the G2X not have the gesture feature that is in the Optimus 2X?

    • That’s UI specific unfortunately.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • G2x is a great phone.

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t she introduce to the world the G2x dude snatched out her hand?

    • Dswagg2k10

      So true, that was a miss opportunity.

  • Ashleehenderson23

    Well I have verizon a thunderbolt 4g. And I live in a 4g area in los angeles and I never have buffering issues when watching hd videos on youtube and I get 4g reception deep inside highrise buildings in downtown La and elevators were all my friends on t-mobile only get edge or gprs I’m rocking 4G LTE signal while they have edge or gprs I think Its maybe cuz Verizons Lte runs on the 700 mhz band that’s why I get good 4g reception Inside buildings better than t-mobile cuz from what I heard t-mobiles 3g /4g runs on the 1700 band. Yes I admit Verizons thunderbolt may not be the best device out there its not a dual core device how I wish it was. But ey I get better reception than t-mobile and sometimes att. Att has surprised me cuz i always taught att sucked from what i read online this guy from work on att gets 3g in his captivate inside our building and elevator he’s the only that has 3g everyone else is stuck on t- mobile edge so yea …

    • Dswagg2k10

      I’m sorry, who invited you to this site? No no, its ok, you can stay, its the person that invited you that has to go. #PointEmOut!

    • v8dreaming

      Please learn how to type a sentence properly. Reading your comment about gave me a headache.

    • Roman

      Why are you commenting here then? Go to a Verizon site.

    • Anonymous

      Getting a 3G signal and having a good 3G signal are two different things. U don’t have 3G where everyone else is stuck on EDGE?! Verizon doesn’t have EDGE. You must mean 1X. I’m glad you’re getting great 4G reception. I get great 3G reception with my DEFY vs everyone else I know on T-Mobile. 3G where they have EDGE

      so yea from what i hurd yea ill admit that.. cuz yea lol haha so yea i hurd that 2

    • Anonymous

      We can’t argue with you. I don’t even think your trying to pour salt on our wound. I’ll just leave my comment as pointless as that.

    • ArkAngel_X


    • Guest

      I agree with you 100 percent regarding buildings and better reception.
      But keep in mind t mobile is the home of everyone with bad credit gets service.
      The average t mobile customer doesnt have a decent job and the average taco bell is a single story building.

    • I can’t imagine a person like you working in a Downtown LA skyscaper other than to do janitorial duties or a secret bachelor party.

      Like u kno whut i mean, so yea …

      • Ashleehenderson23

        Dont hate and u are funny, like seriously just because you work as a janitor doesn’t mean I do. And so what I did?!? Its still a much better paying job than working at burger king or McDonald’s.

      • Anonymous


    • Aerofanbig

      Wow do you pay so much each month for your service that you can’t afford punctuation marks?? Here, I’ll donate some, please, feel free to use them! ., ()!?.., “:;

      • Ashleehenderson23

        U know what I’m not going to lie, I pay a lot more than what you probably do on t-mobile but at least I have reception inside buildings I don’t need wifi like you probably do. And why thank you I will start using punctuation marks. I don’t usually use them because I type fast on my phone and are to lazy to use them.

        • Dumbfuq

          Why do so many “Verizon” uses frequent TMoNews? Most T-Mobile users aren’t aware of this website. Maybe it is the lack of friends and personal life that they have to validate their existence on this planet, so they pretend to have something better than they do, or pretend to be something better than they are. You really do not support your case or make yourself sound good when you ramble on about something untrue or someone else. People who are over invidious or idolize go to hell. It is in the Bible.

        • ColdFeet

          I thought it was funny that the best you can do in your reply was… “you don’t know how to use punctuation marks”.

          I’m the last one who’ll defend a Verizon customer, but I’ll be honest… your replies are embarrassing. Ashlee, in no way, talked smack. She even said that she doesn’t have the best phone out there and complimented a competing service provider. She stated facts and then gets attacked for keeping up with what’s going on in the tech world?

          Listen, I’d gladly pay more if I could get 3G in the one story building that I work in. It’s too bad I’m locked in 4 different contracts, all with various expiration dates. I hate having to use wifi in the middle of town!

          And hey… if you’re going to knock someone for their lack of punctuation marks in their post, make sure that you’re not lacking any in yours.

    • thatguy

      come stand by me while your thunderbolt is stuck on 3g and im on 4g with my g2…….so yea…… why are you even on a TMOBILE news website…….troll maybe?

  • That iphone didn’t have a home button…..iphone 5???

    • it’s just a joke guys, something to fuel the crazy rumors out there ;)

    • Anonymous

      I think it could be the iPhone 5 too… secretly on T-Mobile.

    • Jayq330

      Don’t you know apple would of sued lol they’re a bunch of tight wads. Probably would of charge them for using a real one in a commercial then claim the commercial a success because they used an iphone!

  • Manusferrera

    they couldnt put a real iphone in the commercial because apple would have sued them

  • Sotrue

    Save over $350 per year, unless the merger goes through, and then consumers will be paying $350 more per year. For reasons like this, I don’t think the merger is beneficial for consumers.

    • Goodie_good

      That is still 1+ years away, so don’t waste your precious time fretting just yet. Pull up your bigboy panties and worry about next week.

      • MrMr

        Yeah, plus I’m pretty positive they’ll grandfather in the T-mo contracts (or at least the pricing) and let them run their natural course before switching us over to AT&T Terms. Maybe I’m too optimistic..

        • Rick

          When I read ‘grandfathering’, I think ‘continuing to offer’. That’s not going to happen. When AT&TWS sold to Cingular, my contract was allowed to complete, and then I was forced to take a Cingular contract as a new agreement. I expect if the merger completes that TMO conteacts in force will be honored, but on expiration you’ll get an offer of a shiny new AT&T deal. To try and cancel or modify TMO contracts before they end would open AT&TMO to potential cancellations WITHOUT penalty, and that makes no sense.

          More interesting would be to see how TMO renews once the merger is approved and is inevitable (it is not yet inevitable now, my friends), do they start making renewals look like AT&T deals, do they offer bridge deals, or do they care and just go on BAU. The last option makes sense, since this will be about retention, and the vultures at the other carriers will be dyin to offer TMO bailers some sort of deal to convert, figuring they will make it up on the next deal. Maybe.

          I’ll renew, unless it gets close to some pricing from AT&T that drives me there. Sadly, I don’t feel the need to get an iPhone, and AT&T currently doesn’t have an Android phone I get all wiggly over, so I have no reason to move. And, to annoy you all and repeat myself, I cannot go to VZW aka the Evil Empire, Sprint is not where I will be. (Insert Richard Gere’s scream here) I got nowhere to go….

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure most of us feel the same way. I can’t however, recall Richard Gere’s scream.

  • bsincs

    Have all the Edge users not heard of Wifi calling and texting? I would consider this feature a plus that other carriers don’t add to your stock ROM on your phone. I was recently on a trip, internationally, where no one else had a signal for calls or text, not even the guy in my company “rocking” the Thunderbolt with LTE. The Apple fanboy still looked cool holding his phone while playing Angry Birds. No international charges for calling home or any numbers in the US when connected to a Wifi and with data roaming switched and internet data connection switched off.

    • To bad us HD7 users don’t have the option of WiFi calling. This phone has the worst reception of any phone I’ve ever had from T-Mobile.

    • Jayq330

      It’s true other companies would rather sell femtocell’s before giving you the ability to is the phone to make wife calls, I give t-mobile “props” for being the only company that could make calls even of there’s no cell signals.

    • Yes I travel out of the US for work and everyone of the apple fan boys is always asking to use my BB because of the UMA calling. As for my condo, I have no signal in here so UMA/WIFI calling is a MUST.

  • Goodie_good

    It took about :45 to watch that :30 clip. G2, non-throttled, still buffering here in VoiceStream territory.

  • Dannyferr

    I love you Carly

  • Msprinkl

    No buffering here on my new G2x in Orlando!

    • Anonymous

      Same here in SC!

  • Jayq330

    IIt only show a 3G phone buffering & then a 4G phone not having to buffer. I thought it was some new tech they had. …

  • Izzybrexx

    If he had a iphone how the hell did carly have his moms number????..him n carly must b dating!!!..lmao

    • the…

      or he could have dialed her number from her phone.

    • Jon

      Thats the power of Google! lol


      He musta dialed it that fast on that New GX2

  • The Merger Hater!!

    i wonder if it will buffer once i reach those 2gb of data this plan only has (oh you didn’t know?)

  • ATL guy

    Stretch the truth much t mobile?
    I am shocked they lowered the 5 gigs down to 2.
    Streaming tv, video, youtube, etc you will hit that 2gig in no time

    • ATL guy

      Been with t mobile for 5 years now.
      I Like the low rates but as a company t mobile is just so hateable.
      Sat on hold for 40 minutes yesterday and never got anyone in tech support.
      Tried about a week ago and the same result.
      Oh but golly gee they have great customer service!!!!!!
      When your service sucks and your phones suck the last thing you can do is have great customer service to make up for it.

      • Jon

        I’ve been with T-Mobile for 8 years and I have never had any problems with their customer support.

      • Dumbfuq

        Thats because you call all the time. When you become one of the problematic folks that don’t know how to manage their own devices through, and you call 10 times a month, you start to cost the business too much money so they allow customers that don’t call all the time get through first. Every call into customer care cost the business over 10 dollars.

        • Dumbfuq

          *manage their own device through maintenance

        • ATL Guy

          Your name fits you quite well.

        • ATL Guy

          uuuummmm hmmmm lets see. I called last week for the same prob with my mytouch4g. Prior to that it had been a year.
          Is that too much?
          Do you see a problem with your own post?
          You do realize it costs them money to have folks on hold?
          Do you have evidence that tmobile does this?
          Let me stop you right there…..THEY DONT DO THIS.

      • msprinkl

        I have never been on hold with TMO more than 5 mins. Seriously. They are great! I love how they always repeat back to you your concern.

        Me – “Hi, I am having a problem with the UMA feature at home.”

        TMO Customer Service – “Well we definitely want to get that fixed for ya, because that UMA feature is really very helpful. I use it all the time myself. In fact, all of my brothers and sisters as well as my mother and her cat Chuckles. We all use that feature, so I know…we all know…even Chuckles knows…how frustrating that can be when there is a problem. Okay, let’s take a look at that for ya…..”

        • ATL Guy

          Yes they end up sounding rather condescending.

  • Twelvezero8

    bullshit! i love t-mobile but where i work i cant view any videos the coverage sucks. its about 30 miles away from my home. i get excellent 3g coverage at home but they need to step it up. think about switching to verizon with the wife.

    • xOBLITERN4T3x

      where do you work sir? in most office buildings the structures get in the way of signals (this applies to all cell companies including Verizon) but if you feel you should pay more for less service and equal coverage then go for it. Have you checked the coverage where you work? http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/pcc.aspx before you get all upset check this link and check the other service providers as well (I wouldnt waste my time with AT&T or Sprint since their coverage maps havent been updated or are still being updated so theyre not accurate but Verizon is up to speed and be sure to check the data coverage map not the voice coverage Youll see a huge difference between the two….Trust Me Verizon has 4G in very select areas T-mobile has the Largest 4G network in America we couldnt say this if it werent true.

      • nassim

        he’s right dude, I live in houston on walnutbend, inside my apartment I have have to use wifi. inside my mother house in sugarland I don’t get 3g either. I work at west houston medical center where my signal comes and goes. my coworkers that verizon and sprint have a strong 3g signal.

        if you don’t be believe everything I said, my name is nassim and I work in the pharmacy, come see me.

        I don’t mean to trash talk, but like the guy said I love the phones and the low rates, I’ve been with t-mobile for 8 years and before I started using smart phones 2 years agoI never had thought I needed to switch companies.



  • Officer Mahoney

    T-Mobile Wants You To Say Goodbye To Video Buffering…and to them when the AT&T deals go through.

  • Stettler84

    Definitely typing this on my new G2X!!! This thing is awesome!!!

  • Biggbrother

    “Save $350 more than US (AT&T), when we jack your rates up next year suckers!”

  • Once you hit 2GB, your video simply stops.

  • odyma43

    Yeah, I don’t need 4G to watch videos without buffering. My HTC Evo 4G streams videos just fine on 3G. And let’s see how much money you save when you are sent to AT&T.

  • odyma43

    Yeah, I don’t need 4G to watch videos without buffering. My HTC Evo 4G streams videos just fine on 3G. And let’s see how much money you save when you are sent to AT&T.

    • Anonymous

      why are u here?just leave

    • thatguy

      thats funny…. i didnt know the merger was passed yet……. good thing your here to let us know whats really going on with magenta.

      • Jayq330

        You seem to be in denial, you see while you might think it’s still being settled, I see t-mobile succumbing to there ways like 2 gigs will be the new 5 gigs we let them take from us. I remember it used to be 10gigs! Then some greedy company got this new revolutionary phone,the iphone & then the bill rape really started. They knew not one single person cared as long as they had there almighty iphone 1,2,3 & 4 where kept running at the lowest cost saving network state with half the calls being dropped,no mms,no flash…you know nothing that would make them spend to much,because they knew that it was all about the iphone to people & they paid the max for internet that was only half decent. Only to save $ & buy the company from witch many anti at&t-ers were living the good life at realistic prices & innovations like 3Gcalling apps so you wouldn’t have to go buy a femtocell. Well with all the money they saved by jerking ipeople for there cash they go & buy t-mobile the last &only other gsm refuge, but they know t-mobile customers won’t go down without a fight so they ease us unto there billing theme little by little & remember I said that. Cause I am telling you what is happening unlike the last person you went all the”ignore reality” like iphone-ers did with there billing lol they couldn’t even use sms messaging until 2years later! They couldn’t even use mms message’s until recently!lol

  • HTC10 9tabforme

    Pa lease. You cant even get 3M down consistantly. Largest 4G my lilly white. I bought into the hype. Believe me and my bank account. i will be with tmo until the merger. if ATT has LTE i might stay otherwise I am off to verizon and rock like my friends thunderbolt at 14MD.

    Sure, 2D meets my needs. BUT what you dont realize is that is why our rates our low. Yank that thang to 14M with ultimate coverage and virtually no dropped calls. You will pay more.

    • thatguy

      dont you mean I? I get consistant dl’s and my cousins thunderbolt, well is lackluster compared to my g2.

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    was that an iphone he was holding?

    cute commercial…i miss the old blonde guy though

  • Anonymous